Tuesday 24 October 2017

Daily: Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Jewel Review

I've heard creepy stories about coloured cosmetic lenses previously and that's mainly the reason why I was very skeptical to wear them, even though they look good in pictures. Some individuals have developed eye infections from wearing random coloured contact lenses from unknown brands. But, this time around, I was able to try out the Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Jewel series and I had a great experience with the lenses. With Bausch & Lomb being an established brand which is recommended by eye care professionals, I have complete trust in the brand for its range of coloured cosmetic lenses.

I tried out two colours (Topaz Brown and Peridot Green) out of the seven available colors.

Topaz Brown lenses under normal light conditions and what it actually looks like when you wear it.

Peridot Green under normal lighting conditions and when I have worn it.

Personally, I thought both colours looked really pretty when I wore it. They matched my style. But if you prefer a more natural, youthful look, I would suggest you try out the Topaz Brown because it gives your eyes a slight sparkle which is not too overwhelming. If you prefer a more extravagant look, try out the Peridot Green if you want to make a lasting impression, because I find that the green is quite obvious even under normal lighting conditions.

Both the lenses are very comfortable, even for long wearing hours. I wore them from 10 am to about 7 pm and I had no issues with them at all. I liked how they really brightened up my eyes and appearance. I didn't even had to put makeup on when I wore the lenses because it already was beautiful enough with the Lacelle Jewel lenses. 

Renu Fresh Multi Purpose Solution which is suitable for colour contact lenses is what you need when you start to wear cosmetic lenses. 

This multi purpose solution disinfects, rinses, cleans and stores. It removes the accumulation of debris on your lenses to maintain the cleanliness of the lens as well as removing the protein deposits on the surface of the lens. Since it is pH balanced, it enhances wearing comfort as well! It is important to note that you have to discard the solution within 90 days after opening.

This is the correct method, from center outwards at all corners to clean your lenses with Renu Fresh after removing it. Remember to soak your lenses in the lens case filled with Renu Fresh before you wear them again the next day!

I'm wearing the Lacelle Jewel in Topaz Brown here and believe it or not, I have no makeup on at all.

For more details and information, head over to the Facebook for the latest news and promotion. Otherwise, check out for the Colour Quiz before deciding on which colour of lenses to get based on the personality test. You can even check out the Colour Matcher where you can find out how you would look like in different lens.

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