Tuesday 14 June 2016

Food: Milkcow All New Gold Leaf and Milky Cool Series

Ice cream has reached a new level of luxury. Milkcow recently introduced the all new Gold Leaf series, which is the current trend these days especially in Japan. At first, I was extremely skeptical at the thought of consuming gold but when I saw how it looked like, it was so pretty that I wondered if it was actually edible.

The paper is made out of real gold and actually, there isn't much funny metallic taste to it so don't worry! It's definitely picture worthy :)

And what's going to Milkcow without their famous soft serve ice cream and honey comb cubes!

Handcrafted Milk & Tea Drinks with Natural Puddings

Thai Green Tea & Mango Pudding (RM 7.90)

This one is perfect for anyone who is a green tea lover and I never knew the combination of green tea with mango would work magics on the taste buds like this one did. The texture and consistency of the drinks seems a little bit like the usual milk tea with grass jelly but this is a bit harder as there are soft pudding in it as well.

Thai Milk Tea & Green Tea Pudding (RM 7.90)

Strawberry Milk & Bubble Gum Pudding (RM 8.90)

This flavour is interesting and would be a kids' favourite.

Honey Milk & Yam Pudding (RM 8.90)

Chocolate Milk & Honey Milk Pudding (RM 8.90)

Check out the new menu here!