Wednesday 18 May 2011

Jack Cow and Advertlets present Pirates of The Caribbean!

Hmm, let me think, it's been eons since my last blog post :O
Can't blame me much, I've been busy 24/7.

So, anyway, I came across this blog post on Advertlets and it's on a movie screening of Pirates of The Caribbean!


I've been waiting for the sequel to be released and it's finally here. My obsession with the show is pretty much incomparable to many people :)

So, back to topic, I need to talk about Okay, wait, let me think.

As I have heard, is basically a website that offers the best deals so that we, consumers will finally be able to get discounts. Best of all, offers deals from big names in the market, such as Kenny Rogers, Tenji etc.

How this works? Simple.

Just purchase the vouchers online, and you get to eat, relax, shop and travel at a discounted price. See, simple, as I say :) Sounds tempting?

Head over to :)

By the way, here is my pirate slogan .

JackCow set out on a journey to capture the Pirates of The Caribbean in an attempt to save the hot chicks of Advertlets :)

It sounds so silly and lame, but hey, it's supposed to be an EYE-CATCHING slogan :D

Till next time, toodles :D