Friday 14 October 2011

FreshKon Alluring Eyes Cosmetic Lenses

Hi lovelies! So as you guys already know, I've been using semi-hard lens for almost a year now and it's been awesome :)

That's exactly why I was skeptical at first to try on the soft lens which are coloured as well. But, I decided to give it a try anyway, since no harm will be done.

As usual, I googled FreshKon Alluring Eyes Cosmetic Contact Lens and looked through all the colours that was available. Lately, I've been hearing about "Hello Kitty" lens that makes the black part of your eyes appear larger, it's pretty cute actually :) Which is why I chose Mesmeric Black for the cosmetic lens that I would be trying out!

This is the box that the cosmetic lenses came in!

And, these are the colours available for those of you who are too lazy to google :/

The colours are of natural shades and are designed to produce Alluring effect :)

I finally tried on the lens and YES, it was difficult to put it in at first. Maybe because i wasn't used to soft lens. BUT, honestly after it finally went in my eyes, it felt and looked good. I was simply happy that it made my eyes look larger in pictures.
Instant pretty eyes with just contact lens, yay! I honestly feel that it's comfortable for long wearing and i hope that you guys will try it as well, experience the awesomeness of the lens :)))

Here are some product benefits for those of you who would love to know more :

1. Full circle print - Bigger and Brighter eyes
2. 55% water content - Better Comfort
3. Larger Optical Zone - Clear Vision
4. Wide power range (up to –10.00D) Non-powered lenses also available, Able to meet consumers’ need
5. Long hour wearing > 8 hours
6. Easy handling -No lens curling problem
7. Higher DK value (23) - Better ocular health

Here are some pictures for you guys to see how it looks on me!


This is a video for your enjoyment :) Watch it!

Oh, by the way, one last thing, for those of you aspiring models out there, join this contest :)
Like the FreshKon FB page first, don't forget that people.

Have an awesome weekend, YAY!