Sunday 30 November 2008

The massive obsession.

I can't seem to understand what was all the fuss about Twilight nowadays. Actually, the fuss is only about Edward Cullen, the hot vampire, I supposed. Till this day, I had been an anti-Twilight person. That's because I thought it was boring and vampires don't even exist. And, if I happen to know that the guy I was in love with was a vampire, I would definitely be distancing myself from him. I must be out of my mind to be in a relationship with him for fear that I will be dead any second.

But, it was a surprise today as I read the first few pages of Twilight and began to like it. It's not because of Edward, though. I have not read till that part yet. Blame me for reading every single line of the book .

Maybe this little girl might end up being a part of Twilight's legion of fans. Oh god.

But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,
thou shalt not eat of it:
for in the day that thou eatest thereof
thou shalt surely die.

Recognize the line above, Twilighters? It's from the book, if you don't.


Gossip Girl. I can't wait for the next episode tomorrow. It's starting to get exciting and the producers had to made the next episode the last of the season. Will it be C & B,  S & D and N & J ?

At least, I will pray hard that it will end that way.

Till tomorrow,  goodbye. 

Saturday 29 November 2008


Kah Wai vows never to use big words anymore. Okays, syara?
I had been wondering really long what would happen if i happen to die suddenly? Will the people around me be sad or even happier that I'm gone? Well, I figured that I would write a short note before I commit suicide, of course.

Dear people around me,
I would like all of you to know that I am thankful for your help in whatever ways you had helped me, of course.

And. I don't know what to write anymore.

This is so cliché and dumb. Oh my, I'm a pathetic blogger who can't seem to find anything to blog about.

I stared blankly at the blue sky only to see from afar the dirty old man.

Eww. I wanna puke.

Oh yeah, no comments on this post. I don't need anything bad anymore. 

Friday 28 November 2008


It was there. Yeah, that one place where you would definitely not want anyone to come running in. Behind locked doors. However, it is possible to just be behind a piece of cloth. =)

Any hint?

Simple. It’s the fitting room that most of us adore. Well, not me.

The swinging trolleys episodes courtesy of the endearing boy namely my infuriating brother.

Lights obsession. Sounds dumb, but it’s true. Once again, courtesy of her fail to be pleasant brother.

Runways and models for enormous yellow bags. Of course, it didn’t work with us.

Love story. It was stuck in my head all the while. * And my daddy said, “Stay away from Juliet, I was crying on the staircase, begging you please don’t go *

Sausages and ice cream and beef balls. Oh god, I am slobbering once again over food. Help me. Save me.

Soft drinks. Filled with sugar. Cause of getting bloated. Still, I love it.

She is leaving next Friday and I can’t help but feel depressed.

Maybe a few more sausages would help. =)

I am a great sister, aren’t I?

Wednesday 26 November 2008


I really am addicted to you. Oh god, it's overpowering me.

It's just that you are really ____. I can't find a suitable word for you right now.

You. I just can't believe you did that.

It's unexplainable.

You took me over. I implore you to stop.

Maybe it is really you.

Maybe. You.

I love you. 


It was just a song i was addicted to. =)

I was begging you please don't go and I said,
Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone
I'll be waiting, all there's left to do is run
You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess
It's a love story
Baby, just say yes

- Love story by taylor swift -

Sunday 23 November 2008


I don't really need you to crash into my life right now.

The stupid show is not loading.

And access is not even working right for me.

Tuesday 18 November 2008


Can you imagine that? I was attacked. By what, you ask. Scroll down, then.


The bizarre attack of the self proclaimed conqueror.


The rude shock by SDF or the obnoxious not self declared but affirmed by me, flirt

I am addicted to the song ; disturbia by rihanna


The infuriating attack by the conceited person.

It's not like we are poor and we can't, you know?

Monday 17 November 2008


Today, I went to Pavilion with karmzee, sammy and dts. Watched madagascar 2 and then walked around. We had fun trying to shake dts off since they were practically sticking to us like we had applied glue on them. We ran in esprit since it has an escalator and took the escalator down where we ran and ran to another shop and went back up with their escalator. Obviously, we saw dts again. It was damn funny. 
Then, we ran down again to TANGS. then , dts sms-ed km and asked her where were we. =)

*Enter versace
*Demand for a namecard from a salesperson
*Saunter around store for a few minutes with a dirty look on face
*Walk back to the same salesperson and fling the namecard at his or her face
*Announce loudly that the things around here are not up to your standard in your accent
*Walk out proudly with nose high up in the air

A perfect dare for RM 10? I didn't accept the challenge though.

Thursday 13 November 2008


The pretentious tiger is the most eccentric creature I had ever seen.

And, the endearing girl never realized how exquisite he was.

And, the credulous boy never had the chance to realize how breathtaking the whole episode was.

And, if only there was someone who was meant to be with you since the day you were born, it had all be cleared by now.

What I had typed above is really silly and illogical. Don't you agree?

Tuesday 11 November 2008



Connected to these names by diane, kar man and sam.

I just felt the need to post the pictures below.


Aren't all of you glad that it's over?
Well, at least i do.

Sunday 9 November 2008

Best friends.

As promised in the previous post.
My best friends.
Nuff' said.

Diane, I wanted to put one of the pictures we took on the last day of PMR in which you sat in the locker. But, I didn't anyway.

Happy Anniversary to both Daddy and Mummy.
Happy Birthday to Keane Ong once again.

Saturday 8 November 2008


It was dear Keane's Ong birthday party yesterday.
It's just a party, though.
Because his real birthday is on the 10th of November.

I have to confess that I love to put my hands around people when I take pictures.

Your party reminds me of Sean's and I remembered what happened to you on that day.
But, I still love you. Keanie darling.

Next post:
Best friends.

Thursday 6 November 2008


I envy you for being able to live your life without me.
I envy you for possessing something I really wanted.
I envy you for the enthusiasm present in your voice.
I envy you but I love you dearly. I have nothing else to say.

I love you darling HKL =)

Farewell SBU for year 2008.

I love this picture. Thanks Sally for taking it.

I love you both. Carish and Wellesley.

Wednesday 5 November 2008


I soon realized that it’s the diminutive memories that I have to treasure the most. Some memories are daunting while some are merely secrets buried deep inside my heart.

I want to give these memories a chance, an opportunity once again but I have no idea how to. I may sound like a foolish and an irrational person but it’s all these little things that matters the most in life. Well, at least that’s what I think.


Looking back at these photographs reminds me of the days that had gone with the wind.
I miss those days when my life was much happier.
I miss 3 Amanah.
I miss my best friends.
I miss you.

The beginning

As it starts, it feels like it's already an end

I cried. yeah, i cried while watching dearest princess hours yesterday. pretty dramatic of me to do something like that. As far as i know, only karmzee cries when she watches a sad? movie.

The tears just trickle down continuously as if they were unstoppable. i heart princess hours.

I just received a heart-breaking news from kar man. as if, i needed any now. 

oh god, i 'm probably going to faint of all these news at once. 
i need to watch more of princess hours to prevent myself from ending up 
in a hospital.

Cause : fainted due to lack of great news.