Monday 30 October 2017

Hair: La Biosthetique Protection Cheveux Complexe (PCC) Treatment @ Frank Salon, Bangsar South

I've recently had a perm and with a perm, you have to get a hair treatment done at least once a month to keep your hair in tip top condition. I've been on the look out for a real good hair treatment, which hopefully lasts for a long time. That's when I came across the new La Biosthetique Protection Cheveux Complexe (PCC) Treatment and I attended a media preview on it to learn more about it in details.

My first impression on this new groundbreaking treatment is that it is such an amazing treatment. Probably just what my hair needed to restore its shine and reduce the frizz. The PCC treatment is bio-chemically engineered for lasting regeneration of damaged hair. Basically, it works to rebuild all the naturally occurring bonds in your hair and increase strength in hair. The PCC treatment acts on damaged hair from within and therefore, it will last longer than other ordinary hair treatments. 

Here are the product range used in the PCC treatment :)

Mr Alexander from La Biosthetique gave an interesting talk about the treatment and I was particularly impressed with the idea of a hair treatment that doesn't wash out. 

I got my PCC treatment done at Frank Salon @ Bangsar South, which I entrusted my hair with previously with. 

The ampoule which contains some of the important key ingredients to restore damaged bonds in the hair.

The treatment process was quite quick; just wash and apply some of the products in the ampoule. After that, a hair mask was applied to increase the moisture of hair and soften it.

And, finally blow dry!


This was what my hair looked like after the intensive PCC treatment and I was pretty satisfied with the result. My hair was definitely healthier, bouncier and less frizzy. It was also so much softer and more manageable, even without adding hair oil or hair products.

So happy when I have good hair days!

Tuesday 24 October 2017

Daily: Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017 'Dare To Dream Create A Wonderful Journey Of Life'

Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017
Dare To Dream Create A Wonderful Journey Of Life

“Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017” Grand final gala dinner held at Sunway Resort Hotel Grand ballroom . The grand ceremony of “Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017” aimed to be on par with world-class’s Paris Fashion or beauty industry ceremony.

The main Honorary sponsor for the 2017 Miss World Prestige International Pageant is Gauraro Joaillerie. WPI expresses great gratitude that Gauraro Joaillerie is the main honorary sponsorship to support the ceremony. Gauraro Joaillerie is a brand from France Paris which is created in 1830. Their name and brand has been synonymous with luxury and influence over the years. They have partnered with some of the most respected names in luxury accessories, providing privileged access to some of the most sought after luxury goods in the world.  

Beside that, WPI would like to thank the media representative for the Diamond sponsor, Platinum sponsor, Gold sponsor & Silver sponsor of the final ceremony.

Last year, “Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017” with a theme of “The Beauty of Great Love” aims to make this world a better place. WPI believes in inner beauty and all the finalists must possess three qualities of beauty such as outward appearance, inner beauty, and social contributions to qualify for the honorable title of Miss World Prestige International.

Prestige Honorary Advisor, Mr Tan Kee Hock said “This year we are proud to present to you the theme of “Dare To Dream Create A Wonderful Journey Of Life” of “Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017”. This theme helps us encourage the public to chase their dream and showcase the talent. We strongly believe that everyone is special in their own way and we ensure that our beauty queens have gone through proper training as well. WPI strongly urge outstanding ladies to choose World Prestige International Pageant as the platform to enhance their wisdom & ability.

China Entrepreneurs Association In Malaysia(PUCM), Dato Lee Zong Ping said: Besides the “Miss & Mrs World Prestige International Pageant 2017”, another award title “World Prestige International Ambassadors” which managed by World Prestige International has been highlighted. It’s a valuable award for successful entrepreneurs with competent career. “World Prestige International Ambassadors” is a platform for these individuals to elevate and achieve their goals, to educate them and to help them go further in their career. All candidates with the above criteria may either register themselves or be nominated by well-known people in community.

