Sunday 10 August 2014

Daily: The Campus Plus Experience

I never expected it from the start. So, it all began with me joining the Campus Plus 'iPanema Flip Flops' contest and turns out I was lucky enough to be the third prize winner. That's how I came to know about this magazine which primarily caters to the modern and chic university students!

So, here's a picture of the February 2014 issue with me in it :)

Smile, Teehee!

And, the very next time I spotted myself was in the May 2014 issue of Campus Plus. More precisely, my daddy saw me in the magazine as he was having his chiropractic treatment at my university's clinic. Just a note, they do distribute their monthly issues at most universites :)

And, finally I had the chance to be featured as the 'Babe of the Month' for the July digital issue! The photoshoot was back in April and I will always remember it, for some reasons HAHA :) We had so much fun because I was there with Jason & he was featured in the May digital issue. Here's a sneak peek of my feature if you guys missed it :)

And, here are some photos from the shoot which I really love and thought of posting up, for the fun of it :) Credits goes to Campus Plus of course :)

And, I was spotted at all GSC signboards :) Thank you to all those who spotted me from miles away and sent me pictures of my advertisements, appreciate it so much people!

So, this was an incredible experience, thanks to the opportunity given by Campus Plus! Be sure to support them here and download their monthly digital magazine too :)