Sunday 12 March 2017

Daily: Hada Labo Beauty Event with Xiao Kai and Liu Yen

Personally, I swear by Hada Labo products and I love their skincare range. I'm currently using their full range from the toner, to the famous Hada Labo lotion to moisturise my skin daily, and even their sunblock. Oh, and not forgetting their water based make-up remover as well. 

As a Hada Labo user myself, I was very excited when they held a beauty event at 1 Utama last weekend with beauty gurus, Xiao Kai and Liu Yen. It was a thorough educational sessions for girls like me who have been using the products. Even for those who have not try out their amazing skincare range, it was an informative session for them as well.

During the session, I finally learnt the right technique to apply the Hada Labo lotion range. The right method is to pour a few drops of the lotion on to your palm, rub it with your fingers and then apply by massaging the lotion on your fingers from the chin area to the cheeks area. The idea is to massage the lotion into your skin using an upward pattern. This is to ensure all of the lotion is completely absorbed into your skin. 

One thing I've noticed previously, was that when I just dab the lotion on my face, it usually takes ages to dry and I needed to wait for a while before I apply my sunblock. Now, with the right method, the product absorbs quickly into my skin, so I can immediately apply my next step of skincare.

I'd highly recommend this Holy Grail of a moisturiser to girls out there who are looking for the suitable moisturiser. The product is good, even for those acne prone skins as it is water-based.

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