Friday 21 August 2009


You looked at the computer screen. You blink back your tears to keep them from falling. Only to reveal your pain. Then you ask yourself, what did you do to deserve this. Why can't someone just tell me where I went wrong? Why does everyone like to hit me harder when I'm at my lowest point? Have you lost hope in me? Or have I disappoint you greatly as a failure? I feel so dejected and lifeless. Now, I know why people commit suicide. It's not that they are just a bunch of useless people who doesn't appreciate things given to them, but rather a bunch of nice people who are never appreciated and are taken advantage of. For the first time, I'm depressed and as I weep silently on my pillow, I think about how I am so similar to Coraline. Now, I long for someone to grab me away and never return me to this evil world.

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