Sunday 18 October 2015

Daily: Night of Fright 3: Festival of Fear @ Sunway Lagoon

~Sunway Lagoon, Night of Fright 3: Festival of Fear~

I've never been a fan of spooky events but there's always got to be a first for everything. So, I decided to conquer my fear and give a go for the Night of Fright 3 @ Sunway Lagoon last weekend. I would have to admit that I literally freaked out the moment I entered the event area. Imagine entering a haunted house where you have nowhere to run!

I was literally hanging on to dear life with the friends who were with me that night. Guess what? The 'ghosts' in there actually will chase you and I got so overwhelmed when I was chased by this spooky cheerleader. I'll never view cheerleaders the same way anymore after that experience *shudders*.

The epicenter of all things evil during Nights of Fright 3, Lynton V Harris Scream Park is featuring the all new KEVIL HILL…a cryonic vision of the future gone dangerously wrong! KEVIL HILL- where evil lives!

Be sure to head to Terrortory-X, for a feast of fright with the very scary, “Escape from Pudu 2 as even more deranged and hungry inmates join last year’s scariest attraction. Plus, the all-time favourite, “The Mummy’s Revenge Tomb of Terror - in 3D!”.  Terrortory-X is also home to the new TOXIC- The Scariest Place Unearthed – a devastated wasteland where chainsaw wielding mutants have destroyed everything in their sights!

You can feel a chill in the air stepping into Pirate Jack’s Locker O’ Lanterns, as the pirate zombies refuse to let go of their lost treasure in an atmosphere clouded with despair and desperation.

Death Port is no place for the faint-hearted. All sorts of criminals were brutally executed here, and the corpses have been left there to serve as a warning that nothing stays dead for long!

And if that’s not enough to get your hearts racing, Nights of Fright 3 is bringing in Sadako – Japan’s creepiest ghost. Sadako Dori is your worst nightmare come to life. So when the slit-mouthed woman painfully asks ‘Am I pretty’ answer correctly, and whatever you do, do not look into the well!

Visitors may dress up in their spookiest outfits to attend Nights of Fright 3* at only RM58 per person while enjoying unlimited rides and attractions that are available throughout the Amusement Park.

Honestly, it's really worth it if you don't mind getting spooked because they actually open all their dry park rides and it was unlimited!

*This event is recommended for guests above 12 years old.  Visitors dressed in their coolest and spookiest costumes will not be allowed to wear face masks or theatrical makeup to the event nights.

Daytime park guests who wish to “Feel the Fear” at Nights of Fright 3 on the same evening as their visit, may enjoy a special rate at only RM35.

Nights of Fright 3: Festival of Fear @ Sunway Lagoon is happening on 2nd, 3rd, 8th-10th, 15th-17th, 22nd-24th and 29th-31st October 2015, from 7.30pm till 11.30pm.

For more information, call 603 5639 0000, visit or connect

Food: Madame Waffle @ Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur

Madame Waffle is not a foreign name for the waffle industry in Malaysia. I'm sure most of you have seen in at least once in our malls. For a waffle die hard fan like myself, I haven't tried it before and honestly, I'm regretting that I did not try it earlier. 

I've always gotten my dose of waffles from one of the cafes near my place. No names will be mentioned but they are good as well. But, I almost got lost in Mid Valley while searching for Madame Waffle last Friday. It was located at the new floor above GSC cinema old counter.

Their waffles are the famous Belgium 'Liege' waffles, but with a Japanese twist to it! The frozen doughs which are made fresh in the central kitchen re sent to the respective outlets and defrosted to room temperature before putting it in the machine. I find it interesting because Madame Waffle is the first waffle place which serves waffles made from dough and not the usual batter.

The seating area which is pretty large and great to enjoy your cup of coffee with some hot, fresh waffles!