Grand winner : Kimberley Claire ( Contestant No:6)
1st Prize winner : Gharam ( Contestant No:2)
2nd Runner up : Valerie lau ( Contestant No:5)
Miss Best Talent ; Mobina ( Contestant No:8)
Miss Photogenic : Eawen Chia ( Contestant No:4)
Miss Popularity : Jocelyn Teong ( Contestant No:7)

World Prestige International had also donated a total of RM 100k to several beneficiaries. 

1) Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Insan Wilayah K. L.
2) Berniece Care Service
3) Pusat Jagaan Titian Kaseh
4) Tong Sim Senior Citizens Care Centre
5) Rumah Sayangan
6) Persatuan Kebajikan Rumah Victory Malaysia
7) Persatuan Insan Istimewa Cheras Selangor
8) Yayasan Sunbeams Home
9) Rumah Warga Emas Berniece
10) Pertubuhan Penganut Bodhiksetra Vihara, K. L.

The list of sponsors who have helped to make this event a success is as below:

Honorary Sponsor : Gaurora Joaillerie 
Diamond Sponsor : Hai-O Group, Vintage Collection, STO Malaysia 
Platinum Sponsor : Malaysia China Silk Road Entrepreneurs Association, AGP Group, The Hulo Hotel + Gallery, Ming Feng Marketing Sdn Bhd
Gold Sponsor : Fion Poon Fashion, Dynasty Tailors Sdn. Bhd, Reborn Beauty House, Dragon Muay Thai, Power Storm Sdn Bhd
Silver Sponsor : De Vouge Wedding Gallery & Academy, Gelly Wee Makeup Studio, Miko Galere, Charater International Modeling, Mekar Subur Sdn Bhd

Daily: Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Jewel Review

I've heard creepy stories about coloured cosmetic lenses previously and that's mainly the reason why I was very skeptical to wear them, even though they look good in pictures. Some individuals have developed eye infections from wearing random coloured contact lenses from unknown brands. But, this time around, I was able to try out the Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Jewel series and I had a great experience with the lenses. With Bausch & Lomb being an established brand which is recommended by eye care professionals, I have complete trust in the brand for its range of coloured cosmetic lenses.

I tried out two colours (Topaz Brown and Peridot Green) out of the seven available colors.

Topaz Brown lenses under normal light conditions and what it actually looks like when you wear it.

Peridot Green under normal lighting conditions and when I have worn it.

Personally, I thought both colours looked really pretty when I wore it. They matched my style. But if you prefer a more natural, youthful look, I would suggest you try out the Topaz Brown because it gives your eyes a slight sparkle which is not too overwhelming. If you prefer a more extravagant look, try out the Peridot Green if you want to make a lasting impression, because I find that the green is quite obvious even under normal lighting conditions.

Both the lenses are very comfortable, even for long wearing hours. I wore them from 10 am to about 7 pm and I had no issues with them at all. I liked how they really brightened up my eyes and appearance. I didn't even had to put makeup on when I wore the lenses because it already was beautiful enough with the Lacelle Jewel lenses. 

Renu Fresh Multi Purpose Solution which is suitable for colour contact lenses is what you need when you start to wear cosmetic lenses. 

This multi purpose solution disinfects, rinses, cleans and stores. It removes the accumulation of debris on your lenses to maintain the cleanliness of the lens as well as removing the protein deposits on the surface of the lens. Since it is pH balanced, it enhances wearing comfort as well! It is important to note that you have to discard the solution within 90 days after opening.

This is the correct method, from center outwards at all corners to clean your lenses with Renu Fresh after removing it. Remember to soak your lenses in the lens case filled with Renu Fresh before you wear them again the next day!

I'm wearing the Lacelle Jewel in Topaz Brown here and believe it or not, I have no makeup on at all.

For more details and information, head over to the Facebook for the latest news and promotion. Otherwise, check out for the Colour Quiz before deciding on which colour of lenses to get based on the personality test. You can even check out the Colour Matcher where you can find out how you would look like in different lens.

Friday 20 October 2017

Beauty: Mentholatum Introduces New J-Beauty Makeup Series: SUGAO!

