Friday 15 June 2012

London Summer The Musical 2012 - Post event

London, The Summer Musical is definitely one of the best musicals I've watched! It exceeded my expectations in terms of the cast, props etc. Initially, I thought the musical was a Broadway musical showcasing the beauty of London. Well, in fact, it was actually about three stewardesses and for those who loves romance, this is a must watch for you guys :)

Anyway, we reached there earlier than the stated time for bloggers. Dinner was served and it was really good. There were so many choices and being the glutton I am, i was having a field day. Hahaha, jokingggg :D

My sister and I (Yes, I know I look so sleepy LOL)

Our seats weren't that far away from stage, but honestly I wished we got seats that were nearer. But, being there is good enough. The musical started off with a dramatic entrance from the amazing cast. I have got to say that the cast had great vocal skills and I was truly mesmerised by them. Singing as good as them would be difficult for an aspiring wannabe like me, but I truly hope I can be a little like them one day HAHA! The story line was pretty typical I would say but corny is the in thing now isn't it? :D The dancers did a good job, executing every move perfectly. 

Sometimes, I really wonder how they could remember the steps, it must be hard work I guess :)

I'm sorry guys, this time photo-taking is prohibited when the show was on, so i couldn't take any. 

That's all, can't wait for the next musical already!

Sunday 8 April 2012

Touch Korea Tour with Miss A and 2PM :)

It’s been 2 years and going.

Take a stroll down memory lane. Trace every single step you’ve taken without regret and every footprint you made along the way being in a fandom. Feeling nostalgic already? Wait, not so fast. Remember those times you laugh, cry and feel hurt because of the slightest thing they did? You feel them, and you vow to forever etch them close to your heart for as long as you live. You would go to great lengths just to get a teeny weeny glimpse of them simply because you HAVE to see them and you watch their Music Videos a gazillion times just to increase the views!

Okay, so clearly, you might have known it by now, I’m talking about completely being swept into the Hallyu wave, Kpop to be precise. That’s me, my experience traversing along this path has been the best thing ever in my life. Kpop is my life and is the candle that lights up my life, literally. I can’t live without K-dramas now, the Kpop fever has clearly seeped into my bones, the deepest part of me. I know this sounds cliché but Kpop has inspired me, changed me and made me who I am today. Let’s not fight against this wave, but embrace it together, going forth!

The strong sour-ish and garlicky scent with its distinctive orange colour is enough to make anyone’s stomach growl. Yes, are you already thinking of it? KIMCHI! I love this to bits, I’m making it almost every weekend because I can’t live without it. The first time I tasted this, I couldn’t keep my hands off it. DIY kimchi are always tastier than those bought outside, it has an authentic home-made feel to it. See, I don’t have to be in Korea just yet to live a Korean life HAHA. I’m speaking like an 아줌마 oh noesssss

Korean food has always inspired me because it is so yummy, tantalising your taste buds every time. So, being the creative experimenter since the day I was born, the little chef in me decided to explore beyond the boundaries of Korean cooking.

Now wait for this,

*drum rolls*


My babies! :D

Yup, you can guess it, Dak-Kang-Jung (닭강정) but I made it with Chinese fermented bean paste instead of gochujang. Chinese-Korean, nice! Tastes so good and even better because I did this out of love. Dramatic much? Yeah, it’s my Yesung’s favourite food LOL.

Kimchi Fried Rice (김치볶음밥), the thought of it makes me salivate. The sourness of kimchi actually went so well with the bland rice. I even marinated the meat with kimchi gugmul (김치국물) to make the dish as authentically Korean as ever! Oh, but wait, Kimchi Pasta was the most amazing one. It’s spicy and has a rich garlic taste to it, which automatically gives it a distinct Korean flair. I replaced tomato sauce with kimchi gugmul (김치국물) and a dish with the best of both worlds was created by the genius a.k.a ME! Hmmph, maybe I should consider opening a restaurant with my fusion recipes in the future, brilliant idea wheeeeee

Maybe it’s the hours of time I spend on K-drama rama every day that has made me into a half Korean unconsciously. The rich culture Koreans practiced since the Joseon dynasty, okay, pardon me, I am still in a complete daze because of Moon Embracing The Sun (okay, I will not lie, it’s Kim Soo Hyun’s smile that put me in a dream-like state).

But, what amazes me is that the hanbok they wore in this show is so elegant and sweet, I wish I can wear it too, just once please, pretty pretttttyyyy pleaseeee

Tell me, how can anyone resist this pretty clothes? *squeals*

The fashion sense of Koreans in the past and the present remains the best. As you may already know, Koreans top the list for being the most fashionable people of the world. Not surprising because even those in their golden years are conscious about beauty HAHA.

