Sunday 29 March 2009


Backlogs. (The Chicken Flew and The Watermelon Fell)


Okay, let's start from last Thursday.
I was supposed to sleep for the whole day to gain back all my energy, of course. Sleep deprivation for a cause.
But, no. My awesome sister had to pull and literally dragged me out of bed to help her with her Taylor's video. So, as awesome as I am, I helped her. And before I knew it, it was already night. One whole day was gone and I was supposed to be resting. I guess you owe me something then, dear sister?

Look what I took out of boredom.


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again.

Literally, that Humpty Dumpty thing applies to me. Except that I didn't sit on a wall.
Yeah, I fell. How clumsy, you say. And, Weigin, this is what happened. I fell and I can actually laughed about it. Isn't laughter the best medicine after all?

And, you see, this is how I injured myself.


I watched The Other Boleyn Girl and played with the PSP for the whole day. Nothing much happened.


I dread Sundays. And going out only makes it slightly better. We went to the Lookout Point in Ampang and it was filled with couples. Everywhere I turn, it's just more and more of them. Well, I didn't felt left out, W. I talked to my sister about BRATs and camp throughout the few hours. The scenic view from the hills is one to die for. It reminds me of someone though. 

*credits sister K* 
 I wish I could be there.
Monday till Wednesday.
Blogged about camp.
The best day of my life and D's. No doubt. Many reasons. Don't ask. Because I'm not telling.=))
Puan Lim's farewell. I was talking to Jasmine the whole entire time about prom and the idea of a perfect guy. 
Discussing this topic with her is entertaining. Laughing about Tabby-Wabby. Sorry, Tabby. 
I was actually finishing some homework when something just cut through me like a knife. The real truth.
How could I be that blind? I know I wasn't visually-impaired. Or hearing-impaired.
The truth stabbed right through me like a sharp knife. So sharp, I could almost feel the pain.
Once, I was told that I should never take anything that doesn't belong to me. And, I understood that clearly.
But, no I had to do likewise. I shouldn't have done that. And, you should stop comforting me. 
The devil in me just gets worse when you do that.
I bought two books yesterday during Earth Hour. How cool.
Yes, P.S. I LOATHE YOU. I heart the cover.

Yes, I just can't get enough of you, darl.

I'm running from the fact that I need you.

Wednesday 25 March 2009


-Continued recount-

I know that you people must think that this is so damn boring. But, trust me, if you went DCLDS, you wouldn't say that this recount thing I'm doing is boring.
My recount posts are considerably short, so don't complain.

Second Day.

Breakfast. Foot drill. Obstacle course.
Yeah, I got soaked in mud and flour and water. In fact, the whole committee did. =)
Da TKY code. I wasn't involved in this. Instead, I had to clean the canteen up with
Xiau Wei and Suet Ling. It was dirty but somehow, we managed to clean it.
And, I actually clean the canteen in dirty clothes. I know, i know, it's unhygienic.
Finally, I went to shower after that. I seriously never felt that happy to be clean.
Music station.
This is KM's station but I took over from her because she wanted to clean herself up.
Practiced dance all by myself. I can see that annoyed look on your faces. 
It's just that I'm still learning how to dance and I'm not a pro like Suet Ling.
Doesn't practice makes perfect anyway?
Pre-talent night. I helped Mich with the dance steps for the performance.
And, damn, was it hard to teach some of my own squad members.
Nevertheless, Mich still tried her best to teach each of them.
Therefore, I owe Mich a huge fat 'THANK YOU' for staying strong through the
bad times with my dearest squad.


It was Talent Night after that. Dances and performances. I didn't eat dinner and then, obviously, I got gastric. How smart, right? Ate the leftovers chicken with KM and Niro.
Food never tasted better. Yummy. =)
Had committee meeting after that and before I know it, it was time to get my beauty sleep.

Third Day.

Rise and Shine at 6. I remembered that I was having a sweet dream.
Only to be cut short by dear Suet Ling. Haha.
Morning Fitness. Ran around the skylite. Breakfast. Brain teasers.
Closing ceremony. 

The End.
I miss camp. *sigh*
I want more. =)


Are we really that problematic?
Are we really that difficult?
I know that everyone expects 4 Alpha to be really dedicated in everything we do.
I'm still trying hard to love choral speaking. AT least, I'm trying. 

Monday 23 March 2009



I was supposed to finish this post on Saturday.
It's already Monday and I haven't even started yet.
I hate being busy.

First Day:
The morning of the first day, I woke up with my whole body aching from
the previous day.
I was like a walking corpse and I'm serious about that. 
Anyway, I don't think you would want to listen to my rants.
Yeah, I went to school and the hours just passed swiftly.
Ice breaking. Spider webs. Huge ball of strings. Lunch.
I'm just going to go really quick.
Yes, lunch. It was goood. and i miss it.
Footdrill. Games.
Cornflakes. Yeah, you don't need to remind me that we are wasting the cornflakes.
Bananas. Dinner. Save the Earth. Candles. Get Together night.
Animal Kingdom. Football war.
Football war. Yeah, Kien Yoong actually kicked me twice in this war. And, I actually thought I lost my name tag that night. 
I got all depressed and then, it was fire drill. At 3am. 
Beauty sleep at 4am.

