Tuesday 28 January 2014

Change of Direction!

So, this will be one of the most impromptu yet spontaneous post ever in the history of my blog. There has been so much running through my mind and based on that, I've also decided to change the direction of my blog from a complete food blog to focus more on beauty, fashion and of course food as well!

It is definitely a weird decision to make but I think it's for the better in 2014. Just so you guys know, I actually have an Instagram account, @kahwaih and you guys should totally follow me (how do i promote this without feeling awkward haha.)

So, here's a catch up on my past few days on what I've been up to! I've been sick the whole day by the way and it sucks because CNY is around the corner, where there's going to be ENDLESS FOOD but I'm feeling awful now sigh.

Fried 'Nga Koo' a.k.a Arrow Head

I actually spent one whole day doing this which I suspect got me sick as well. From peeling to shredding and then frying, making this is simply TOO MUCH WORK! It's yummy but it made me sick today :(


Believe it or not, this is actually my first time trying this desserts out. I know they have been in town for the longest time now but I just never really wanted to try it. Call it, personal preference. Mine was with a Tau Fu Fa base along with Baby Pearls, Grass Jelly and Barley! However, i think i might be ordering the Coconut Jelly the next time around, it had a slight hint of coconut and was as smooth as coconut flesh itself.

And, ta-da! Before I sign off, here's a really pretty picture (haha, kidding) of myself at Too Cool For School Malaysia last weekend.

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