Wednesday 5 February 2014

Daily: Chinese New Year 2014

So, since my last plan to kind of revamp my blog and to showcase my love for fashion (thanks to my pretty sissy, Carmen of course), I will officially start writing about the the once in a year event which I will always anticipate to, Chinese New Year!

Reunion: We decided to forgo the conventional food for reunion and chose steamboat instead. Pretty much everyone did steamboat this year though, eh? Oh, look at the 'Yee Sang' which my cousin sister painstakingly arranged according to all the different zodiacs every year. So much effort and all we do is toss it around in the end haha.

Can you see the horse running on the grass? :)

 Steamboat spread which I ate till heart's content. Hee.


Day 1: Mediocre because our plans were changed drastically compared to the years before due to some unexpected stuffs which happened. Anyway, we stuffed ourselves to endless cookies and a few of my aunts came over. Boo, here's my simple OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) and I decided to go blue on the first day because blue signifies confidence. Forget the boring red and turn some heads with sexy blue!


Day 2 : I woke up feeling like the party just started. I've always loved the second day of CNY because it's always so happening. It was like a perfect painting of what anyone would ever imagine how the Chinese celebrates their new year. I chose a more eye-popping outfit, the Retro Block Shift Dress from Fabspy because they were so awesome to give it to me for FREE! Love em' girls!

Definitely hands-down the most comfy dress ever!

What's a Chinese New Year without selfie right? Here's one with this cutie pie, Brandon who is pretending to sleep haha.


Day 3: It's always been family visitings and friends on this day. This year, we had lunch with family friends' instead of the usual dinner. We headed to Sungai Buloh to try out the infamous 'Standing Chicken' & 'Poon Choi'. Before the food, I just wanted to show everyone my outfit which I am greatly in love with. How can you not love that vibrant red checkered shirt which fits perfectly? Before you start asking where I got it, it's from Kitschen's latest warehouse sale for ONLY RM 5 :)


This gigantic bowl of goodness is filled with almost any type of meat you can imagine, except fish. It would be perfect for a table of 12 but we only had 7 people at ours and we were all stuffing ourselves. It was about RM 500 and I personally think it's pretty cheap for so much good food. Oh, did I mention that the abalone in this dish was like a comfort food with its soft and chewy texture. The roast duck was fragrant and the meatball piled at the side was really yummy.

This is obviously a marketing gimmick. It's just roast chicken placed on a stick to make it seem like it's standing. It wasn't well marinated because the breast meat was rather tasteless, the only thing about this fancy chicken is its super crispy skin. That's all seriously. For approximately RM 40, i wouldn't even recommend anyone to try it.

Selfie of the day!


Day 4: The last day before uni starts and I seriously wished I had longer holidays. Ugh. Anyway, here's a picture of what I wore. 

That kind of marks the end of my CNY and I'm hoping to have more time to blog this year. Let's toast to the start of Semester 3!

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