Saturday 31 January 2015

Food: Valentine's Day Menu @ Tanzini, G Tower

So, what does it feels like to fine dine on one of the most important celebrations for couples? I've finally had my first hand at dining like a princess for the Valentine's menu review at Tanzini, G Tower Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur. 

This year, the Valentine's dinner menu, the brainchild of Senior Sous Chef Eugene Lee will be served at the pretty Upper Deck of Tanzini where couples can enjoy a romantic dinner over the city skyline.

This is definitely a spot I would love to enjoy my Valentine's Day with that special one. 

Some of the pictures taken at night, to give you guys an idea what it will feel like to dine at this exquisite place. 

The uniqueness behind the Valentine's menu, priced at RM 400++ per person is that Chef Eugene had actually came up with something different from the usual menu and now, couples have a choice between the bolder Gentleman menu and the classier Ladies menu. There are a lot of experiments and science behind the menu he created, to make worth every single penny you will be spending on this dinner.

Chef Eugene decided to do a separate menu list for because he can then be creative with the flavours and texture of every dish to give patrons a delectable dining experience. Although it took him some time and tonnes of inspiration, he was proud to serve us and this was the first time I'm tasting real science in food.

In conjunction with Valentine's Day, a welcome drink will be served to couples and here's what I have tried:

Her Magical Valentine
As the name suggests, the colorful cotton candy floss you see here will magically transformed into a concoction once Absolut Mandarin Vodka plus cranberry juice is poured over it. The sweetness from this drink comes fully from the cotton candy because no sugar or artificial flavourings were added to this. The final product shall remain as a surprise, so go try it out yourself if you want to see what it looks like!

Baker's Feature (Caramel Cinnamon Peanut Roll)
This is a sweet start to a dinner and best part is it's healthy, so don't worry about calories while enjoying this. Here, they use sugar cane and peanuts to achieve the sweetness instead of simply adding sugar.

Baker's Feature (Homemade Ciabatta Bread)
This in-house baked ciabatta bread is so soft and fluffy & is a creation of the bakery at Tanzini.

Amuse Bouche (Tsarskaya)
This French term translates directly to 'mouth amuser' and is often accompanied by a glass of wine, served in fine dining to offer a glimpse into the chef's approach to the art of cuisine. Here, Tsarskaya oysters were used so that guests can have a taste of the seawater and minerals of France. This is served with strawberry, mango and passion fruit pearls which were prepared through cold gel extrusion method (adding jelly into a syringe and dropping the round shaped pearls into cold olive oil) and some 'konbu shoyu' (seaweed soysauce). The true freshness of the oysters can be enjoyed best this way!


For Him (Brittany Blue)
A combination of lobster and crab which will surely tantalize your tastebuds. The chewiness of the meat is complimented by the crunchy woodear which is of a different texture. There is a slight hint of the Malaysian 'Kerabu' style in this dish which I thought was a genius way to suit back the Malaysian palate. Oh, some Asian slaw (coleslaw) & Yolk Carpaccio (egg yolk slice) were also added and I liked their food presentation for this appetizer.

For Her (Stone Crab)
A dish infused with Malaysian flavours, the 'Kerabu' style is the inspiration behind this crab dish. Stone crab ceviche, stone crab floss and pickled cucumber were combined together and to achieve the 'Kerabu' flavour, some ginger flower and bird's eye chillies were put to good use. What a creative way to serve appetizers!


For Him (Cauliflower & Atari Miso)
Just imagine the wonders cauliflower can do! This veloute (white sauce made of chicken, veal, or fish stock thickened with a roux of flour and butter) of cauliflower and atari miso is a spicier & bolder take on soups. The atari miso is made from local soybeans and a different yeast is used for this. The roasted cauliflower with sriracha (Thailand chilli paste) offers a different taste to the creamy miso and cauliflower based soup. 

For Her (Roasted Butternut Squash)
Roasted butternut squash soup served with butternut brulee is a more subtle choice of soup for the elegant lady. How can you not love these pictures above? They looked so pretty, almost inedible to me :) So much precision to achieve this perfection. This soup is a tad bit on the sweet side and reminds me of pumpkin honestly.


