Thursday 28 January 2016

Daily: Spend with Foodpanda and Get Your Money Back with ShopBack

Fancy getting some money back after shopping? There is a new website in town, ShopBack Malaysia which offers lucrative cashbacks to customers of various popular merchants such as Lazada, Groupon, Zalora and many more. Basically, ShopBack is a cashback and shopping deals site where you can choose to shop within the comforts of your home and even, earn some money out of it.

A deal not to be missed, and one which I was particularly interested in was the one on Foodpanda. Being a university student, more often than not, we are subjected to mixed rice every single day and with Foodpanda services, we could easily order other yummy foods to fill our tummy. It's a hassle free and readily available delivery service, right to your doorstep. Now, with ShopBack, I can even get a portion of my money back (approximately 8.0%) when I spend on food. You may even opt to get some Foodpanda vouchers here for more savings.

If you're planning to shop online for this upcoming Chinese New Year, ShopBack gives you the best deals, so sign up today with my link! They even have a few ongoing Chinese New Year promotions at the moment :)

There's a video for those who still don't really understand the ShopBack concept.

It's ultimately your choice at the end of the day. Start shopping with ShopBack today to maximise your ringgit during this festive season :)

To keep up with the latest updates, check out ShopBack from time to time.

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Sunday 24 January 2016

Daily: Code Name FOX Breakout Room Media Launch @ Nu Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

I had my very own little adventure last Friday at the media launch of Code Name: FOX Room @ Breakout, Nu Sentral. Your favourite series from FOX now comes alive where you and your friends can go on an undercover mission as part of the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) under the orders of Howard Stark, to investigate an off-limits zone where crucial information is contained about extra-terrestrial life.The amount of 'secret agents' can be from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 8 at one time. Personally, the golden rule for me is the more the merrier, and there's nothing bad about having more brains to solve some of the puzzles in the room.

To try out this uniquely themed room, be sure to set a date between 23rd Jan-23rd Feb 2016 as this room will only be available for a month. For the uninitiated. the game lasts for about 45 minutes with a 15 minutes briefing at the start by the game master. The props and printing in the room definitely gave the feel and enhance the whole experience.

Breakout is not your conventional escape room game. Our various themed rooms are individually crafted and designed to provide players with mind-boggling puzzles and tasks to be completed within 45 minutes. In line with our objective to provide a surrealistic and immersive movie-like ‘escaperience’ to our players, we are pleased to embark on this exciting collaboration with FOX International Channels, in celebrating the return of The X-Files and other popular shows. We want to inject a little spark of adventure into the lives of the players, and offer them a new and immersive way to experience their favourite TV shows,” said Mr. Leo Ka-Wai, Head of Consumer Marketing & Public Relations, Breakout Malaysia.

Some exciting things you can win from the games are:

One Weekly Winner to be chosen based on the fastest time to win exclusive Same Day As The U.S. merchandise

One Grand Prize Winner to be chosen from Weekly Winners to win Exclusive FOX HD Merchandise worth RM 800.00


Read on for my full experience of Code Name FOX because I've tried out the full version with my friends over the weekend.

I would definitely say that this is one of the toughest, yet mind boggling escape experience I've ever felt. There are certain puzzles in the game which really requires logic and having great teamwork helps. We did asked for up to a total of 3 hints because we really couldn't figure out some codes in the rooms. 

Our game master, Kelvin was the best and he made the game so fun with all the explanations he gave at the start which got us all excited for the game! Code Name FOX is basically a mission to find a cure at the end and escape the place before the 45 minutes run out.

There were characters with specific powers, so you can choose and assign among your team members before heading into the room. I was the Oracle previously where I was required to memorise the clues given. This time around, I chose to be the Timebender and I could request for extra 7 minutes if we couldn't escape within the given time.

In the end, after figuring out all the puzzles and codes in the rooms, we managed to complete the game and found the cure in a mere 40 minutes! Great news, we were the 1st Place for this week :) Who knows, we could be so lucky that we might end up winning some merchandise as well.

Wanna challenge us? Head to Breakout today and escape from Code Name FOX, just like we did.

Friday 22 January 2016

Food: Hawker Street @ Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur

Looking for some delicious Penang goodies here in KL? I'm an ardent fan of Penang food, not just because everyone talks about how good the food is, but rather, I enjoy the taste and I especially find myself craving for Penang food every once in a while. But, living here in KL, to be honest, it's rather difficult to find authentic Penang delicacies. 

