Friday 31 July 2009

Seventeen Sexy Sister.

You were there since the day I was born.

You stood by me on my darkest days.

You love to quarrel with me. =)

You pointed out every single mistake I made whether intentional or unintentional.

You know almost everything about me.

You love scolding me when I asked you questions. I wonder how long it will go on.

You are my competition and the subject of comparison.

You made me rely on you too much sometimes. I repeat, sometimes.

You thought I became rude.
NOT true.

You are the future accountant.

You stayed up with me on the nights I had problems.

You are the likeable one among teachers, not that I'm
not likeable.

You were never pessimistic and being optimistic is naturally in you.

You have many certificates.
That's not fair.

You are the photographer with undeniably professional skills.

You are my dearest, one and only SISTER.

This is undeniably the best picture of our sisterhood.

I worked really hard for this.
Running here and there.
YOU better appreciate it.

After seventeen years.


Sunday 26 July 2009

Proverbs, so cliche.

You live in a world that snatches away your innocence probably at the age of 10. Your principle changes, and so does your attitude. You grasp whatever you could hold on to. But, you grow up and you forget what's important. Those proverbs once so important becomes a stale joke.

Have we forgotten that,
Too many cooks spoil the broth OR 'the grapes are sour' as the fox said when he could not reach them OR Least said, soonest mended OR Let not the sun go down on your wrath

A random thought. From last week, I learned that if you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself. I'm sorry, Tabby.

PARTY, again.
Reached at 6.30. You know, kimchi tastes really good. I'll let the pictures talk instead of me.

The birthday boy, Sean. This picture is good.

Duh, everyone knows right?

Credits to K.

Mark and I. he's kind of scary because he said that I was his girlfriend. He's five and I'm sixteen. SO, basically, I was trying to remind him that I'm like an elder sister.

Keane and I. Aww, cute.

It's him again.

The party rocks basically, except for the repetitive quizzes.

Wednesday 22 July 2009

If my life is mundane, yours would be hell.

To reach out, to send a simple message across is a difficult task nowadays. We are riding on a neverending roller coaster. Doubts fill my mind. Neurones sending mixed messages across my brain. Deadlines pouring in and showing no mercy towards me.

Nevertheless, it's what I live for every single day. You live for something, but I live for all this.

Stress had never been this fun. I don't want it to end.

And suddenly, I have the feeling that I'm about to lose some cash.
From godknowswhat. Damn, why does time pass this fast?

Psychologically, hypocrisy can be an unconscious act of self-deception.
Oh, just exactly what I need. More salt to the wound. I blame none other than my foolish self.

Saturday 11 July 2009

Say Eat and Need.

Life is A Maze, Love is A Riddle

True enough. But, I am damn sure that there were times in which I got lost in the maze. Twice at the very least. I have got lost in the maze. Nevertheless, I always find my way out. A fact, not myth obviously. Often enough we blame others for mistakes we had done. That’s exactly where we had gone wrong. Never be afraid to admit it. I’m not bias, I’m just stating the obvious. I had been self obsessed almost all my life, not major but still a hint. I am self conscious and because of that, I fell down the stairs which doubled the embarrassment. Imagine the horror of falling. But, I am glad I did fell on that day because I realized it’s not just about me every single time from that. It’s more about us, the world and others. Love is a riddle, damn. I am bad at them. But, nevertheless, I consider myself lucky. Thank the years I had been trying to finish crossword puzzles and solving riddles. Mind you, I have never finished them.

Horror to Horny

Dear people, who reads my blog, who agrees that Monster. Inc is a great show? I really need to watch it desperately. So, if any of you would be an angel or Good Samaritan, what the hell =0 I’m not dying yet, you know what I mean. Who remembers little Boo? Adorable don’t you think? Although she’s fictional, it doesn’t matter. We shine from within, so, don’t be superficial. I’m amazed how I realized so many little things lately. It’s about time I mature. =)

Thursday 2 July 2009


Round and straight.

Chances never felt this right before. The final light that I had been waiting for.
You crush it. You get all upset. You blame me secretly. You were just a waste of time.



The light reappears. In the midst of the searching in complete darkness, I found it. The one thing I had been lying to myself about.


You have absolutely no idea why I dislike you that much. You're just a mean little, wait, no, elder
person who is supposed to be more matured than I am. All you care about is that little unimportant thing. I swear I would rob that from you and when it's gone, I would taste victory for the first time in history. Pure satisfaction. How's that?
Better than ice cream or chocolates. =)