Monday 17 November 2008


Today, I went to Pavilion with karmzee, sammy and dts. Watched madagascar 2 and then walked around. We had fun trying to shake dts off since they were practically sticking to us like we had applied glue on them. We ran in esprit since it has an escalator and took the escalator down where we ran and ran to another shop and went back up with their escalator. Obviously, we saw dts again. It was damn funny. 
Then, we ran down again to TANGS. then , dts sms-ed km and asked her where were we. =)

*Enter versace
*Demand for a namecard from a salesperson
*Saunter around store for a few minutes with a dirty look on face
*Walk back to the same salesperson and fling the namecard at his or her face
*Announce loudly that the things around here are not up to your standard in your accent
*Walk out proudly with nose high up in the air

A perfect dare for RM 10? I didn't accept the challenge though.

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