Rise and shine at 6am. Two hours, omg.

-To be continued-

-Physics And Moral-

Thursday 19 March 2009


The DIVA is back. Yeah, note that, K.

Maybe I'm being such a diva lately or drama queen.
Oh, nevermind.



I'm not going to post about camp yet because it's really going to be a long one.
It's an experience that I would want to go through again. And, again.
I promise that you wouldn't have to wait long for it.
Wait, I need to grab some pictures from SANDY AND GIN.

Sunday 15 March 2009

Sprains and Bruises.

I sprained my ankle and got a bruise on my knee.

How clumsy, you say? Not quite.
I learned how to dance today and maybe it was  actually a bad idea.
But, wgin said that if we get sprains and bruises, it actually means that we really tried to dance.

I'm not giving up though.
Remember, I was going to take weigin's advice and not give up.
I'll be back on wednesday.


Till then, goodbye.

Thursday 12 March 2009

Hospital Drama.

I need a break. From everything.

And, the funniest and probably most embarassing but most exciting thing happened to me today.

Well, it all started with teacher's plan on visiting Cheng Ken who got admitted to the hospital.
And, the smartest thing is we didn't even know how to get there but we finally managed towithout getting lost. We just keep guessing which road to take. And kept going straight all 
the way. *Credits Kean Loong*

Well, we managed to get there and the silliest thing happened. We weren't allowed to enter because the visiting hours were over. So, only TKL entered with the fruit basket
while D, KM, Teacher and I were standing outside.

And, then I saw a staircase and I thought of a brilliant plan. We went up the staircase and we managed to enter the building without anyone stopping us. The joy of finally getting pass through the guards. We kept running up the stairs until we reached third floor.

Well, before we could reached the third floor, the lightning striked us. And, we died. =)


Of course we didn't die. We got CAUGHT  by the two guards. And, they kept asking and telling us that we cannot visit anyone at that time. We acted a s if we were so totally blur. We were like "Oh, is it?" And, D could even ask what time was the visiting hours from. It was damn funny.

After that, we sort of got escorted out. When we appeared at the door, teacher was shocked. And, the lady guards are really annoying and rude. I know we are students but some respect, please? 


This is to you.

Even if you were dead, I would still hate you.
You know, I'm really proud of myself for finally understanding it.

If you feel that this is aim at you, at least let me know.

Monday 9 March 2009

The Answer.

I finally discovered the answer.

God, if I had listened to you, will I be rewarded?

Sunday 8 March 2009


I know that lately, I had been denying almost everything. I know I'm wrong. But, is denying really wrong? 

Some say it's a sin to deny, but I don't believe that. The thing is, I'm confused about it myself. It's 
unfair how things are in this world. I wish I wasn't in this world. A dangerous world with no pity for anyone at all.

I'm not being sour or bitter. I am making the best out of it and enjoying every single moment of this life. How cliche. I know. =)

Sometimes, it actually feels like a burden. But, I can't just take it away. It somehow just gets stuck there. Am I really just being a sour grape? Although, I would be a perfect choice.
Maybe I wasn't meant for that.

Anyways, I really appreciate everyone who had looked out for me all
these years, loving me, crying with me, appreciating my efforts and 
listening to my neverending problems.

To D, thank you for being there and listening to my problems.
And, thank you for believing in me.

To NKM, thank you for not judging me when I'm down and being
nice to me. I think I'm going to miss the times when you 
call me Hongkey-Dongkey. 

To WX, thank you for being the one I can rely on and the one 
I can complain to without getting judged. You know I'll always 
remember you.

To SMS, thank you for being the oldest friend I know and I'm
still counting on you.

To HKM, thank you for being understanding although I 
know your 
patience can run out sometimes.

To LWG, thank you for your kind words and advice.
I won't give up anymore.
To MLKY, thank you for all your hugs that had cheered me up. 
I really appreciate them.      

To HKL, thank you for making me laugh everyday.        

Just in case I die tomorrow, I love you.

Friday 6 March 2009


I just realized I have a habit.
No, you don't need to remind me what it is.
It's really not necessary. =)


I am still confused.
I can't just not be confused. Because it's really confusing.
Omg, I'm crapping pure crap.

This is probably because I think of it too much. It's starting to get to me.
Or it might be because i am overwhelmed by the fact that exams had just ended.
Or maybe, it's because of ADD Maths.


I still have many undone assignments.
And, Mich, please cheer up.

I wish i was better.

Tuesday 3 March 2009



It had been seventeen years,
The days passed,
The hours flew by,
The minutes gone in a blink of an eye,
The seconds literally doesn't exist for me,
But I love Kah Wai with each passing day.


I'll be back next week.