For Him (Muscovy Duck Spring Roll)
This Muscovy Duck confit is wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper roll and deep fried for that crispiness on the outside and juiciness on the inside. Shimeji mushrooms and  shishito peppers were sauteed with garlic and served together with some butternut squash puree as well. This combination, according to Chef Eugene will bring out the sweetness of the duck which is sourced from Ipoh, Perak. Oh, the reason for that is the ducks from there are larger in size and less fatty with a good moist texture to them.

For Her (Free Range Chicken Pie)
A unique twist to the usual chicken pie, this is a roulade of chicken and chestnut wrapped in 'kataifi' (pastry skin). The yellow strips are cured egg yolks which are cooked at precisely 64°C, froze and sliced to the wanted shape. It is 100% pure egg yolk for egg lovers! The chicken roulade was very flavourful and savoury, definitely something I would love.


Sorbet Of The Day
A green apple and soybean sorbet served with a sliced strawberry to cleanse your palate before the main course! Very fruity and smooth, this sorbet is heavenly!

There are two options for this and you can choose one, personally I prefer the beef :)

Wagyu Beef Ribs
Slow braised Wagyu beef ribs is a healthier choice for those who needs to watch their weight. This cooking style requires the beef to be braised under low heat for a total of 72 hours. The sauce which was prepared Goulash style using cumin, tomato paste and a little paprika for that hint of spiciness. But, the chef was careful not to add too much paprika as it may overpower the red wine. The layer of mash potatoes with spring onions served along was the perfect accompaniment to the juicy, flavorful beef ribs.

An alternative for those who can't take beef, this seared barramundi fresh from G-Farm is stuffed with otak-otak out of inspiration from Nyonya cooking. The otak-otak can truly bring out the freshness and sweetness of the fish meat, especially when served with some San Marzano Coulis, a type of Italian tomatoes. An eye popping colourful dish which is light and healthy at the same time.


Chocolate & Butter
This chocolate mousse has no added sugar in it, so the sweetness of it all comes from the dark chocolate itself. Served with brown milk solids made up of toasted milk powder and white chocolate, brown butter powder which ironically appears white in colour due to the maltodextrin added and finally the smooth brown butter ice cream which is to my liking since it has the rich buttery essence in it :) 

Here's the man behind the one of its kind menu, Senior Sous Chef Eugene Lee who believe that diners should be provided with only high quality food for the handsome price they are paying to fine dine at Tanzini.

And for those who are slightly tighter on budget, you can still dine in style at Tanzini at the Lower Deck and here's the menu for those who are curious. It's a total of RM 600++ per couple and I'm sure the food tastes as good too!

Valentine Baker’s Artisanal Feature
Mini Assorted Breadstick

Entrée (to share)
Assorted Vegetables Crudités chargrilled with House Made Tanzini Romesco

Appetizer (to share)
Chickpea Maguro Salad
Garbanzo Beans, Olives, Red Tuna, garlic Aioli & Fine Mix Greens with Passion Fruits

Oodles of Noodles Broth
Pressured Cooked Chicken Broth, 100% Chicken of Chicken Noodles
Squids Ink Pasta & Carrots

Homemade Sorbeto

Chef’s Platter (to share)
Crispy Pressed Duck Moscovy & Brine Chicken
Brine Chicken Breast with Duck Muscovy Roulade in Crispy Rice Paper Roll & Natural Jus


Alantic Black Cod in Kombu Poach & Wild Seaweed
Black Cod Poach in Kombu Shoyu & Marinated Wild Seaweed with Bonito Glaze


Chives Potato Puree, Roasted Potato Ball, Sweet Potato Chips & Potato Cakes

Dessert (to share)
Blinis & Hazelnut
House Made Vanilla & Our Very Own Made Candy Cotton 

You have come to the end of my fine dining experience at Tanzini, G Tower and for you guys who are drooling already, hurry and call 03-2168 1899 to pre-book your spot on the Upper Deck for Valentine's Day! 

Tanzini Restaurant

GTower, 199 Jalan Tun Razak, 
50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Daily: My Lazada Top 5 Picks

Have you heard of Lazada before be it, from your family, friends, peers, lecturers and other bloggers? Well, then I'm sure you may have stumbled across it or viewed it then. For those uninitiated, Lazada is a safe online shopping website, for those who prefer to shop in the comforts of their home. There is literally everything under the sun available at this site. But, being the girly girl I am, the fashion tab is usually what I would head for once I enter this shopping heaven. 