Being the Korean freak I am, I revamped my wardrobe countless times to be in sync with their fashion trends, here’s a few “Korean-ised” look I love:


I definitely have to be part of the Touch Korea Tour with Miss A and 2PM! WHY? Simple, I am super curious as to what happens behind the scene, just to get a moment to know the idols personally and not what others are trying to show us.

You know, we fans, are always in the front watching the performance. BUT, this other side of me can’t help wondering how preparations go backstage to put on such amazing shows for us! This is my ONE and ONLY chance to find out J To be honest, I would give credits to Dream High, because I love both Suzy and Taecyeon from the drama LOL perfection teehee!

So, me being the ultimate Kpop freak have to be part of this tour, I have to go no matter what it takes and how much I have to do to get there. Imagine me in a suitcase, hiding somewhere I the plane just to go to Korea, I’m extreme, yes I am HAHA.

Okay, jokes aside, now support ME and give me this once in a lifetime chance people <3

Seoul, infinitely yours.


Friday 6 April 2012

Penang Properties For Sale

As a Malaysian, most of us probably know how much Penang is an essential part of our country, in terms of economy, food (YAY!) and as a popular destination among tourists. SO, it is the Pearl of the Orient or something like that which makes it so irresistible. You know, if I could escape just for a short time, I would fly off to Penang straight away. Staying there would be blissful and stress free, even. But, first, I’ll need to look up for suitable places to stay. So, if you’re looking for Penang properties, you absolutely have to browse through PropWall. What is PropWall, you ask? Well, to be honest, I discovered it quite recently and have been looking through, well, maybe in the future, I might be rich enough to purchase properties!

So, anyway, it is a property website which shows you the list of best properties for you to choose from. Now, isn’t this simple? You want to buy a property but don’t really want to go through the hassle of searching for one in the newspaper. With a few clicks, you can surf the internet and head over to the website! Since we have portable Galaxy Tabs and iPad nowadays, we can do it anytime, anywhere. Well, technology is amazing, right?

So, what do I like about this website? PropWall has many properties listed in the same area. With that many choices, sometimes you may be spoiled for choices to choose the best deal at the end. But, in a way, this is good as we, humans love to have a range of items to choose from. The easy to find feature on the website is simply organised and fuss-free and as many of you guys may know, I’m the perfectionist who likes neat things. Trust me, just take a few minutes of your time and go through PropWall, you won’t regret it I promise!

Till then,


Sunday 12 February 2012

Looking For Room To Let?

Hey lovelies! It’s been long since my last blog post and as most of you know, I’m pretty busy with the upcoming projects in my college. Nevertheless, I still have a life like everyone out there J So, I was “destressing” while surfing the net yesterday and I stumbled upon this website called iBilik.

I mean, as I started browsing the website, I was a bit bored because I wasn’t in need of a room to let. I’m living in a perfectly comfortable environment, so unless my parents were to kick me out of the house, I wouldn’t need to be on a look out for rooms.

Well, anyway, I started looking through again and somehow, I think it may be quite useful for budget travellers or those who would like to study in other countries such as Singapore, Indonesia and Phillipines. All you need to do is register and you can start searching. Now, doesn’t that seem easy? It’s so cool that you can just sit a t home and get a room before you actually arrive at the place. At least, you don’t have to fly there and start searching there and then. You’re not even sure you would be able to get a room too.

So, this site saves up most of your time and it’s safe as well. Me likey all these fuss-free methods of getting what you want done. Not only that, but for those who would rent out their spare rooms, here’s the one stop place for you to do so. Judging by the number of views they have for all the posts, I think that it has a pretty high traffic and is well-known. So to those out there who would like to look for a place and don’t know where to start, head over to the link above and get started! You might even get lucky and strike a cheap deal :)

That's all, till next time ^^

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Sky High Dreams with Lipice :)

Hey Lovelies! I just heard about Lipice Blog Contest from their FB page here :

I thought since I love LIPICE so much, it is basically my necessity before I go to college every day. I don't think i can ever leave house without the gloss, or else i will have cracked lips which will definitely not look pretty :(

Plus, it makes my lips shiny and smells good, what else can get better than that?

Anyway, here's the gloss I couldn't live without, in case you were wondering :

Presenting, the LIPICE color gloss <3

Me and my lovey lip gloss ^^


Anyway, I recently went on a trip to Korea a.k.a my DREAMLAND, since as you guys know, i'm super into K-pop and Super Junior is obviously the best ^^

The weather there was pretty harsh and dry as it was the start of winter there. The air was humid and when the wind blew, you are literally frozen. But guess what, I was glad, actually SUPER HAPPY that i brought my saviour to Korea.

Now, presenting to you *drum rolls*


The LIPICE Color Lip Balm!

