Saturday 26 March 2016

Daily: Off The Rack Has Finally Launched Its Sale Alerts!

Have you heard of the latest website, Off The Rack where you can shop for your favourite items and the best part is the variety of brands available.

Off The Rack is a fashion discovery website that enables shoppers to find and compare from over 100,000 products from online stores from Malaysia, Singapore (soon) and UK and buy direct from them. Our search filter makes it easy for shoppers to search for men's apparel, women's dresses, tops, shoes, skirts, bags, jewellery and more!

Users can also upload their own Outfits Of The Day ("OOTDs") or looks with their favorite outfits and get inspired by those of other members. For a personal style feed, they can customize their feed by following brands and users to get the latest updates on trends from them.

Well, recently, Off The Rack has just launched Sale Alerts, a website feature that monitors any item in your free alerts list and sends an email notification when the price drops.So, now you can keep a look out for your favourite items and wait till the price falls before you purchase them!

The purpose of this is to create an enhanced shopping experience, from product discovery, inspiration to purchase. This also eliminates the stress of constantly checking back for sales for price conscious shoppers.

Savings Just Got Easier

This handy feature is easy-to-use and helps Off The Rack users monitor sale prices on products they covet. When a user saves an item on their Sale Alerts list (by selecting "Get Sale Alert" below the product), they will receive an email notification when the price drops. They can then buy direct from the online shop at the preferred price.

Online Shops Available

Off The Rack displays more than 100,000 products and over 2,000 brands from 8 online shops:
·         ASOS (
·         Amnig (
·         Kei Mag (
·         POPLOOK (
·         Reebonz (
·         Tudung2u (
·         Whitesoot (
·         ZALORA (

Website :
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Sunday 20 March 2016

Daily: Survive the Public Toilets with Kleenex

I always refrain from using public toilets because even the image of dirty toilets is enough to make me feel sick inside. I know its not good to hold it in but it has always been a hassle for me when I'm out as I absolutely hate using public toilets. 

Coffee shop toilets are the worst that I've ever encountered. They are usually smelly and wet, so you wouldn't be able to eat after a visit to the toilets definitely. Hygiene is important to me and I always bring along sanitizers or tissues to help me with this problem. But, recently I heard about Kleenex Wet Toilet Tissue which could be useful for me.

The Kleenex team were so cute, they sent me a box filled with quirky stuffs for me to 'save' myself from the nasty public toilets.

Have a peek on what's inside!





These tissues are so user friendly, you can just wipe and flush. Basically it's available in compact packets where you can just use to wipe the disgusting toilet seats and voila, once you're done, just throw them down the toilet, just like a normal tissue!

This concept had been launched in South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan and even our neighbouring country, Singapore. It is a safe to flush and hypoallergenic tissue as they are formulated from 9 step purified water to assure that they are clean and gentle. 

This is definitely a convenient method for me, especially when I'm out the whole day and I have no choice but to use the dirty toilets. 

Kleenex Wet Tissue are available in three sizes - a pack of 10 sheets (RM 2.10), a value saving pack of three (RM 5.80) and a 40 sheet pack (RM 7.40). Check out your nearest supermarket today!

Sunday 13 March 2016

Food: 5.1 Cafe Gallery @ Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

Sri Petaling is my ultimate hang out place because its near to my university but honestly, I haven't tried out 5.1 Cafe Gallery before. It wasn't one of those cafes you would actually just walk in to. It was upstairs and when I was invited for a review here, I thought why not try it out since its nearby anyway. Well, this little homey, humble cafe definitely surpassed my expectation. Read on to find out why. :)

 The cafe decorations had a distinct, rustic feel to it. A lot of thoughts has gone into how to beautify the cafe and indeed, it was very pretty.

Some toy buses I saw on the shelves.

5.1 Tortilla Pizza (RM 12.90)
Loaded with tons of cheese, this one is perfect for cheese lovers like myself. This pizza is a unique combination of mushrooms, tomatoes, tomato sauce and smoky bacon. 

What i enjoyed most, was the thin and crispy tortilla crust which complimented the toppings well. 

Sensational Bite (RM 12.90)
For a complete breakfast as fuel for the rest of the day, you can try out this sandwich which comes with cheese. chicken ham, crab roll, lettuce with some premium sausages too. 

This one is not to be missed because its healthy and wholesome at the same time.

Tortilla Chicken (RM 15.90)
Here we have a serving of a deep fried, deboned chicken thigh which was marinated and coated in flour before being wrapped in a tortilla. 

The black pepper sauce which was served together added flavour to the chicken which was fried to golden brown.

Our Cereal (RM 12.90)
Cornflakes pizza doesn't seem mainstream at all, in fact, I was extremely skeptical about this. 

It was a dessert with tortilla and toppings of cornflakes, chocolate chips, raspberry jam and some vanilla ice cream. Now, you judge.

Crispy Crunch Banana (RM 12.90)
Lots of chocolate goodness in this with tortilla topped with banana slices, vanilla ice cream and strawberries. 

Matcha Latte (RM 10.90)

5.1 Cafe Gallery
No 11-1, Jalan Radin Bagus 5, 
Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: 
Mon - Thurs, Sun: 11am - 11pm
Fri - Sat: 11am - 12am

Phone: 012-621 5285