Sunday 30 August 2009

Independence. Freedom

I am sitting at home staring at the computer screen, wondering what I should be typing.

It's precisely 25 minutes more to the 52nd Merdeka Celebration. What am I doing here exactly? Thanks to the stupid, damn H1n1. That's the reason why we should stay at home and die of boredom. =O This is the first year I'm staying at home on the eve of Merdeka. How anti-climatic. This sucks. I know I'm being an extremely whiny brat, but I'm bored. Don't blame me. =P

Well, I would suggest all of you to download this song, or just go listen to it on youtube or something.

AMP All Stars - Satu Malaysia

It's in three languages, and it has this really cheeky tune. It's stuck in my head and it is not because I'm feeling extremely patriotic. It actually made me proud to be a Malaysian. I bet you'll feel the same. =)

Last but not least,

HAPPY 52nd Independence Day, Malaysia

Together, we're strong. United we stand, forever and ever. That's the way it's gonna be
Satu bangsa, satu suara, satu negara, satu irama

Tuesday 25 August 2009

Sixteen Years.

Today is finally the day. Sixteen years ago, she was born. 26 August 1993.

She is, had been and will always be

A pure genius in literature and poetry.

A fan of FOREVER 21 products.

An Adam Lambert fan. Even her emoticons are faces of Adam Lambert.

A huge fan of J.K. Rowling. I think she would do anything for the author of Harry Potter.

A famous person for elaborate fashion. Consult her for any fashion tips.

A singer with a great voice. Somehow, she reminds me of the Gardenia advertisement.

An extremely dedicated St. John’s member. Mind you, it’s the organization. Not the school

A person who loves blue. You turn right, you turn left, she’s always armed with something blue.

A person who NEVER eats during recess. Maybe once or twice occasionally.

A huge fan of BEBE products. It’s so her, don’t you think?

An avid fan of Harry Potter. I never knew anyone that loves Harry Potter more than her.

A Gossip Girl fan. *high five*

A person who sleeps at 4 a.m. Everyday.

A perfect storekeeper. Just have a look at her baby, the sickbay.

A person who never quits and hates Twilight. God knows what Stephenie Meyer did to her.

A person who always, always get the job done on time. You know you can count on her


A person used to regularly TAG at my blog. Now, she doesn’t anymore. Boo.

She is the one and only super dedicated, super nice, super understanding



Derrick's Sweet Sixteen Bash Pictures.

As promised in the previous post. Derrick's Birthday Bash at Times Square. And being the event manager, I was the photographer of the day. Credits go to Valerie and Luqman for some of the pictures.

That's all. I didn't take much pictures. =(

Derrick's Sweet Sixteen Bash.

I'm back from times square and pavilion. Well, first, I would like to thank DERRICK LOW for having this party and the best part, belanja-ing us. That's so cool. Yeah, when you're facing bankruptcy, then it's freakin awesome.



Although I'm the oh-so-good event manager, nothing of this could ever be done without Derrick. But, come to think of it, I love planning events. It's like I have a skill in it. Oh, so darn right?
And, maybe what Sheng said was right. I'm exactly like a mother with children who are older than me. =O

See, I'm matured. I'm not childish. I told you, didn't I?

But, people, pictures later. For Derrick is too busy to update them on facebook. Bluek.
Busy doing something, eh? I know, I had been "disturbing" you today with my voice.
I was doing this documentary on Derrick's outing and Sheng kept asking me to sit down. Why, you ask? Because there was this couple at the next table who looked annoyed. But, who cares, right? It's a restaurant, not a hotel room. It's supposed to be noisy. I'm just creating the mood. =)

Friday 21 August 2009


You looked at the computer screen. You blink back your tears to keep them from falling. Only to reveal your pain. Then you ask yourself, what did you do to deserve this. Why can't someone just tell me where I went wrong? Why does everyone like to hit me harder when I'm at my lowest point? Have you lost hope in me? Or have I disappoint you greatly as a failure? I feel so dejected and lifeless. Now, I know why people commit suicide. It's not that they are just a bunch of useless people who doesn't appreciate things given to them, but rather a bunch of nice people who are never appreciated and are taken advantage of. For the first time, I'm depressed and as I weep silently on my pillow, I think about how I am so similar to Coraline. Now, I long for someone to grab me away and never return me to this evil world.

Tuesday 18 August 2009



Now that you're 16, stop saying how poor you are and stuff. My advice : Since everyone knows you're rich, it's no use saying you're poor. =) You travel to almost every part of the world and you can say you're poor. I salute you. I need to add this in. You're so going to appreciate my present. I took a lot of time and put in a lot of effort. I always do that for everyone. =) See, I'm nice that way.

Dear readers,

There will be an outing to TIMES SQUARE next Tuesday in conjunction with Derrick's birthday. Do inform me if you would like to attend because as everyone know, I am the event manager.


Once again,

Friday 14 August 2009


An understatement, clearly. All undone chores had began to pile up once again. But, I don't wish to turn back time.

The joyous occasion calls for a celebration. For a start, shopping would be therapeutic. But, when you actually check the price, it's going to be a stressful moment. That's life, isn't it?

You try and try for numerous times until you could not try no more. You need to crack the codes to prove your might. But, it all comes crashing down when you fail to do so. All you're waiting for is just a text that will possibly never arrive. So, you're left cold and alone in the darkness, staying only in the shadows.

But, thank God you have friends that will stand with you. =) I'm fortunate that way.

Thursday 6 August 2009


The disease, so real.

The memories, so vivid.

The pain, so soon.

The victory, so sweet.

The phone, so dark.

The cloth, so dry.

The heart, so heavy.

The brain, so tired.

The money, so colourful.

The cheque, so pretty.

The dress, so gorgeous.

Nuff' said. I'm stressed. I'm pressured. I'm exploding.