Thursday 23 April 2009

Field Trip.

Right, field trip? No, more of an excursion, I think. =)

Look at the ribbon braids.
Courtesy of D and I. =)

No words can describe this purr-fect picture.

KL SBU C/C Babies.

As we sat there waiting for the van to arrive, I looked at you.
And, I asked Cheng Ken if we could get it back. How I wish we could.

But, I thought twice for I know that this means a lot to you.

And, finally, after an hour of waiting, the van finally appeared.
I keep hitting my head because godknowswhy the van was so short.

Guess where i am.

*scroll down*


 Now, you'd probably know where I am.
If you're still blur, then you cannot be saved. Sorry =)

No words needed again.

The main stage.

I love this picture. It's like different distances.

We hesitated a lot before taking this picture. Ask Cheng Ken. =)

How gay this is?

One last picture before leaving.

Tuesday 21 April 2009

The Real Love.

I woke up from a dream.

The scariest one, maybe.

But, whatever, it's not like you care? Do you?

It's not worth it.
It isn't. Once it's done, it is,

And, enough of it. It's not even true.

I am giving up. Thanks for being there all this while.
You'd been there, you understand. I am grateful for that.
Go on with yours, dearest. I know you would make it through.

Thank you for all your drama. As annoying as it is, I appreciate it. Thanks a million.

I blogged this without thinking.
It's like straight out of me.
The Real Truth.

International Understanding Day 2009.

The 50's.

Okays, I guess Luqman really look like he came out of the 50's.
Unfortunately, he was too busy to take a picture with me. Boo.

But, I did take some pictures. Only not with Luqman.

And, I did not take much of IU Day. Sorrrryy =I.


Friday 17 April 2009

Combined Boards Day.


Today was perfect. It was really perfect. Except that Cik Rahayu didn't exactly love our presentation. Apart from that, everything else is perfect in every single aspect.
Okay, what's with me and formal blogging?

Combined Boards Day.

Once again, pictures speak louder than words. =)

No words needed, right?
Perfect picture.

Qistina, Me and Dearest D.

Qistina camera shy? No way that could ever happen.

See, I told you so.

The decorated hall. =)

Yeah, that's it.
Combined Boards Day.

The Sketch

End Of Sketch

This was an attempt to get an inspirational picture.
Is this inspirational enough?

I took this out of randomness and it looked nice.
Omg, I'm such a good photographer.
I can see you laughing at me, K.

Randomness. =)

I love random things.
Omg, this picture is so nice. =)

Our head prefect acting blur.

D looks happy in this. Stay that way, dearest. =)

Nurul and I.

Woah, bitch fight. Why smiling?

Okays, done.

Thursday 16 April 2009

Dear Pictures,

Picture Day.

4 Sc Alpha 2009.

Although I'm not in this picture because
I was downstairs for Ed Board, I still love it.

Omg, I totally heart this picture.
We all look perfect.

Pictures speak louder than words, don't they?
And, the pictures are taken from Derrick.
Thanks, Derrick.