Wednesday 23 November 2011

Aladdin : The Musical Rehearsal

To be honest, I have not always been a big fan of musicals. Not to mention, my last experience watching a musical was plain boring.

So, to cut the story short, I decided to go for Aladdin : The Musical Rehearsal. I thought it would be a great experience since I've never been to a meet the cast session before. Plus i get to view how things are backstage :)

Aladdin and Princess Jasmine

It was extraordinarily warm when we reached Sunway Lagoon and under the sweltering heat, I just wished to stay at home in the cool comfort of my air-conditioned room. Nevertheless, I endured the heat and within no time, we were led to the rehearsal room for the musical. It was a spacious area that was built for the musical, i was impressed and in awe.

Backstage! :)

Family Picture with Princess Jasmine!

Colourful costumes! Me LIKEY :)

Secretly, I suddenly wished i could be part of the musical, I love performing arts very much!

We were shown a few parts of the musical and it was like
as if I time travelled back to the time when I was a kid! The "genie" was incredible, you'll definitely regret it if you miss his antics :)
P.s : I heard that there will be a 3d effect on the magic carpet
at the musical, YAY!

Below are the details you'll need :

Aladdin The Musical will be playing at the Amphitheatre @ Sunway Lagoon from November 25th, 2011 until January 2nd, 2012.

The musical will show once a day, from Sunday to Friday at 8:00pm (no show on Tuesdays), and twice on Saturdays at 7:15pm and 9:15pm with extra shows on 25th December 2011 (Sunday) and 1st January 2012 (Sunday) at 7:15pm and 9:15pm.

Ticket prices range from RM300, RM250, RM200 and RM100 for adults and RM150, RM120, RM100, and RM50 for children up to 12 years old.

For information on Sunway Lagoon,
call 603 5639 0000 or visit their website at

Toodles! :)

Friday 14 October 2011

FreshKon Alluring Eyes Cosmetic Lenses

Hi lovelies! So as you guys already know, I've been using semi-hard lens for almost a year now and it's been awesome :)

That's exactly why I was skeptical at first to try on the soft lens which are coloured as well. But, I decided to give it a try anyway, since no harm will be done.

As usual, I googled FreshKon Alluring Eyes Cosmetic Contact Lens and looked through all the colours that was available. Lately, I've been hearing about "Hello Kitty" lens that makes the black part of your eyes appear larger, it's pretty cute actually :) Which is why I chose Mesmeric Black for the cosmetic lens that I would be trying out!

This is the box that the cosmetic lenses came in!

And, these are the colours available for those of you who are too lazy to google :/

The colours are of natural shades and are designed to produce Alluring effect :)

I finally tried on the lens and YES, it was difficult to put it in at first. Maybe because i wasn't used to soft lens. BUT, honestly after it finally went in my eyes, it felt and looked good. I was simply happy that it made my eyes look larger in pictures.
Instant pretty eyes with just contact lens, yay! I honestly feel that it's comfortable for long wearing and i hope that you guys will try it as well, experience the awesomeness of the lens :)))

Here are some product benefits for those of you who would love to know more :

1. Full circle print - Bigger and Brighter eyes
2. 55% water content - Better Comfort
3. Larger Optical Zone - Clear Vision
4. Wide power range (up to –10.00D) Non-powered lenses also available, Able to meet consumers’ need
5. Long hour wearing > 8 hours
6. Easy handling -No lens curling problem
7. Higher DK value (23) - Better ocular health

Here are some pictures for you guys to see how it looks on me!


This is a video for your enjoyment :) Watch it!

Oh, by the way, one last thing, for those of you aspiring models out there, join this contest :)
Like the FreshKon FB page first, don't forget that people.

Have an awesome weekend, YAY!

Tuesday 12 July 2011

“I want to win tickets to Larry Crowne and Lulla Man!”

The title itself is self-explanatory that I want to win tickets to watch these movies. Hehe. :P

Until he was downsized, affable, amiable Larry Crowne (Hanks) was a superstar team leader at the big-box company where he's worked since his time in the Navy. Underwater on his mortgage and unclear on what to do with his suddenly free days, Larry heads to his local college to start over. There he becomes part of a colorful community of outcasts, also-rans and the overlooked all trying to find a better future for themselves...often moving around town in a herd of scooters. In his public-speaking class, Larry develops an unexpected crush on his teacher Mercedes Tainot (Roberts), who has lost as much passion for teaching as she has for her husband. The simple guy who has every reason to think his life has stalled will come to learn an unexpected lesson: when you think everything worth having has passed you by, you just might discover your reason to live. [source]

To win these tickets from Adverlets, there are two questions to be answered;

“If you could get a second chance, what would you have done differently in highschool?
For me, I love my highschool years, so if I was given a chance to relive the moments, I wouldn't change a thing. :)

“How do you rekindle a dying relationship?”
Em, this is a bit hard to answer. But I guess, love conquers all. If two persons really love one another, I'm sure the relationship can be saved.

Lullaman is the other movie which Advertlets are giving tickets to watch! :) So if you're interested, do head over here for more information!

Friday 8 July 2011

Clinique Star Tour 2011 - Post event post!

Clinique Star Tour 2011 was probably the awesomest makeover thing that I've been to! I'm going to start using Clinique products from now on, especially the clarifying lotion.

To anyone out there who hasn't go for the Clinique Star Tour 2011, you guys are missing out on whole loads of fun!

Oh, here's the link for it

Have a look at what I did there!