Recently, I stumbled across Hawker Street @ Taman Desa which appears unassuming as your common, regular fancy cafe. It's located right beside my favourite fish head noodles shop in Taman Desa, and I regretted why I hadn't discovered Hawker Street earlier. The food served at Hawker Street are genuinely authentic Penang food because the boss, Matthew who runs this place is a true Penangite. He comes from a family of cooks so, you can expect that his cooking skills is on par as well.

Simple decorations at Hawker Street :)
They have a board in which they usually write down some new dishes of the day.

Pretty flowers to greet you at the entrance for that perfect OOTD shot.


Signature Loh Bak (RM 4.90)

This famous Penang snack served as a great appetizer before the heavier dishes. It was very meaty with a balanced amount of minced pork & turnip, wrapped in a layer of beancurd.

Rojak (RM 8.90)

This plate of fruity goodness; pineapples, mangoes, papayas and many more mixed in rojak sauce, topped with some coarse crushed peanuts. It was much more sweeter than spicy for this one, and its worth a thumbs up.


Asam Laksa (RM 8.50)

I'm a fan of asam laksa and I think this one has a generous amount of fish, cucumbers, pineapples, pork slices, chillies, lettuce and onions. The broth was bursting with flavours, and what I like about it is, it isn't too spicy or too sour either. Just the right tone and definitely worth every single cent spent on it.

For the big eaters, you may choose to add some toppings from a selection of vegetables, pork slices, cuttlefish and fish.

Hokkien Prawn Mee (RM 9.50)

This version of prawn mee is a tad bit different from the ones we have here in KL. Instead, this one had less chillies and the aroma is extremely fragrant. This bowl of goodness comes with pork slices, eggs, fried prawns with chillies and some fried shallots for garnishing.

For this, you may add some toppings such as pork slices, eggs, prawns, cuttle fish, big prawn and spare ribs for that additional 'kick' in your regular prawn mee.

White Curry Mee (RM 8.50)

This bowl of curry mee seems rather unassuming in terms of flavour, in comparison to our regular red hot flaming curry noodles. All you have to do is mix in the provided curry sambal paste, but be sure to only add in how much you require. There were generous amounts of cockles, prawns, cuttlefish and tofu pok in this. 

You may add in some spare ribs, pork slices, egg, prawns, tofu pok, cuttlefish and cockles for more enjoyment!

Pork Minced Kuey Teow Soup (RM 8.50)

For those who prefer a non spicy option, you may try this out. Loaded with minced pork, sliced fish cake, pork slices and topped with some spring onions and fried garlic, the kuey teow is served in pork broth. There was a strong garlic aftertaste to this, so garlic lovers, here's what you need to have. The noodles were just right, not too hard or too soft either.

Add in some pork slices, egg, sliced fish cake, minced pork or spare ribs in this bowl of yummy noodles.

Signature Nasi Lemak (RM 9.50)

I would say that this nasi lemak which  is served with a piece of 'nyonya' chicken rendang, some anchovies, nuts, sliced cucumbers, eggs and sambal is rather value for money. The sambal, however, was a little unusual but not in a funny way. It was more on the sourish side instead of spicy and sweet, just like how we usually have it here in KL. I find that the sour sambal actually bring out the fragrance of the rice which was cooked using coconut milk.

For this, you may choose to add in rice, big prawns, fried egg or chicken as well.

Big Prawn Char Kuey Teow (RM 12.50)

Char kuey teow is a Malaysian all time favourite and this one comes served with cockles, prawns, chives and bean sprouts. The noodles were not soggy and had that chewy texture to it. Lots of 'wok hei' in this one!


Corn Flake Sago Melaka (RM 4.90)

The combination was a little weird for this, honestly. However, the sago which was chewy and the cornflakes which was crunchy goes really well together. The gula melaka wasn't too sweet as well, and was to my liking.

Cendol (RM 4.90)

Cendol is a favourite Malaysian dessert, and its perfect in this hot weather to cool down. What's better than to enjoy a bowl of dessert filled with cendol, red beans, shaved ice, santan and gula melaka to beat the heat? 


Three Flavour Coffee (RM 3.90)

Pat Poh Milk (RM 3.90)
This was rather surprising because I didn't expect that herbal tea with some milk would taste so good.

