Wednesday 21 January 2015

Food: Porto Bello @ Damansara Uptown

Craving for fusion food or simply something different than your mundane choices? Then, try Porto Bello out! 

The name 'Porto Bello' refers to a type of mushroom found in the Europe and North America and it comes in two colours, mainly brown and white. This place which was inspired by it is located at the hottest area of Damansara, well none other than Damansara Uptown. They are pretty new and have only been opened for 6 months, but honestly I've heard of them at least twice from my circle of friends. 

I was ecstatic when I went there for a review yesterday because I really wanted to try this place out and see if it really meets my expectations of good food. 

A pretty simple place to catch up with friends or just for dinner with the family. I really like the layout & design of the place, looks very modern yet cosy at the same time.

We were served their in-house specialty for the night and I would say their dishes were unique and out of the norm as I've heard previously. We tried their appetisers first and here's what I've got to say about them.

Bombas (RM 6.50)
For 3 gigantic balls of minced chicken wrapped with mashed potatoes, the price of this Italian delicacy is way beyond reasonable. I loved its different texture, crispy and crunchy on the surface and soft in the inside. This is served with a tiny blob of BBQ sauce and aioli (combination of mayonnaise and garlic) as you can see in the picture.

Homemade Fresh Wild Mushroom Soup (RM 8.90)
Freshly made with five different types of mushroom; brown shimeji, white shimeji, shiitake, king oyster and oyster mushrooms, this bowl of heavenly goodness is definitely a hit with mushroom lovers like myself. Here, they blend the mushrooms together and therefore, it isn't creamy like those instant commercial mushroom soups you can find in the supermarket, but rather you can taste small tiny bits of mushrooms. The soup is served with slices of French baguette and you can enjoy it together.

Legendary Crab Cake (RM 10.90)
The topping of this crab cake is made from herb aioli and tomato relish. The combination of this with the crab is great as it brings out the sweetness of the crab cake :)

French Escargots (RM 13.90)
I am a big fan of escargots, but because they are expensive, I rarely eat it. But, here the escargots are so fresh and the sauce is so irresistible that I will most probably order this on my next visit. The highlight of this dish is the creamy garlic cheese based sauce which is prepared using chopped garlic plus some whipped cream and finally, parmesan and mozzarella cheese. I ended up eating the bowl of sauce and dipping the fries with this sauce.

And, now for the main course!

Smoked BBQ Chicken (RM 29.90)
Wow, this is the first time I'm eating smoked chicken instead of the usual roast chicken you can find in most restaurants. So, here, they actually heat up the oven and placed in a type of wood, known as 'Sarsi' wood (yes, it's because it actually smells similar to the drink with the same name) until its become smoky in there. Then, they will place the spring chicken which has been seasoned with cajun spices and paprika powder, allowing it to cook by heat from the smoke. They've experimented so many times with this method to perfect the timing and the skills in making that perfect chicken!

Porto Bello Chicken Pie (RM 22.00)
So, this is the signature dish of Porto Bello! Honestly, doesn't it look more to you like a burger? What they actually did initially was place the pie pastry on the top and the porto bello mushroom at the bottom. But doing so will make the pie too dry, so they tried it the other way around. And, of course, this method is better as the juice from the mushroom will flow into the minced chicken layer and pie pastry for that perfect pie experience! Oh, and you can even add their home made brown sauce if you still think it's too dry :)

Frita Bolognese (RM 18.90)
This is a new addition to their menu and yes, it is a variation of the appetiser 'Bombas' served here. it features spaghetti cooked with veggies and homemade roux (white sauce) then coat with breadcrumbs and fried till golden brown. For this, there is a choice between chicken or beef, according to your preference. Yes, this is something extraordinary and I liked the different textures this had and the fact that this is a new way to eat spaghetti!

Lava Cake (RM 13.90)
Dark chocolate with 60% cocoa was used to produce this beauty. This was their specialty dessert which has gained many fans because of the warm, melt in your mouth chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream. I don't fancy eating chocolate as desserts, but this made me craved for more because this is really as yummy as it looks :)

A snapshot of polaroid taken at Porto Bello!

I'll be back for more fusion cuisine at this little hideout tucked in the busy Damansara Uptown. With its reasonable price, I'm even thinking of organising or suggesting this place for gatherings soon. Anyway, for more details, refer below for the address and contact.

Porto Bello
No 8, Jalan SS 21/58,
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya.

Daily: 11.00 AM - 10.00 PM
Facebook: Porto Bello PJ

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