My hair looks really messy here omg, but this is like part of the 3-step makeup regime by Clinique :D

The before makeup picture, love my straight hair :D

The after makeup picture! Ta-da! :D

Wanna experience it too? Simply click on the link above :)

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Clinique Star Tour 2011 - Pre-event post!

You know what, I can’t wait for the weekends already! Why?

To be honest, I can’t wait to go for the Clinique Star Tour. It’s kind of a once in a lifetime chance to appear in Cleo magazine. So, anyway, I’ll be heading over to Sunway Pyramid this Saturday to join in the fun. I’ve seen pictures of this event from last year and damn, I’m super duper excited already.

So, if you guys wanna know more about it, here are the details :

The Clinique Star Tour 2011 voucher is priced at RM 35, and participants will be entitled to

1. Clinique 3-Step Skin Analysis and Prepping

2. Makeup by Clinique Makeup Experts

3. Hair-Styled by Miko Galere

4. Fashion photograph

5. Door Gift worth approximately RM 130

6. Lucky draw at every location comprising handphones and cameras by Samsung, treatment vouchers from Miko Galere and Clinique fragrance


Catch the Clinique Star Tour at the following locations:

2 July – Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway, PJ

3 July – Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway, PJ

4 July – Inti University College, Nilai

5 July – Nilai University College, Nilai

6 July – HELP University College, Pusat Bandar Damansara, KL

9 July – Mid Valley Megamall, KL 10 July – Mid Valley Megamall, KL

14 July – PTPL College, Shah Alam

18 July – Segi University College, Kota Damansara, PJ

19 July – Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) College, Setapak, KL

20 July – Taylor’s College, Subang Jaya

23 July – Pavilion, KL 24 July – Pavilion, KL

25 July – Multimedia University (MMU), Melaka

27 July – Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Kampar, Perak

28 July – Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) College, Kampar, Perak

30 July – Queensbay Mall, Penang

31 July – Gurney Plaza, Penang

1 August – Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) College, Penang

3 August – Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus, Subang Jaya

Be inspired more of Clinique Star Tour 2011 at

It’s kinda like receiving star treatment for one day. I’ve been to several makeovers and photo shoot, but seriously, I think this will be the best.

Wait for my next post after the event! I hope it rocks :D

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Jack Cow and Advertlets present Pirates of The Caribbean!

Hmm, let me think, it's been eons since my last blog post :O
Can't blame me much, I've been busy 24/7.

So, anyway, I came across this blog post on Advertlets and it's on a movie screening of Pirates of The Caribbean!


I've been waiting for the sequel to be released and it's finally here. My obsession with the show is pretty much incomparable to many people :)

So, back to topic, I need to talk about Okay, wait, let me think.

As I have heard, is basically a website that offers the best deals so that we, consumers will finally be able to get discounts. Best of all, offers deals from big names in the market, such as Kenny Rogers, Tenji etc.

How this works? Simple.

Just purchase the vouchers online, and you get to eat, relax, shop and travel at a discounted price. See, simple, as I say :) Sounds tempting?

Head over to :)

By the way, here is my pirate slogan .

JackCow set out on a journey to capture the Pirates of The Caribbean in an attempt to save the hot chicks of Advertlets :)

It sounds so silly and lame, but hey, it's supposed to be an EYE-CATCHING slogan :D

Till next time, toodles :D

Tuesday 8 March 2011

The Eagle - Movie

Okay, The Eagle, the first time I read about it, I was pretty clueless what it was about.

To be honest, The Eagle sounds like a documentary or probably something on NatGeo. Pardon me for that. Then, i read the summary which lead me to the thought that it was just some boring show on wars and generals etc. But, somehow, I went on to watch the trailer as well and was taken aback by how mesmerising the trailer was. For a good 2 minutes, I couldn't set my eyes off it. =)

Put aside the good looks of Channing Tatum, this movie seems to be one on the MUST WATCH list with all the endless action and plus it's about Rome. I've always been curious about Rome's rich history and all the myths related to it, I find it very interesting somehow. =)

The details are as below. Take a look! =)

Movie Screening Details with Advertlets

Venue : Tropicana City Mall
Time : 8.00 pm
Date : 22 March, Tuesday
Hall : 10 (100 Seats)

The link! =)

Okay, super duper excited for the screening =)

Friday 14 January 2011

Push and Pull.

An hour of dancing does help to put one's mind at ease. They say, dance your heart out. It actually works for me. I'm not talking about ballroom dancing etc. but those with vigorous steps and loud music. Preferably blasting music straight out of your iPod. =) It is in a way, soothing really. It is not a calm and quiet feeling, but more to how you're in control for that minute.

And, best part is, you know NO one can break you anymore.

Simply because you're not a fragile doll.

Saturday 8 January 2011


Deactivated. You're hit!

Okay, I have so much to say about today! I sound like some overexcited kid. It started out kind of bad, thanks to the *insertnamehere* sickness. But, Galactic Laser with the rest of Advertlets bloggers was awesome. =D Look, I haven't had this much fun since prom, so I am not to be blamed for being super excited. But, the staffs there must really like this particular Korean group. Well, it was just their music videos the whole day. It sure reminds me of someone, awkward really.

But the missions were fun except for the first one where I was completely blur on how to use the laser gun and ended up the last. Super sad. But, in the next one, I was third. Score! So, that kind of made up for the terrible loss in the first one. Teehee =D It's really nice especially when you're at a face off with your 'enemies" and the lights on their laser jacket goes off first. Super duper awesome feeling! =)

I only have one picture which is sadly grabbed from Carmen Hong.

Damn, I wanna go back there.