So, today, I will be sharing some of my Top 5 picks from this online mall. Oh, I love shopping, especially on Lazada because their items range from affordable to high end branded goods. They have a wide selection of items and there's a button for you to sort the items according to their price or brands. So, whether you're willing to spend some bucks on that branded bag you've been eyeing on for months, or whether you would like to purchase a simple dress for the weekend date with your boyfriend, Lazada has it all. Indeed, an all-in-one marketplace for everybody!

For those who are just window shopping, I would recommend you to check out the 'Highlights at Lazada' tab to check out the daily deals and the items for clearance.

Oh, and do you see the FREE RM 10 Voucher at the top right corner of the picture above? Yes, they have vouchers you can claim and use for your purchases. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Lazada now.

Here's my top 5 items! Don't judge :)

120 Color Smokey Colorful Eyeshadow Makeup Palette (RM 88.00)
I've been looking for a place that sells this eyeshadow palettes at a reasonable price. I've checked many other shops and this is usually prices around RM 100 and above. But, since Lazada is having a promotion at RM 88.00, I would definitely want to have this vibrant, highly pigmented shadows in matte or satin finish. This set comes with two dual foam applicators for easy application of the eyeshadows.

I've always wanted to own a maxi dress. And, this red beauty is great in time for the upcoming Chinese New Year. This dual layer chiffon dress comes with a free floral belt. This is a good deal!

This looks to me like a zebra print but it may also looked like a piano :) Depends on how you look at it I guess. Anyway, this is pretty simple dress that I would love to slip on a lazy weekend without ransacking my wardrobe deciding on what to wear.

I love this absolutely cute shoes which I can match with any outfit. It's 4' heels is perfect for me and this shoe looks pretty comfortable for daily wear.

I'm a practical person who prefers carrying a canvas bag like this which is durable and long lasting. I can just throw everything I want inside without worrying if the bag might get scratched or torn. In fact, canvas bag like this can be brought to any events or occasions, plus it is easy to match with outfits too!

Alright, so you have it, the items I would love to purchase from Lazada, and all this just by window shopping HAHA! 

You can check out the products at Lazada This post is an entry for the ShopCoupons Blogger contest. Being hosted by ShopCouponsLazada vouchers sponsored by Lazada Malaysia.

Food: Valentine's Sweet Romance Menu @ ICHI Sports Bar, Premiere Hotel Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang

It's that time of the year again for couples to celebrate their love during Valentine's Day. ICHI Sports Bar at Premiere Hotel, Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang has prepared a special 5-course western set dinner – ‘Dining Under the Stars’ for those sweet couples out there. Dining Under the Stars is priced at RM168 nett per person (minimum 2 persons) served with one glass of complimentary red wine. 

In addition to this, Premier Hotel is currently having a promotion for Valentine’s Day Romantic Escapade priced at RM588 nett inclusive Dining Under the Stars for two at ICHI Sports Bar and one night Superior Room stay with breakfast-in-bed for two.

So, I was honoured to be invited to review their Dining Under the Stars menu even before Valentine's Day. Here's what to look forward to on your visit!

Oyster Shooter with Dash of Jalapeno Sauce, King Prawn with Mango Salsa
 Salmon Rosette with Horse Radish
A colourful starter that will surely whet your appetite :)

Cream of Smoky Crab Bisque with Crab vol Au Vent

As for the main course, you may select one from the choices below!

Stuffed Chicken Breast with Turkey Slice and Peach
Grill and Served with Combinations Cranberry and jus Sauce, Asparagus and Home Made mashed Potato

Rack of NZ Lamb
Perfectly char grilled & served with Mint Scented Sauce, Lyonnais Potato with Bean and Caramelized Shallot

Pan Seared Atlantic Cod Fish with Ginger Buttered Lemon Sauce
Served with Home Made Mashed Potato and Asparagus

Chilled Wagyu Beef
Juicy and tenderly grilled to your liking!
Your Choice of Cafe De Paris Butter, Sauce Champignon or Sarawak crusted Black Pepper Sauce.
Served with Asparagus and Roasted New Potato

Here are some of the desserts which will be served as part of the menu.

Calamansi Sorbet
Sourish dessert which will refresh your senses after a heavy meal!

Tiramisu with Cinnamon Fruit Compote
And to end the night with some treats, this one is a must for the sweet tooth. 

For enquiries and reservations, please contact the friendly staffs at Premier Hotel at +603 3325 6868 or email