Saturday 6 June 2015

Food: Ramadan 'Bazaar Desa' Buffet Spread @ Square Restaurant, Novotel KL City Centre

This year, Novotel Kl City Centre is back with an exquisite 'Bazaar Desa' for the holy month of fasting. This buffet spread features a total of over 100 Malay dishes with 3 different menus which will be on a rotation basis. 

This theme is chosen because the buffet consists of all the street food which is usually found in the Ramadan bazaar. I have picked a few dishes to talk about which I thought was quite good and unique.

This are equivalent to appetizers or salad, so always start with 'ulam' to cleanse your palate before the main meal.


Some crackers or fondly known as 'keropok' to be eaten with sambal belacan.

 Rojak Buah & Pasembor


Noodles Station
Here they will be having Mee Rebus Tulang, Prawn Mee & Asam Laksa on rotational basis.

 Lamb Varuval

Squid Rendang
Well, this was something out of the ordinary and I decided to try it. Appetizing and flavorful, great to go with white rice.

Spicy Tomato Beef

Oven Roasted Lamb

Marinated Chicken Perchik on Shawarma
This is the first time I've seen this at buffet spreads.

Assorted Fruits

Assorted Cookies and Puddings

Assorted Kuih

Cold Beverages
Ice Peach Tea, Sirap Bandung, Sweet Corn, Sugar Cane & Khatirah Juice

'Bazaar Desa' is priced at RM 95 nett (adult) and RM 45 nett (children aged 8-12). You may choose to purchase early bird vouchers from now till 19 June at only RM 80 nett per adult and RM40 nett for children. 

Call 03-21470888 or email for reservations or to get more information.

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