Credit to KBF for the picture, i wanted to show everyone the colours :)

I brought the Pretty Pink one to Korea and during those snowy days where it was as drying as ever, all i needed to do was to apply this lip balm on my lips to prevent them from cracking. I knew that my face needs to be properly moisturised before I step out of the hotel but to me, my lips were as important as that too. I feel complete after applying LIPICE color :) After that, i could just go about enjoying Korea without needing to worry that i probably looked like a zombie with terrible lips HAHA

Plus, Korea is the city where only the fashionable is able to survive, with makeup stores at every inch of the city. Just like in Myeongdong ^^

Look at how much this looks like a dreamland LOL

With that, I would like to say that LIPICE is the best companion ever throughout my trip in Korea and I don't know what i would do without it *haha so dramatic i know right*

But, thanks to LIPICE, i had a great trip in Magical Land without needing to worry or fuss over dry lips :)

Till next time,


Fan Account - KahWai's Korea Trip ^^

Annyeonghaseyo Lovelies! This is admin KahWai fan account of Her Korea Trip in Seoul, South Korea. I was in Korea for 7 days and I went to Mount Sorak as well as Seoul :) I'll only be writing on my experience in Seoul, specifically only for all the K-pop SJ stuff I did ^.^ Enjoy reading!


Super Junior Yesung's Handel and Gretel Cafe - 55 Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

Honestly, when I reached there, I was truly in heaven even from across the street when I saw the cafe HAHA! You guys already know how much I love Yesung! Meeting my in laws (LOL) is so scary and made me nervous like "WHAT IF THEY DON"T LIKE ME?" or "WHAT IF THEY DON"T UNDERSTAND WHAT I"M SAYING?". All these questions in my head was just crazy.

Anyways, I took a picture outside the cafe and as you can see in the picture I posted, Yesung Omma was actually looking at me while i took picture :) YAY! And then I went in, and Yesung Omma was at the counter looking at us, she's so pretty and looked so young and somehow I immediately had the courage to talk in Korean LOL.


Me : Yesung Omma, right?

Yesung Omma : Yes, I am :)

Me : Wow, you're so pretty! Annyeonghaseyo, my name is Kah Wai and we like Super Junior a lot, and we are Malaysian fans :)

Yesung Omma : Wow, oh yes! Thank you, thank you :)

Me : Anyway, this present here, can you please pass to Yesung Oppa? PLEASE PLEASE, I worked so hard for this present :) I ask for your help, Ommonim, please pass to him okay?

Yesung Omma : Yes, sure, I will pass to him :)

She took the present from me and then I opened it for her to see, (THERE WAS A CARD, TEDDY BEAR, TWO FOLDED ROSES and THE PHOTOBOOK inside).

She took the card and see, so I told her that it was a card for Yesung Oppa :)

Me : Once again, Ommonim, please please pass this to Yesung Oppa, okay?

Yesung Omma : Of course I will, don't worry :)

Me : Ommonim, can we take pictures?

Yesung Omma : Yes, okay :)

Me : Thank you so much for your help! By the way, can you sign this book for me?

Yesung Omma : Omo, i don't know how to. Wait for Yesung Appa to come back from washroom, okay?

Me : Okay, sure!

YAY! And then she took the present and kept it :) Anyways, I hope Yesung really sees it!

Yesung Appa came back and then he signed my book :)

Yesung Appa : Annyeonghaseyo, what's your name?

Me : Annyeonghaseyo, my name is KahWai *he wrote it down and I spelt it out for him*

Yesung Appa : Oh, KahWai *he said it in the Korean way, like Kah U-ai HAHA*

Me : Yes, that's right :)

After that he wrote everything in Korean in the book :)

Me : Abeonim, what is this? *points at Korean word*

Yesung Appa : Oh, this? This means "Yesung Appa" *he smiled cause i was so random*

Me : Oh, right right, sorry my Hangul is very bad :( But, I like Yesung Oppa very much :)

Yesung Appa : Oh, really? Wow, HAHA, It's okay, *he called the waitress who could speak a little English to come over*

Me : Please tell Yesung's parents that they are very nice and friendly, thank you! Oh, and please inform them that I got help from my Korean neighbour to write in Hangul in my photobook. So please pass it to Yesung Oppa ^.^

Waitress : Alright, sure.

The waitress then translated everything to both Yesung's parents who were standing there, smiling as I spoke English to the waitress LOL. The were so excited to listen to what I wanna say, I felt so honoured seriously :)

Me : Yesung Appa, can I take picture with you too?

Yesung Appa : Sure, let's take picture, where is good? Here or there? *he was referring at which part of the shop should we take the picture at*

Me : Here is good at the main counter :)

Yesung Appa : Oh, who is this? *he was referring to my mom who was standing with me*

Me : Oh, this is my mum :)

Yesung Appa : Ne, Annyeonghaseyo! Welcome!

