Friday 9 September 2016

Daily: Lazada Big Brand Sale (5th to 11th September)!

I shop online most of the time because its so much more convenient than driving out to a mall and going through the hassle of finding a parking. There are some sites which are my favourite and one of it is Lazada. They always offer discounts on items and they even have additional price cut offs on certain days when you pay using card. Their website is so organised and they sort their items into different categories as well. That's why I enjoy scrolling around on the websites for some deals. If you're a fan of branded goods, I have some fantastic news for you!

Lazada is currently having the 'Big Brand Sale' from 5th to 11th September and the items are all on 85% off! From fashion, jewellery, eyewear and travel items, you can browse through and find your favourite brands at discounted prices. This discounts seem almost unbelievable, but as Lazada deals directly with the brands, they are able to source these items at these amazing prices! The deal was too good to miss out on, so I got myself a pair of shades from Ray-Ban. 

The packaging it came in

For those who are skeptical of purchasing these branded goods online, worry not, as they have proper labels as they are indeed original products. The box was also sealed when I received it and it wasn't tampered before.

By the way, *3 on the box indicates that it has high protection against sun glares.

Love the sunnies box, hard and solid. Perfect to store my new found love in it.

This is the useful information booklet you can find inside the box. The shades have high optical resolution and are impact resistant as well.

Here is the much loved shades! What I really love about the shades is that it is quite light and doesn't feel uncomfortable at all. At the same time, it doesn't feel wobbly or unsteady when I wear it.

Thanks Ray-Ban for sponsoring me this new pair of shades!

So, what are you waiting for? Shop away before the deal is gone!

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