Monday 29 January 2018

Food: NY Steak Shack Sizzles Into 2018!

NY Steak Shack recently launched the Sizzling Steaks Special Edition, taking bigger and bolder steps in the year 2018. This item is a new addition whereby the steaks are served with a secret special edition sauce, for a limited period of time. 

The latest Sizzling Steaks boasts juicy, tender meat served sizzling hot on a pan, with a bed of fresh onions and corn kernels, complemented with butter, crispy garlic flakes and the signature Special Edition sauce. The steaks are served with a choice of two sides.

You've got to eat it once its served, hot and piping!

Diners can choose from a selection of three different cuts and determine the doneness level of the steak. There are Ribeye, Striploin and T-Bone to choose from.

To enhance the dining experience, NY Steak Shack has also launched 3 new fresh fruit mocktails, comprising the refreshing Orange Breeze, Minty Lime Cooler and Lemonade Zest.

Hurry over to a NY Steak Shack outlet and try out the Sizzling Steaks Special Edition which will be available till 11th March 2018. Selection of 200gm or 300gm ribeye, striploin and T-bone steaks are available from RM 42.90 while the brand new mocktails are priced at RM 6.20 with every SE entree. More details can be found on

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