Me : Ne, Kamsahamnida ^.^

And then, I realised that Jongjin (Yesung's dongsaeng) was also there and he was in the kitchen :) SO CUTE ^.^ The shop isn't that big, it's pretty cosy and cute, even the kitchen is tiny, just enough to prepare stuff :) And, Yesung Omma, Yesung Appa, Jongjin and a waitress was in the kitchen right behind the cashier. They just sat there and chat with each other. You can see everything in the shop, it's pretty tiny as I said :)

I ordered a Choco Latte, so I was standing at the counter ordering from Jongjin AHHHH :) And then, I asked him if I could use an old 10000 Korean Won, he was smiling and said "Yes, sure, of course you can". So damn cute cause I was being so silly LOL. Anyways, I saw this calendar on the counter and i took a picture of it. Jongjin Oppa saw and he took the calendar and pass it to me :) I was in heaven when he did that cause he is very cute as well OKAY!

I then started taking pictures around the cafe and then when my drinks arrive, Yesung Omma quickly passed me something, it was a sticker *refer to picture below* HAHA, i was gushing like a kid who just got candies but I still managed to say in Korean as I told her how cute the picture is and thank you so much :)

I sat down with my friends and drank my Choco Latte, it was okay, a little sweet for me though and then we had to leave for KBS Music Bank.


Me : Ommonim, we are leaving now :) Kamsahamnida!

Yesung Omma : Okay, take care, bye bye :)

My Unnie : Annyeonghaseyo *My unnie not that that good in Korean, she thought can use annyeonghaseyo to say bye too*

Yesung Omma laughed at my friend cause she's so funny :)

Me : Annyeongikaseyo Ommonim :)

Yesung Omma : Ye :)

My Unnie : Bye bye, bye bye :) Kamsahamnida!

Super Junior's Dorm - Seoul, Gwangjin-gu, Jayang 3(sam)-dong , The Sharp Star City Apartment, Building C, room 1101 & 1201

It was really cold when I reached there and my Korean tour guide immediately asked the security guard to open the door to let us in :) But, the security guard called up and then said that we need permission to enter and since we are a big group of 15 people, it's difficult to enter. SO, we said it's okay and just took pictures downstairs the apartment :)

It was so surreal to be there as I only saw it in pictures AND i was there for real :)))

SM Entertainment Building - 521 Apgujung 2 dong Kangnamgu Seoul

The building has a star, so pretty! When we reached, I was thinking, where IS THE SIDE DOOR that we always see in pictures? I thought they brought us to wrong building LOL, and then I started walking around the outside of the building and then I FOUND IT! Was so happy when I found it HAHA :) It was under construction but those Ahjusshi working there were nice to let me take picture YAY!

KBS Building Private tour & KBS MSUIC BANK - 18, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, 150-790 Seoul, Korea

The first thing I did when I reached was to find KBS Cool FM a.k.a Sukira HAHA. I found it and saw so many fan signed outside the studio and the place where the fans had to stand to watch SUKIRA was outdoor NOT indoor! I was fooled when I watch SUKIRA online because I thought that the fans actually stood inside the studio but were only separate by a glass. They had a loud speaker outside the studio to communicate with the fans and it was freezing outside really :O

After that, we went on a private tour around KBS building by the KBS officials! I got some KBS magazines and some souvenirs for free :) When it was time for KBS Music Bank, we went in first cause we were like VIP guests while the other fans had to line up outside. LOL, i felt like a VIP MUAHAHA :)

We were seated at the third row from the stage and I saw Shinee Minho who was just staring at me, smiling, idk why! BUT I FELT HAPPY ANYWAYS :) *NO, I'm not cheating on Super Junior OKAY :)*

The music bank was awesome! I love Wonder Girls and SNSD and I got to see them live, amazing LOL :) And, from Music Bank, I like two new rookie groups which is APink (My My) and Double A (Because I'm Crazy). Incredible :)

SPAO Store - Myeongdong

I can't stop spazzing at SPAO LOL, SUPER JUNIOR POSTERS everywhereeeee :) WHEEE, in heaven LALALA! I took pictures with my husband a.k.a Yesung LOL. I'm a happy girl, I even got some stuff from SPAO, they aren't that expensive, i got a pink winter jacket! The one YOONA SNSD wore :)

Alright, that's all for now :) I hope you guys enjoyed it! We're happy as long as you fans are happy with us admins!

Enjoy the pictures and go see my ALBUM if you haven't seen it yet here :

Kamsahamnida, till next time! ^.^



My husband, Yesungie and I ^^ Don't we look good together?

Super Junior's Dorm! ^^

Super cold outside the dorm ;O

My Choco Latte, on a chilly day. Heaven!

Sung-ah, why you so cute? ^^

Yesungie's dad a.k.a my daddy-in-law HAHA

Yesungie Omma a.k.a my mummy-in-law, so pretty ^^