Thursday 12 March 2009

Hospital Drama.

I need a break. From everything.

And, the funniest and probably most embarassing but most exciting thing happened to me today.

Well, it all started with teacher's plan on visiting Cheng Ken who got admitted to the hospital.
And, the smartest thing is we didn't even know how to get there but we finally managed towithout getting lost. We just keep guessing which road to take. And kept going straight all 
the way. *Credits Kean Loong*

Well, we managed to get there and the silliest thing happened. We weren't allowed to enter because the visiting hours were over. So, only TKL entered with the fruit basket
while D, KM, Teacher and I were standing outside.

And, then I saw a staircase and I thought of a brilliant plan. We went up the staircase and we managed to enter the building without anyone stopping us. The joy of finally getting pass through the guards. We kept running up the stairs until we reached third floor.

Well, before we could reached the third floor, the lightning striked us. And, we died. =)


Of course we didn't die. We got CAUGHT  by the two guards. And, they kept asking and telling us that we cannot visit anyone at that time. We acted a s if we were so totally blur. We were like "Oh, is it?" And, D could even ask what time was the visiting hours from. It was damn funny.

After that, we sort of got escorted out. When we appeared at the door, teacher was shocked. And, the lady guards are really annoying and rude. I know we are students but some respect, please? 


This is to you.

Even if you were dead, I would still hate you.
You know, I'm really proud of myself for finally understanding it.

If you feel that this is aim at you, at least let me know.

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