Tuesday 28 January 2014

Change of Direction!

So, this will be one of the most impromptu yet spontaneous post ever in the history of my blog. There has been so much running through my mind and based on that, I've also decided to change the direction of my blog from a complete food blog to focus more on beauty, fashion and of course food as well!

It is definitely a weird decision to make but I think it's for the better in 2014. Just so you guys know, I actually have an Instagram account, @kahwaih and you guys should totally follow me (how do i promote this without feeling awkward haha.)

So, here's a catch up on my past few days on what I've been up to! I've been sick the whole day by the way and it sucks because CNY is around the corner, where there's going to be ENDLESS FOOD but I'm feeling awful now sigh.

Fried 'Nga Koo' a.k.a Arrow Head

I actually spent one whole day doing this which I suspect got me sick as well. From peeling to shredding and then frying, making this is simply TOO MUCH WORK! It's yummy but it made me sick today :(


Believe it or not, this is actually my first time trying this desserts out. I know they have been in town for the longest time now but I just never really wanted to try it. Call it, personal preference. Mine was with a Tau Fu Fa base along with Baby Pearls, Grass Jelly and Barley! However, i think i might be ordering the Coconut Jelly the next time around, it had a slight hint of coconut and was as smooth as coconut flesh itself.

And, ta-da! Before I sign off, here's a really pretty picture (haha, kidding) of myself at Too Cool For School Malaysia last weekend.

Saturday 11 January 2014

Food Review: Plus One Shabu Shabu @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

I’ve been caught up with so many going on lately that I missed out on many food reviews session. So, yesterday, I headed over to the first ever ‘shabu-shabu’ restaurant in Malaysia to try out their unique sets and broth. Plus One Shabu Shabu Restaurant is strategically located in the food heaven of Puchong, the famous Bandar Puteri area. It was just a mere 20 minute drive from my place and it wasn’t as jammed as I imagined it to be.

Anyway, we reached on time and we were seated in their luxurious VIP room. I liked the concept of the restaurant which was not too classy, but rather more chic and comfortable. Everyone had their individual pots so we could all try out different broths respectively. The recommended ones are definitely the ‘Pepper Pork Broth’ which was what I’ve chosen while the ‘Thai Tomyum’ would be a splendid choice as well. The ‘Pepper Pork Broth’ was actually pretty mild and it was just the way I liked it because I’ve heard that if it was too strong, it can be extremely heaty. Flavorful with a little peppery taste, it’s definitely a perfect broth for steamboat. For those who want a more stronger concoction, go for the ‘Thai Tomyum’ one because even the broth itself is sure to tingle your tastebuds.

Pepper Pork Broth

There were a variety of sets to choose from and mine was the New Zealand Rib Eye Set. The set came with a generous serving of sliced beef and a separate plate of the usual steamboat items (fishball, yee mee, vegetables etc.) Without a doubt, this is definitely the freshest beef I’ve ever eaten for steamboats. They were so thinly sliced that you could taste the juiciness or rather, sweetness of the beef itself. Well, just bear in mind not to overcook it such that its taste is lost in the soup itself.

Apart from the steamboat items, there were special dishes which was served ala-carte. 

Black Pearl (HK Century Egg) 
The eggs are imported and even its ginger is said to be imported as well. The runny yolky part was smooth and definitely different from our usual local ones. I liked the pungent smell and taste of this dish, especially when eaten together with the preserved ginger. 

Deep Fried HK Fish Skin
It was crispy but too oily for me. The health freak part of me felt like using paper towels to absorb all the oil before popping it into my mouth. Despite tasting better than your usual ‘keropok’, I don’t see why I would ever pay for this dish. 

Three Seasons Meat Ball
The meatballs which was to be eaten in the steamboat was obviously better than your usual meatballs. They were generously filled with meat and I liked the texture which was not too bouncy but savoury.

Well, that’s all about it. I personally liked the restaurant style of having so many different broths to choose from and even their sets are of such great variety. It was unique and different, I’d probably return for a meal someday.

Thursday 2 January 2014

Season To Give Thanks with Digi!

Bear with me, this is going to be wordy. Haha. :)

Contentment and gratefulness don’t come often for most people because no one will ever be satisfied with what they have. It’s simply human to keep wanting more and to have a list of endless requests. But for me, every minute and every second I’m still alive, I’ll be forever grateful to those around me.

However, if I were to pinpoint on the one and only person I’ve truly been thankful for, it would be none other than my sister. Alright, as cliché as this may sound, people always have this thought that sisterly love merely exists due to blood ties. Well, you guys are sure to be jealous because our sisterly bond goes way more than the deepest oceans or highest mountains.

I can never imagine one day going by without having her around. I’m not grateful for her just because we are almost the same age, or the fact that we could take endless selfies on our smartphone together. Oh, and not because we could stay up for hours just to have our very own mini karaoke sessions using our tablet

We argue, we fuss and we fight no lesser than couples but yet, nothing is shaken at the end of the day. Why, you may ask? It’s simple, because my sissy is the very first person I always turn to whenever I’m faced with any problems. She has been there, at every turning point or stepping stone of my life. Even before speaking, we know exactly what each other’s reply will be and somehow, conversations aren’t that exciting but becomes extremely comfortable instead. It was as if I was looking at a mirror image of myself and I’m grateful to say that I must have been lucky to have someone like my sister in my life.

I’ve always looked up to her for her sense of independence and how she stands firm on her ground despite any hardships which comes by. She is more than a role model for me. 

Truly, she is my voice of conscience.

And, ta-da, here's the pretty diva herself!

I was thinking if i should bombard you guys with a few pictures of us, and after hours of contemplation I decided to put some up anyway :)

The famous saying these days, "Have you gotten diabetes yet looking at those pictures?". Yeah, sweetness overload. Haha.

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Happy New Year, guys!