Wednesday 23 December 2009

Happy Birthday!

It's the 24th. I can hear bells and maybe, if I look out my window, I could see Santa and his reindeers. Surreal thinking but whatever. After all, it's the winter season and I had a brain freeze, not from the weather, the iced Milo. I know, you're giving me the what?! look.

Well, The most anticipated event of the year is finally here. What else?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! (I'm not pouting, I want my gifts Santa!)

I like my hair! Thats why I put it up here.





16 significant phrases.

My fellow "ollie"


Sylvanians' mom

Puffer's mom

Secret keeper

Major cat enthusiast (Hose and Jammy-wammy!)


Topshop fan

T-shirt girl (don't ask, hahah!)


Matchbox Twenty


Neat Lines


Clinique Happy (used to!)

The one and only person who has the same birthday as I do.

One last thing, Goodbye Malaysia for seven days.

Dear blog readers, please pray hard for the survival of all my fishes! Because they will be starving for seven days while we are gone. =) Thanks.

Friday 18 December 2009

Sabrina and Dr Radzli's Wedding Reception. =)

You know what, I forgot to post. I'm not old, but remember what i said on productivity? Yeah, so basically, that was what i was trying to do. Fight the urge to do something I practically can't live without. Yeah, you guessed right.

Sabrina and Dr Radzli's Wedding Reception!

Mia and I!

Syira and I!

Guess where we were! =)

Don't ask.

I'm getting married? Not so fast.

I really love this. Don't ask why, you should know.

From where I sit, this is what you get. Awesome picture though. =)

And just to think I was unlucky, I got this picture!

The celebrated couple. =)

The end.
When will it ever be my turn?

Thursday 17 December 2009


A love so strong, it would never break.

A fire burning brightly all the way.

Ever after.

Dear Mummy, Happy Birthday.

Yes, you are the best mum one could ever ask for but I know I am not the best daughter there is. A bane, I would say. And, mum, you’re sporting, thoughtful, tolerant and practical. It is not that easy to find a sporting mum these days. Maybe, just maybe one day I might be a vegetarian thanks to your daily lecture on the importance of consuming fruits and vegetables. By the way, I am glad I got your “neat” genes, unlike K. Oops, sorry Sis. *evil laugh* Thank you for teaching me how to cook, mummy. At least, I am highly unlikely to die of starvation in the near future. I know, I know, I could just get food from restaurants or something. =) Thank you for backing me up in that. Well, your sacrifices are just too much and I can’t fit it all in a single post.

You’re indeed a remarkable mom. 16 years and still going strong. Now, this sounds like a mother’s day post instead of a birthday post. As I said earlier, I never seem to value your sacrifices enough. Thanks Mummy! I love you so much for everything!

I wish I would be a great mum too. =) Anyway, I doubt I could be.


Oh, another birthday girl who is loud. Yes, I’m SERIOUS, loud!



Wednesday 9 December 2009


You’re undoubtedly the nicest, cutest, neatest (maybe, because you love to clean), lamest (joking but I WANNA add it in), sweetest (since you never hated me for complaining, maybe you did L), modest, smartest person in the world (although I have yet to travel the world but I’m quite certain about that) and the most sarcastic, egoistical, adorable, reliable, ambitious, honest, selfless (confirmed again and again), comical, confused, formal, simple best friend that I ever had.

Yeah, that’s me!


I know I wished, posted and woke up late. My plan on being the first to wish my besties on their birthday never work somehow. A series of terrible planning. =(

You can’t wait to have your presents, I know. *high five* ME TOO!

P.S My birthday is around the corner, I WANT THE LARGEST PRESENT IN THE WORLD!

Wednesday 2 December 2009

Productivity reigns.

I know, i know.

I've been such a terrible blogger. Not updating my dearie bloggie. But, as I have told almost everyone i know, I am much more productive nowadays since I declared hiatus.
I do not use the computer that much these days and that made me a generally more productive person. I finally finished reading GG (which I had plan to do a few months back) =).

ANYWAY, I couldn't help but blog a little. AND, AND I'm DONE!

Alright, I'm off.

Till next time, darling.