Tuesday 23 September 2014

Daily: Food Review @ Edo Ramen, Mid Valley Megamall

So, ramen was on the menu for last night's food review. We headed to Edo Ramen (previously known as Goku Raku Ramen) at Mid Valley.

They changed their concept and I was glad to hear that their items are now more affordable for everyone. The ambience of the restaurant was still homey and relaxing, perfect as a dine-in place for family dinners.

So, let's start on the dishes which was served :) The all new Edo Ramen boasts on their broth which is boiled for over 7 hours for that distinct, extra flavour in your ramen!

There are two options of the menu and they are:

a) Standard Ramen Option (Char Siew, Sweet Corn, Pak Choy & Spring Onion)

b) Ultimate Ramen Option (Char Siew, Sweet Corn, Pak Choy, Spring Onion, seaweed, Japanese fish cake, lava egg, braised pork belly)

Ultimate Tonkotsu (Pork Broth)
This was yummy especially the 'char siew' slices which were so fragrant and savoury! The noodles are made daily and was quite springy. I liked how the broth is less creamy now and the lava egg is not to be missed. 

Standard Miso
The broth was slightly salty and the miso taste was too mild for me. However, light eaters or noodle lovers should try this if they are not able to finish the Ultimate Option.

Ultimate Gyukotsu (Beef Broth)
So beefy and so good! I enjoyed this most because I love eating beef and there was the lava egg in this as well. I could taste the freshness and juiciness of the beef in every bite. 

Boiled Gyoza
Gyoza are Japanese dumplings and this was a little sour. The dumpling skin wasn't too thick and was pretty savoury. Honestly, I thought it was unique and you guys should give it a try :)

Pan Fried Gyoza
Crispy like crackers! However, the dumpling itself which was on the other side was a bit dry. But, I guess you needed to eat it with the dipping sauce to enhance its flavour! Unique presentation of dumplings, definitely worth trying for dumpling lovers :)

Aburi Char Siew
This was definitely the highlight of the night! Succulent and juicy as you bite into it, it's the closest thing to perfection for me :) It was so rich and flavourful, so all pork lovers out there, please don't miss this!

That's all from me tonight, I've been pretty busy these days because I need to catch up on my studies after the first wave of class tests are over. Wish me luck, guys!

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