Thursday 31 August 2017

Daily: Make Your Own Cuppa' with Arissto Capsule Coffee Machine

The thought of waking up to the aroma of coffee beans brewing is just simply amazing! As a coffee lover, what's better to own a coffee machine yourself? This is like a dream come true to me as I have always wanted to own a coffee machine. 

Arissto is my choice of coffee machine as it's simple and easy to use for a starter like me :) In fact,  I've also heard that this is newly launched in Malaysia and worth the try! My first impression of this compact little machine is that it's sturdy and solid, together with the colour combination which give it's premium feel to it on first touch.  

It has 2 different buttons on the front portion of the machine depending on the size of your cup/mug of your liking (i.e 60ml for the top and 120ml for the bottom). I personally prefer 60 ml as I like my cuppa a little stronger. 

This beauty is also great when it comes to practicality as you can see from the picture that it can also fit a tall glass. 

The different varieties of coffee grounds capsule. My favourite would be the Passion!

Besides the exterior, it is also very easy to use! First, you need to fill the water tank, just behind the machine with normal temperature filtered water.

Next, choose your preferred choice of coffee ground and slot it into the allocated compartment without opening the package. The compartment is located just above the machine beneath the silver lid. Close the silver lid once you've place your coffee ground.

Don't forget to add milk too!

 Finally, press on to your preferred size and wait for your cuppa to be served :) It takes less than 3 minutes for your coffee to be ready!

A video for your enjoyment!

Every time I visit a cafe, my go to cuppa would be a Cappuccino. I love the foams of the cappuccino which gives it smooth feeling. Arissto is able to give me the layer of foam on my cuppa too, which is amazing!

In a nut shell, I personally think that this beauty is worth the price and it's fun to make coffee with it! What's best about this is that there isn't a need to pre-heat the water as the machine is automated to do it for me. Now, I can get my coffee fix every morning even when I'm in a rush with Arissto Coffee Machine!

For more information, visit these links below:

Arissto Free Trial Program

Just register on Arissto Coffee Charity Challenge here.

Select your favourite coffee, time, and venue of the challenge. Their coffee ambassadors will deliver ARISSTO coffee to the venue and start the challenge. Together with your friends, you can compare the taste and purity of the coffee. The final conclusion of the taste does not matter as they will donate to help the poor children as long as you upload your challenge photos to Facebook. 

Arissto Official Website

Arissto Facebook

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