The counter for you to place your order. Don't you just love the square box deco which looks exactly like wafffles? :)


Ice Belgian Chocolate (RM 12.50)
This had a slight coffee flavour but after mixing the drink with the cream, it becomes this really smooth chocolate-y blend with a coffee aftertaste. It was perfect for non coffee drinkers like myself :)

Dark Chocolate Mocha Hot (RM 11.00)


Tiramisu (RM 12.00)
This was my favourite flavour because it had only a light coffee flavour to it. Love the strawberries and the cream at the bottom which matched well together :)

ChocoMatte (RM 12.00)
The flowers you see are made of the yummy Ferrero Rocher chocolates :) And if you're a chocolate lover, you will definitely love this. Melted, rich and smooth chocolate to go with your waffle sticks :)


Banana Nutella (RM 18.50)
Whoever invented this two combination must be a genius. Even better, this two combo was paired with some yummy, soft and fluffy waffles. This was just heavenly and I would definitely get this again the next round.

Madame Signature (RM 17.00)
If you fancy some Japanese green tea waffles, this is the place to satisfy those waffle cravings. 

Seasalt Dark Chocolate Chunk (RM 10.50)
The combination of sweet chocolate and with some salty, savoury waffles was really amazing. In fact, this was my favourite of the night. For the generous servings of strawberries and crushed nuts, this would probably be the all time favourite.

Madame Signature Deluxe (RM 30.00)
If you would like to order some waffles for sharing, I'd definitely recommend that you order this :)

Classic Waffle - Almond (RM 7.00)
I liked this, it was simple, not messy with all those ice cream and easy to have on the go. Yummy and nutty! You can purchase this in a box of 6 as well. 

Buy 1 Free 1 on Any Regular Coffee for weekdays (3-6PM)

Madame Waffle
T-045, Level 3 Mezzanine, Mid Valley Megamall, 
Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 10 AM – 10 PM
Website: Click here!
FB: Click here!

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Food: San Nae Deul Korean BBQ @ Nexus, Bangsar South

What's better than to sweat it out at your favourite Korean BBQ place? Its even better if its buffet where you can eat all you can :) Korean food is and has been my favourite cuisine, ever since I tried it for the first time in Ampang a few years ago.  But, travelling to Ampang to get good Korean food is too far and considering the traffic, it will easily be at least an hour journey. 

I heard that there was one at Nexus, Bangsar South which is located approximately 15 mins away from my house. Its called San Nae Deul. Honestly, it's not a foreign name as I've heard some of my friends mentioned about it before over casual conversations. But. I have never tried it out myself.

I didn't regret my experience at all and although my clothes and hair smelled like BBQ at the end of the meal, it was worth it! Its a great place if you're a big eater and love all things Korean.

The spacious seating area which can accommodate large groups for your BBQ session!

Some of the fresh food for you to choose from!

Mok Sal (Pork Neck)

Sam Gyup Sal (Pork Belly)
So juicy and tender!

More fresh food :)

Gochujang Sam Gyup Sal

Our chosen BBQ items, I'm already hungry looking at this. Here at San Nae Deul, they use tracing paper to line the grill and you can get the waiter to change them once it gets dirty. It's definitely a more hygienic way for you to enjoy Korean BBQ.

The sauces available, I really loved the mixture of the green chillies with their chilli paste. Wrap them with grilled meat in your lettuce!

The side dishes served here are really good; they have two types of kimchi for you to enjoy (sour kimchi and fresh kimchi). Personally, I really loved the fresh kimchi because its less sour and I could taste the flavor of kimchi :)

Some of the choices of the pre-cooked items

A MUST TRY - Kimchi Jjigae (Kimchi Soup)
I had 5 bowls of this because it was really good :)

The lettuce for your salad wraps!

 Dessert Bar
Watermelon, pineapple & honeydew

Now you can enjoy their ALL YOU CAN EAT promotion for:

(LUNCH: RM 25)

(LUNCH: RM 10)

* The lunch promotion only consist of the usual pre-cooked items while the dinner promotion have BOTH pre-cooked and grilled items available!

San Nae Deul Korean BBQ
Level 1, Nexus Bangsar South,
Jalan Kerinchi

Phone: 016-290 0109
FB: Click here!