Wednesday 28 December 2016

Daily: Build & Customise Your Own Jigsaw Puzzles @ JS Puzzles

Hi guys! 

I enjoy taking beautiful pictures and sceneries in my spare time. Sometimes, I find that it is a bit wasted that these pictures are kept within the frames of a camera or just loaded into a computer for safekeeping. I've always wanted to share these pretty pictures with the rest of the world. Guess what? JS Puzzles came out with a brilliant idea where you can cherish these memories and convert your precious photos into puzzles, which you can play online as well as share with others!

 Check out the extensive puzzles available where you can spend all day fixing it up!

More selections of puzzles in their respective categories from miscellaneous, scenery, nature, animals, art, places, transportation and even buildings!

This is the screen once you click into a puzzle. I find this rather addictive as you can compete with the rest of the world to have the shortest time taken to complete the puzzle.

My best time was 4.09 for this puzzle:) Definitely not a bad feat!

If you would like to convert your favourite photos into a puzzle, you can check out their website and contact their helpful team directly :)

Head over to the website now by clicking on this LINK! 

Wednesday 14 December 2016

Daily: K Gloss Treatment Review @ Frank Salon, Nexus Bangsar South

I actually really like my current hairstyle with the Korean see through bangs I've always wanted. But, the problem for me now, is that my baby hair is starting to grow out and there are small little annoying curls at the side of my fringe which I absolutely loathe. My hair is also starting to get a little frizzy, despite it being really straight. My hair needs some pampering and some proper hair care before it gets any more drier that it is at the moment. 

I discovered Frank Salon @ Nexus Bangsar South and I have heard before that it was a good place to sought some advice and get some treatment done for my hair.  

The salon entrance

The spacious sitting and waiting area at the salon

Some of the wide variation of products the salon uses for hair services


Here's the picture of the product they will use on my hair for the treatment. 

K-Gloss is a new concept of hair care from New York and it is a hair treatment suitable for those with frizzy unmanageable hair. It works on all hair types and moisturises the hair up to three times. Best part is the treatment may last up to 3 months if you maintain your hair by using a sodium free shampoo.

There is both keratin and collagen in this product to seal back all those hair cuticles which were damaged from chemical services.

The charges for the treatment is RM 95 for every 10 ml of product used. Mine was up to 50 ml for the length of my hair.


Yes, my hair is in dire need of proper moisture again!

First of all, Sam washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo using the double cleanse method.

Then, its blow dry time till my hair is 90% dry before application of the product. 

A suitable amount of product was applied all over my hair and combed through for approximately 30 minutes.

Without washing off the product, the hair is flat iron at least up to six times to ensure that it is straight and all the hair cuticles is sealed back.

VOILA! The end product of my hair after K-Gloss Treatment. 

I was very happy with the result of the treatment as it made my hair shiny, healthy looking and smooth.


Aren't you envious of my sleek straight healthy hair? :)

Thank you Frankie & team for the  professional hair treatment session at Frank Salon. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone whose hair is in need of some moisture treatment.

Frank Salon
Unit 1-7, Level 1,
Nexus Bangsar South,
7 Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Phone: 03-2242 3109
Facebook: Click here!

Monday 12 December 2016

Daily: Pablo Baked Cheese Tart Has Finally Arrived in Malaysian Shores @ 1 Utama

Cheese tart has been all the rage in Malaysia recently. With all the outlets popping up like mushrooms and selling like hotcakes, there is another brand who have just joined the line. Pablo is no foreign name, it is an established brand of its own all the way from Japan. In fact, many of my friends have already mentioned the name to me, at least once or twice previously. 

Hearing the news that they've just landed in Malaysia gets me excited! Well, as a matter of fact, cheese tarts are heavenly comfort food which can brighten up anyone's day. Pablo is famous for their giant cheese tart which has been the talk of the town ever since they arrived here last weekend. 

 Here's the whole collection of items which we got to try out during the opening launch last weekend. This covers mostly the products which are available in Pablo.

Pablo Giant Cheese tart (RM 46.90)

The creaminess of the soft cream cheese is absolutely delectable! It isn't gooey in texture, neither is it too watery like a lava. For me, it was just a nice, spongy and fluffy consistency with the flaky pastry on the outside. The top layer was smooth like gelatin and had their signature logo on it. 

