Friday 8 May 2009

Happy Birthday Sheng.

Happy Birthday Sheng Rei.

You're now a year older.

Ten Things On You. And, me.

1. I knew Paul Frank from you. I really didn't know about it.

2. I found out about the usage of I behind the person's name. 
     Example: Adrian and I. =)

3. You were the one with the hand sanitizer 24/7.

4. I never knew you in Primary School. Maybe it was because we were in different classes.

5. I associated you with KM in Form One. You should know why.

6. You were the Powerful Choleric and I was the Peaceful Phlegmatic. =)

7. I learnt the word "pwned" from you and KM. Youtube.

8. I didn't believe when you told me that you have an iPod Touch. Omg.

9. I love Carish, if you remember what that is. 

10. And, there's only one sweet SIXTEEN in your life. Cherish it. =)

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