I've recently seen and heard about the latest makeup series, launched by Mentholatum in leading pharmacies, SUGAO! The brand denotes bare, natural concept for young women to experience soft and easy to apply makeup which suits all skin types. 

SUGAO aims to boost natural beauty through their makeup products, and enhance the vibrant and energetic side of female through its young and modern product designs. I love their packaging and their product really attracts me.

Here are the products I decided to try out:

FROM LEFT (Sugao Lip Tint, Sugao Air Fit CC Cream, Sugao Cheek and Lip)

SUGAO Air Fit CC Cream Pink Bright Moist (01 Pure Natural) // RM 69.90

I find that the texture is really nice, almost like a souffle fluffy texture which spreads pretty evenly on my face. It has a silky, dewy finish that brightens up my complexion. You only need to squeeze a little of the product and apply it evenly on the entire face.

Coverage is light and can be used for your daily makeup regime. It doubles as a makeup base as well and I like how it blurs out my visible pores, fine lines and rough uneven skin tone. It is comfortable for long wearing hours and keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day, without feeling oily.

SUGAO Lip Tint in Apricot Pink // RM 45.90

 The applicator is soft and has the right angle for easier application of the product on your lips. I love my lip tints and I have invested a lot in lip tints previously. However, so far, I have never found any product which I particularly liked until I tried this SUGAO lip tint.

The colour was a little too orange initially, but I find that after you apply it for a few minutes, it turns into a soft pretty pink. It moisturises my lips and I like it that it is non sticky at all!

It doesn't smudge as long as you don't use a tissue to wipe the product away. I find that I only need to reapply once after a whole day out when I use this long lasting lip tint. 

SUGAO Cheek & Lip Active Orange  // RM 59.90

I'm not a big fan of blushers and I usually don't put anything on my cheeks in my normal makeup regime. I decided to try this out because this product comes with a 2-in-1 hybrid formula which apparently blends easily, just by using fingertips.

Personally, I like its light texture and how it is not too bright on my cheeks. To create a cute and lovely look, I only used minimal of this product and blended it in circular motion around both cheeks area.

Love the final look after trying out all the products!

The SUGAO makeup range is now available at selected Watsons outlet.

Wednesday 18 October 2017

Daily: My Fun Cooking 2017 with Lee Kum Kee Kicks Off @ One Space, The Square One City

Lee Kum Kee has been a household brand for many years with their renowned invention of different, high quality Chinese sauces and condiments. To further promote their brand and mission to nurture future culinary experts, Lee Kum Kee has organised the "My Fun Cooking 2017" competition which was held at One Space, The Square One City last weekend. This competition is aims to encourage young children to find their passion in cooking and to explore their inner talents, besides enjoying some family time with their parents.

Some of the Lee Kum Kee products which will be used by the participants in this competition

Twelve teams in total will be competing to enter the Final round. Each winning team from the first 3 rounds will then be competing against celebrity, Mr Peter Davis at the Final round. Each of the team is made up of a child aged between 10 to 18 and a parent. The young participants are provided with a fixed budget to purchase the ingredients for the cooking competition at SKM Market, one of the sponsors for the event.

Everyone was busy preparing their dishes!

For Round 1, the theme is a Chicken dish and the main dishes have to be prepared in an hour using Lee Kum Kee's authentic sauces. All electrical appliances are sponsored by Electrolux and Desa Home Theatre Sdn Bhd.

After a gruelling 1 hour, all 4 teams are happily smiling and posing with their dishes. All the hard work has finally paid off!

The panel of judges providing their honest feedback after tasting the dishes from all 4 teams.

The winning team was Kat and Chloe with their Kum Kee Golden Patties which won the hearts' of the judges.

The Competition Timeline is as below:

Round 1 - 15 October 2017
Round 2 - 22 October 2017
Round 3 - 29 October 2017
Final - 12 November 2017

So, for those who are interested to take part, do visit the event's FB page "MyFunCooking2017" or directly contact Ms Ling at 03-4287 0039 / 011-2608 8034.