You can slice the tart into 5 pieces if you cut similarly as shown in the photo above. What I liked most about this tart is, despite how gigantic it looks, it isn't actually filling at all. In fact, its light and not too cheesy, so you can have it even after a heavy meal!

Pablo Mini (RM 8.90)

Out of all the cheese tarts I've tried previously, this one really gave me the satisfaction a cheese tart should provide. The Mini tarts are baked and air flown all the way from Japan. They just reheat the frozen tarts when they arrive in Malaysia.

The texture of the cheese filling is similar to what a paste would be like, which is easier to consume in my opinion. One thing I don't fancy about cheese tarts is that some other brands make them too liquid like and it gets really messy when you try to bite into it.

Pablo Mini is perfect, their tarts are very consumer friendly, I would say. You don't need to worry that it might drip all over your outfit or smudge your lipstick :)

Pablo Frute - Classic Cheese Tart flavour (RM 15.90)

Fancy drinking your cheese tarts? Pablo invented the first cheese tart drink and I'm so happy to be one of the first to try it out. The thought of drinking cheese was rather peculiar initially, but after taking a sip, I guarantee you can't stop. 

The taste was a little bit like a banana shake with cream. It was sourish but refreshing at the same time. Your taste buds are in for a good treat!

Pablo Choco Crunch - Cheese Tart Flavour (RM 47.90)

This crunchy cheese tart snacks come in 12 pieces in each box. 

To me, this is pretty much similar to muesli, except that this wasn't as gooey as those muesli bars.

 Pablo Sabrel Cheese (RM 32.90)

This biscuit is known as sabrel and its a famous product in Japan. If you ever visit Japan, this is a souvenir you will definitely have to purchase to complete your trip. Pablo now makes them in different flavours, but with cheese as its main focus of course.

They have it in white (parmesan cheese & Gouda cheese cream), black (black truffle and cheese) and green (Matcha and cream cheese).

Check out Pablo today at their outlet in 1 Utama or head to their social media for the latest info about some cheesy goodness!

Pablo Cheese Tart

No 130, 2nd floor, One Utama Shopping Mall (Old Wing)
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Selangor

Facebook: Click here!
Instagram: Click here!

Sunday 11 December 2016

Daily: Ice Watch, The Trendy Accessory of the New Age

Watches are an essential to complete a look. I found something which may be of interest to you divas out there, who is on the look for the latest perfect accessory to match your OOTD! These well designed watches are in style and they look absolutely fitting with the current trends. Modern and minimal, the Ice Watch is a must have accessory for every fashionista. Now that Ice Watch Malaysia is available online, you can easily purchase the brand without worrying about international postage fees and long waiting times before receiving the products. If you must know which Ice Watch type fits you, continue reading for more info!

1. Your key style: Fresh & Eclectic
You like to keep things fresh everyday and you are very optimistic about a new day in your life. Nothing stops your energetic positivity. You may have a variety of fashion styles so you’ll need an Ice Watch that is always up to date with the changing trends and matches well with anything in your closet. A sleek Ice Watch design with minimal neutral colours or a pop of colour will make your outfit complete.

This design is great to pair on a casual day out with t-shirt and jeans. Simplicity at its best!

2. Your key style: Sporty & Daring
You are always on the go and you love exploring new things like new places, different food and even new workout regimes. You’ll need something stylish and you often wear clothes that says you’re going for an adventure soon. When you want to keep it stylish, you choose to dress up in the leisure style. For this, you’ll need an Ice Watch that is rugged but also easy to style with.

A matching Ice Watch for the avid sportsman and sportswomen

3. Your key style: Professional & Refined
You work in a formal setting and need to have a little bit of edge. You enjoy your work and will need something that is simple to wear with formal clothing. Although you are in the office, you like to keep your style interesting because an office can be boring sometimes. If this is the case, you’ll need an Ice Watch that is timeless but at the same time exciting.

 Personally, I would go for this design as it is practical and I can wear it daily to work without looking too flashy :)

So which Ice Watch style are you? 

Saturday 10 December 2016

Food: Cat & The Fiddle Cheesecake Review @ PappaRich, Scott Garden

Cheesecakes are comfort food to me. Whether it is a bad day or a rainy day, a good slice of cheesecake never fails to put a smile on my face. However, I have yet to find a cheesecake which I'd happily claim as the best I've ever eaten. I'm a big fan of pastries and cake, but only cheesecake remains top of the list.

