Sunday 31 May 2009

Dreams. Finally.

You're just a dream, I get it.

I don't care, I'm going to get there somehow.

I love wheels, please don't leave. K will get this.

....... are meaningful, .......... you ....... to ........ it .......?
AN exact line from my dream.
Never will it happen, though.

I'm starting to believe in fairytales.

Friday 29 May 2009

Happy Birthday.



Guess what,

* I'm still having that Sailormoon doll you gave to my sister and I.

* Thanks again for the POOH bear.

* And, you're lucky to have Eric surprising you on your birthday.

P.s. I'm hinting to someone.

Thursday 28 May 2009

Monday 25 May 2009

Kiss From A Rose.

As the title suggest.
I'm addicted to that song.
But, no, I'm not going to talk about how nice that song is.
Listen to it, you won't regret.

Right now, I have something more important to do.

Happy Birthday HiS CuTeNeSs

Isn't that my title? Yeah, it is, I think.


AsmuchasIsaythatIdislikeyouandyoushouldgetoutofmyway, I STILL LOVE YOU.




Icantimagineifsomeonestoleyouawayfromusall. Scarydreamsandcryinginsleep.





Chronicles of His Cuteness

Looking back at these pictures brings back the memories I had with you.

Happy Birthday, Kah Lok.


One thing for sure, I will have to train on commands this whole holidays.
The first step to save myself from major humiliation. Or embarassment.

Friday 15 May 2009


A fair fight.

Yeah, as if there are anything fair nowadays.

You messed me up and then you take it lightly. Maybe that's what I think. I can't judge you.
But, how dare you?

Guess I didn't mean much to you after all, right?
But, you should be glad that I don't live in the past. I live in the future.
Okay, that's not entirely true.
Recently, I'd been reading my diaries a lot and I can't imagine I had been so naive.
I wrote a lot about you and now, I thought my pages were actually wasted.
But, you were never there in my darkest hours.
I probably was your friend but never more than that. I'm glad that's the way it is.
I owe you an apology.

Sorry, you're not what I wanted.

But, what matters is that I'm happy now.

Monday 11 May 2009


I'm such a procrastinator.

Drama within half an hour. Too little time, I guess.

The perfect life of mine is bound to be destroyed within two days.

Friday 8 May 2009

Happy Birthday Sheng.

Happy Birthday Sheng Rei.

You're now a year older.

Ten Things On You. And, me.

1. I knew Paul Frank from you. I really didn't know about it.

2. I found out about the usage of I behind the person's name. 
     Example: Adrian and I. =)

3. You were the one with the hand sanitizer 24/7.

4. I never knew you in Primary School. Maybe it was because we were in different classes.

5. I associated you with KM in Form One. You should know why.

6. You were the Powerful Choleric and I was the Peaceful Phlegmatic. =)

7. I learnt the word "pwned" from you and KM. Youtube.

8. I didn't believe when you told me that you have an iPod Touch. Omg.

9. I love Carish, if you remember what that is. 

10. And, there's only one sweet SIXTEEN in your life. Cherish it. =)

Saturday 2 May 2009


State Comp 2009.

My first year, what a terrible person, right? I know.

Anyway, I am going to post about this after exams.

Exams is in a week from now. Omg.

I feel stressed but I'm trying to chill.

I can make it through this time, can't I?

I can't wait for your party.
It would mark the end of the exams.


How does Clarrisha sound to you?

Clarrisha Hong Kah Wai.

I wrote it in my diary when I was six. That was supposed to be my name.

Friday 1 May 2009

Had you

ever felt that the whole thing had been right from the start?

And, I bet you would feel the same. But, I realized that I don't say the right things at the right time.

Nevertheless, I'd never felt this good.