Thursday 2 January 2014

Season To Give Thanks with Digi!

Bear with me, this is going to be wordy. Haha. :)

Contentment and gratefulness don’t come often for most people because no one will ever be satisfied with what they have. It’s simply human to keep wanting more and to have a list of endless requests. But for me, every minute and every second I’m still alive, I’ll be forever grateful to those around me.

However, if I were to pinpoint on the one and only person I’ve truly been thankful for, it would be none other than my sister. Alright, as cliché as this may sound, people always have this thought that sisterly love merely exists due to blood ties. Well, you guys are sure to be jealous because our sisterly bond goes way more than the deepest oceans or highest mountains.

I can never imagine one day going by without having her around. I’m not grateful for her just because we are almost the same age, or the fact that we could take endless selfies on our smartphone together. Oh, and not because we could stay up for hours just to have our very own mini karaoke sessions using our tablet

We argue, we fuss and we fight no lesser than couples but yet, nothing is shaken at the end of the day. Why, you may ask? It’s simple, because my sissy is the very first person I always turn to whenever I’m faced with any problems. She has been there, at every turning point or stepping stone of my life. Even before speaking, we know exactly what each other’s reply will be and somehow, conversations aren’t that exciting but becomes extremely comfortable instead. It was as if I was looking at a mirror image of myself and I’m grateful to say that I must have been lucky to have someone like my sister in my life.

I’ve always looked up to her for her sense of independence and how she stands firm on her ground despite any hardships which comes by. She is more than a role model for me. 

Truly, she is my voice of conscience.

And, ta-da, here's the pretty diva herself!

I was thinking if i should bombard you guys with a few pictures of us, and after hours of contemplation I decided to put some up anyway :)

The famous saying these days, "Have you gotten diabetes yet looking at those pictures?". Yeah, sweetness overload. Haha.

Since this season is perfect for giving and receiving, so being girls, we love items on sale obviously! With DiGizens Thank You Sale on right now, it feels like it’s time for a year end sale and more shopping with my sister! Well, here are the deals that are out right now:

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Happy New Year, guys!

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