Soyabean with Cincau (RM 3.30)

I will definitely be returning to Hawker Street soon to savour their yummy dishes. Since I'm constantly craving for Penang food, this place would be a good idea as it isn't too far away either.

Hawker Street
33, Jalan 109F, Plaza Danau 2,
Taman Danau Desa,
58100 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours: Tuesday - Sunday (10 AM -10 PM)
Contact: 03-7971 4355
FB: Click here!

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Beauty: Your New Age Moisturiser, Bioderma Sensibio Dermatological Water

Moisturising is an important step in skincare, right after cleansing. Every time you cleanse your face, you strip off dirt along with your natural oil produced by your skin. Despite its importance, most people struggle to find a suitable moisturiser which fit their skin type. I used to be lazy and skipped this step frequently because it is time consuming. But now, I believe that you should never omit your moisturisers from your skincare regime, regardless. The new trend that I’ve seen around is the fancy moisturising sprays. In fact, a few of my friends have been asking me about my opinion on these products.

I have never been an ardent fan of moisturising sprays because I still prefer to use the typical moisturiser in which you have to pat it into your face. The Bioderma Sensibio Dermatological Water was the first product of such which I’ve tried. 

Surprisingly, I found that it is a rather convenient, easy to use spray especially when I’m in a rush in the morning. I tried it out and it seems to keep my skin moisturised throughout the day. It comes in the form of a spray and is extremely hygienic as you don’t even need to use your hands to spread the product. Plus, it doesn’t contain any fragrance and is hypoallergenic.

I’ve always had sensitive skin with some uneven skin tone here and there, so I will always have to choose my products wisely. It works well to even out and soothe some redness on my face too.  The spray is almost water-like consistency and it isn’t sticky at all. In fact, it absorbs into your skin within 20 seconds and you can apply any makeup or sun block over it immediately. The perfect sized bottle it comes in makes it easy to just pop into your bag whenever you’re on the go. I find that it is so convenient that you can just spray it anytime you want to keep your skin moisturised or whenever you feel that your skin is a little dry. It works wonders for those who are constantly staying indoors in an air conditioned environment or for those who are travelling during winter season.

Bioderma is a trustable brand and its dermatological water is soothing, cooling and comfortable. This product is made in France, by the way and contains some mineral salts and trace elements as well. For those who have always wanted to try out a different type of moisturiser, I would highly recommend this product as it saves your precious time and yet, still keeps your skin plump and moisturised daily.

Daily: Grand Launch of CHAZE @ Menara Lien Hoe

The latest place to be is CHAZE @ Menara Lien Hoe. CHAZE (the lounge) is inspired by Chaze (the persona) who is a suave and enigmatic man who enjoys hosting parties, appreciates good music, has good fashion sense and most importantly has an acquired taste especially in distilled beverages.

You can enjoy yourself in Chaze's sleek lounge masked as his loft where low lights and upbeat music expresses the modern speakeasy ambiance upon your arrival. It has the perfect ambience for some after-hours drinks at the Bar where you can watch mixologists craft up cocktails or play a game or two of table tennis and pool at my Fun Nook or simply to unwind for a full evening with drinks and dance at the DJ Space. 

I was invited to the grand launch last weekend and I had a splendid time with my friends.As the event was themed as ‘Loosen Your Tie’, the aim was to have some fun as Mike Jagger says – “it’s okay to let yourself go, just as long as you let yourself back”.

‘Loosen Your Tie’ is a 2-night affair; with exclusive invitations to media and VIPs for the event on 15th January 2016 and an open launch on 16th January 2016. Both occasions are specially tailored and planned to perfection to epitomise the world of CHAZE - through good food, booze and entertainment. The nights have been customised to excite all senses….Sight, Taste, Smell and Sound, and of course, Chaze did live up to the theme.

Trying to be classy while having a glass of champagne at CHAZE :)

To line the stomach, Chaze have some comfort light bites that include homemade boneless Chicken Nuggets served with crudités & honey mustard mayonnaise, Trio Mushroom Pizza with portobello, button and shimeji mushrooms topped with mozzarella cheese, rocket & truffle oil; Dory Fish Fingers served with fries and a wasabi tartar dip and Truffle Fries. 

Some pictures of the night with Nadia Heng and Aunty Lilly :)

All in all, Chaze’s hidden loft will be the ideal modern speakeasy to make your event come to life – perfect for any parties, networking or as an intimate event space.