I first heard of the brand Cat & The Fiddle Cheesecake from other bloggers and friends. I knew roughly that it was online store based in Singapore, specialising in cheese cake. That's why when I had the chance to review the cakes, I was ecstatic. The cakes are the creation of iconic chef, Chef Daniel Tay who is trained in classical French pastry and dessert making. The brand offers up to 15 premium flavours to choose from.

The Russian Whiskers (Mango Cheesecake)
RM 99

This is my favourite one out of all that I've tried during the session. Anyone who knows me well will know that I'm an avid hardcore mango fan. The gelatinous and smooth mango puree topping reminds me of egg yolk. Using fresh mango pieces, this cake is filled with mango goodness in every bite. 

The white curl chocolate chips on the sides and the rich, flaky crust at the bottom are good combinations with the cheesecake.

King Cat of The Mountain (Durian Cheesecake)
RM 139

Using Creamy 'Musang King' durian flesh, this creation is everything a durian lover can ask for. Durian cheesecakes are difficult to bake and requires a high level of skills to make a good one. 

With this, you get a different texture as you bite into the durian sponge and then, the soft and luscious durian studded cream cheese.

Over The Moon (New York Cheesecake)
RM 99

This cake looks like a paw and reminds me of a cartoon character on the first sight. I didn't actually knew it was a New York cheesecake because of how it looked like. I expected it to be a coffee cheesecake actually. The design is just chocolate powder added to give it a cute look.

Made with rich and smooth cream cheese, this one is quite heavy, so a small slice is sufficient. I enjoyed the buttery crust at the bottom as well.

The Modern Duke's Pudding (Oreo Cheesecake)
RM 99

I believe everyone would know what this is just by looking. This is the famous Oreo cheesecake that my friends and family have always been baking by themselves. 

I enjoyed the crumbly crushed Oreo cookies topping served on smooth cream cheese. The combination is perfect, and you can even enjoy more cookie bits as you take a bite between the cheese! :)

Milo Dinosaur (Milo Cheesecake)
RM 119

This one will be loved by Milo lovers! Topped with a whole layer of Milo, I'd recommend this for those who wants to overdose yourself with Milo. The combination of cheese and Milo is surprisingly great.

Naughty & Nice (Chocolate Cheesecake)
RM 119

A rich layer of chocolate mousse topped with fluffy sponge which resembles marshmallows. You're definitely in for some incredible chocolatey goodness once you try this. 

This sinful but, irresistible chocolate cheesecake will be worth the extra miles you have to run on the threadmill!

You can now purchase these cakes on There is an ongoing promotion of 12% off plus free delivery in Klang Valley, or choose to self collect at Bandar Sunway.

Just key in the code "Promo12" to enjoy the discount today! The promotion ends on 31st January 2017.

For those who prefer to dine in to enjoy these flavours, check out the availability below:

HOPP CafĂ© [Sliced RM11.90/pc & Whole cheesecake selling at normal price]
No. 10A, Nadayu 28 Dagang, Jalan PJS 11/7, Bandar Sunway 48250, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Contact No:        03-5613 3366                                                                  
Operation Hours:  11.00 am – 10.00 pm


PappaRich Outlet [Sliced RM9.90/pc]
Click below link for list of PappaRich outlet are currently selling Cat & the Fiddle sliced cheesecake

1.       PappaRich Centrepoint
2.       PappaRich Permaisure
3.       PappaRich The Gardens Mall at Mid Valley
4.       PappaRich 3 Two Square
5.       PappaRich Ampang Avenue
6.       PappaRich Kinta City
7.       PappaRich Desa Aman Puri
8.       PappaRich Southgate
9.       PappaRich Taman Bukit Segar
10.     PappaRich Kota Bahru
11.     PappaRich Sri Manjung
12.     PappaRich Bandar Sri Damansara
13.     PappaRich Muar
14.     PappaRich Setia Alam
15.     PappaRich Setia City Mall
16.     PappaRich Prima Sri Gombak
17.     PappaRich Scotts Garden
18.     PappaRich Straits Quay, Sri Tanjung, Penang
19.     PappaRich Langkawi
20.     PappaRich Plaza Azalea
21.     PappaRich Ampang Point
22.     PappaRich Malim Jaya