Thursday 28 July 2016

Beauty: Onsaemeein Velvet Moist Lip Tint Review

So, I've been a little late in exploring this Korean beauty trend of gradation lips and lip tints. I always love the lips they do on K-pop stars which looks so natural and sweet. I tried to achieve the gradation look a few times with my lipsticks, but somehow it doesn't feel right. 

Actually, I have been to a few pharmacies in Malaysia to find these lip tints but they are always so pricey. 

So, I decided to try out some of the lip tints available on Althea website and I chose this particular one, Onsaemeein Velvet Moist Lip Tint because the pictures and description was rather convincing haha. Plus, it's on offer at the moment, only RM 22.00!

So after much consideration, I got the one in #02 Berry Red because I prefer something in the between of pink and red for that sweet, girl next door look.

So, I took a few shot of what the product looks like:

It comes in a cute bottle, nothing fancy and the size is perfect to toss into my everyday makeup bag.

I like the colour, its very pretty and highly pigmented as well. It's very striking and similar to what I expected it to be.

The no fuss brush applicator is perfect as you just need to dab the tint at the inside of your lips.

I applied it to the whole lips for this because I wanted to show you guys how pretty the colour is. I will be trying out the gradation lips technique with this soon enough, once I've mastered it.

All in all, I really like this product. Perhaps, its because its the first lip tint I've purchased so far. 
I've decided to list out some pros and cons of this lip tint.

1. Vivid colour with just 1 application
2. Lasts quite long (it doesn't go away when I eat unlike my other lipsticks)
3. Don't really need to re-apply
4. Non-sticky

None at the moment


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