Sunday 1 September 2013

Food Review: Mayflower Restaurant @ Shah Alam

I'm usually not someone who enjoys Chinese food very much because I eat it on a daily basis. Mum has always been into Chinese cooking so i expected typical Chinese cuisine at Mayflower. 

Little did I know that I was in for a surprise because it ended up becoming more like a full 10 course dinner smile

Zhejiang's Three Treasures 
It is a huge plate with vegetables cooked in different style. I personally thought the asparagus was the best out of the three. It was flavorful and crunchy. The aroma was intriguing and it was interesting because of the spicy shrimp from Taiwan used in its cooking.
Shanghainese Poached Chicken 
This was pretty tasty. The 'kampung' chicken used for this dish was smooth and i liked how they served this cold. There was a strong wine essence and it complimented well with the bland taste of the chicken.

Undoubtedly the best Crispy Pork Knuckle I've ever tasted before!
This is definitely similar to the German Pork Knuckle you get at those fancy bars. The skin was crispy and deep fried. I sort of expected it to be oily or greasy but it turned out perfect without the slight aroma of oil. It was marinated beforehand and the meat was tender and extremely juicy in my opinion.

 Buttery Prawn with Corn Kernels. 

It was a great improvisation from your usual butter, milky prawns. However, I didn't really enjoy the prawns because I couldn't use my hands to savour the real goodness of the prawns. But, this was definitely yummy because they were succulent and juicy! Well, they even added some cheese to cook the gravy according to the manager smile 

Hakka Braised Pork Belly 

Basically, it's pork with lettuce wrapped with home made steamed mantou. The pork meat was tender and the fat layer was smooth. It was a comfort food and I find the steamed mantou pretty unique too. It was slightly sweet and not like your usual tasteless buns. Really good and reminds me of Chinese burgers!

It's time for dessert! We had desserts such as Royal Jellies with Flaky Pastries. I thought that the jellies were weird, they had a funny flowery aroma. It seems that lilly buds, wolfberries, longan were the filling of this Konyanku jelly. It's definitely a dessert fit for a queen. The pastries were rather crispy and i liked the lotus paste which wasn't too sweet for me smile

That's all for this time! Look out for more food reviews here :)