Monday 22 December 2008

The Aftermath - ICC 2008

I’m back again. How ironic. I just came back from Singapore and I suddenly feel the need to blog about the International Cadet Camp first which I had attended since the previous post was strangely short for a seven days camp. I am still collecting pictures which I had took at camp from a few people. So, pictures will probably be posted immediately after I get my hands on them. Right now, I’ll just blog on my experience at the camp.

The first day was really terrible and I felt like it was a mistake to come to this camp. For all I know, it was one of the National Service sites. Oh god. The worst part was that it kept raining and activities were delayed. My group members were nice people and I was overjoyed by that. I actually thought that this was the best group which I was ever been placed in to. The beds and the bathroom at our dormitories were the most horrible thing I had ever laid my eyes on. Thinking of it now makes me faint.

Next. Food. I guess the food served at camp were fine and not really that horrible as imagined. I actually liked some of the food. Silly me, don’t you think?

Activities. Alright, I shall elaborate on the activities at camp. Flying fox. It was the first time I did it. Seriously, think me as pathetic. But yeah, it is really the first time I am doing it and I swore that I would not scream at all. However, as silly as I am, of course I screamed. People actually thought that I was crazy and they even asked me if I was fine. Of course I was. Second was the water rafting activity which I had loathe since like forever. However, once again, I still tried it. Well, obviously I did. It was actually fun and entertaining. How cliché that sounds. Oh god. Wait. I forgot to mention jungle trekking. The activity was really challenging because the track was muddy and slippery. It was worse than the time I had went jungle trekking in Gopeng. Anyway, our group did not manage to complete the track due to time constrain. We did the obstacle course after that and it was like the exact same one you see on television for the National Service advertisement. The ones where you see trainees crawling underneath wire or cables, whatever you call it and then the ones where there’s like a really high wall which had to be climbed over. Yeah, there were more to the obstacle course but I feel a little lazy to elaborate on that.

Friends and groups. I had the best group. Even better than other camps. It was the only group I was grateful to be in. I’m in the LOG (Love our Group) while Sam, Weixing and Daniel are in AOG (Anti our Group). Funny, right?

I think that’s actually about all on the camp.


The “When I was a cadet in 6AC ” song is still stuck in my head. Thanks to Weixing and Sam.

OMG. My Cbox is really dead since I was gone. Oh no.

Once I collect the rest of the photos, I will post it immediately.

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