Tuesday 30 June 2009

Shadow Hearts.

You don't really know, but all you do is blame others for the mistakes you had done.
I had learn to accept the bad and savor the good. What's cheesy are usually not true.
Save all your lies for someone else. Walk down the line. Read between them.
I'd be stupid to trust. Playing along had never been easier. I like it when you glance at the cards and you know that your opponent is already losing before the game even started.
Somehow, these lines seem more relevant to me nowadays.

Aren't you proud of me?

Whats screwed up and everything's alright.

Sunday 21 June 2009


You stand there as 'it' floats away waving goodbye at you with the smile that you wished you never saw.

Isn't it scary to run away from something you are so sure is terrible yet you're not convinced that it is the right move? All because you try to remind yourself that it isn't real. You try so hard that your brains could probably burst right through your head and the gory tiny bits from it will spread across your perfectly ironed cotton shirt. After a few seconds, you cry in dismay because you realize that it was the only shirt you had. You shake it off by reminding yourself that you are still alive and there are more to come from it.

The scariest part is not that, in fact.
It was definitely something, or perhaps it was a little thing to remind me that things can change within a blink of an eye. As much as I try to dismiss that fact, it keeps haunting me, unfortunately. I am not very lucky in this matter. A weighing scale would be appropriate in this situation or rather, a schedule. It must be due to the time I spend thinking of it generally. It is definitely time for me to rectify it. I'm glad it is soon.

Convincing myself had been my hobby these days. How productive, you say.

Therefore, I am to blame in these situations.

Metaphorically described.

Friday 19 June 2009

I want the Beast.

It is undeniable that every girl has a fantasy, a dream we say.
A Disney Princess to be exact.

Without dreams, we will never survive.

Yes, I want it. I never actually gave much thought on why I love Belle.
I love her gown. I love her story. Generally.

Until Diane mentioned about it yesterday. Jane is perfect for her actually.
It reflects her anyways. =)

As for Karmzee, Mulan? The one with the general. Yes, it's Mulan.

Well, it seems true. And, surprisingly, no one wants Cinderella.
Maybe it's too common i guess.

Sunday 14 June 2009

Turning back, forbidden.

If you're not in for a random post, then I would suggest that you leave immediately.

Thank You.

Formal much? I'm going to be crapping, so bear with me. As i said earlier.

I used to be blind.

I used to be there, when you needed me most.

I used to tell you everything, because i knew i trusted you. And, i was sure.

I used to thought that you would understand me more than anyone else on Earth.

I used to rely a lot on you and you would do the same too.

I used to listen to whatever you needed to say. Without judging you, that is.

I used to thought you were awesome.

I used to be the one who was always there when no one was.

I used to thought you were a best friend.

I used to believe in whatever you said.

I guess that was just all the "used-to-be's".

Now, I'm starting to have the feeling that you are not what I thought you were.

You're full of hatred towards me.

In other words, you're obviously against me.

Sorry to say, but, you're not who I thought you were.

I start thinking of you as an unworthy person.

And, somehow, you still influence me into almost making the wrong decision.

This may sound cliche.

But as I mentioned earlier, it's going to be full of crap and self reflection actually.


Thursday 11 June 2009

Beaches are okay, I guess.

Beach-ing around.


As predicted, I went to the much hated beach.
All because I didn't want to stay home and risk the chance of going out.
Or all because I was worried that they would go on a gastronomical trip after that excluding me.

Don't blame me.

This is what we call as plain silly.
" We are on the beach, playing in the hot, scorching sun under an UMBRELLA".

Who said I had bad photography skills?

I thought of KM when I saw this.
How significant, right?

It's linked. OMG.

Your Cuteness. =)

I have no idea what this is.
But, it died.
So, this is a tribute to it.

Of "us".
I L.o.V.e this picture. Aww.

I thought this looked like some beauty queen thing.
Unfortunately, I'm a runner-up. =(

BY the way, I'm excited.
Because of youknowwho.

AND, derrick, do chill, alright?
It will be fine.
Getting all stressed up is not an answer to your problems.

Monday 8 June 2009

Typical Rush.

Coursework. Budgets. Rushing to finish it. Figuring out what's on D's blog. Coursework again.

This time around, only God can save me.