Friday 15 June 2012

London Summer The Musical 2012 - Post event

London, The Summer Musical is definitely one of the best musicals I've watched! It exceeded my expectations in terms of the cast, props etc. Initially, I thought the musical was a Broadway musical showcasing the beauty of London. Well, in fact, it was actually about three stewardesses and for those who loves romance, this is a must watch for you guys :)

Anyway, we reached there earlier than the stated time for bloggers. Dinner was served and it was really good. There were so many choices and being the glutton I am, i was having a field day. Hahaha, jokingggg :D

My sister and I (Yes, I know I look so sleepy LOL)

Our seats weren't that far away from stage, but honestly I wished we got seats that were nearer. But, being there is good enough. The musical started off with a dramatic entrance from the amazing cast. I have got to say that the cast had great vocal skills and I was truly mesmerised by them. Singing as good as them would be difficult for an aspiring wannabe like me, but I truly hope I can be a little like them one day HAHA! The story line was pretty typical I would say but corny is the in thing now isn't it? :D The dancers did a good job, executing every move perfectly. 

Sometimes, I really wonder how they could remember the steps, it must be hard work I guess :)

I'm sorry guys, this time photo-taking is prohibited when the show was on, so i couldn't take any. 

That's all, can't wait for the next musical already!