Friday 13 February 2009

Happy Birthday.


I'd been thinking about your birthday post lately.
And, I figured that I should write sixteen things on you.
Although, the next thing that's going to happen is my sister coming to me and saying it was her idea.

*The one who was there for me since Standard 1.
*The one who got into trouble with me. =) I'm sure you remember. Shhh.
*The one who knows everything about me.
*The one who is cuter then I am.
*The one who was in cheerleading in Form 1. 
*The one who joined St.John's with me but quit later on. I still wished you were in. =)
*The one who had many people crushing on her. =)
*The one who loves someone with almost the same name as mine. *winks*
*The one who is loud and noisy all the time. You never seem to be emo, right?
*The one who had the third Siberian cat in Malaysia. Wheee..
*The one who gave me Elmer baby which I treated like gold.
*The one who wants to be a music producer and had wrote many songs. I love 1,2,3,4,5 Chances.
*The one who should be in Alpha. You should come back.
*The one who has lovely Comic Sans handwriting. I love your handwriting.
*The one who loves pink and black. I know that's your signature colour combination.
*The one who loves to have salmon with bread. Omg. haha.

The list of sixteen things about you.

I miss you, Syarafina.
Oh my, I forgot one more thing.

Can I add to your list?

The one who had a creative side. Unlike me.

So, here's to you.

Once again, Happy Birthday.
Can't wait for Sunday. =)

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