Sunday 3 May 2015

Food: Slurp Cafe @ Dataran 3 Two Square, Petaling Jaya

To huge fans of cartoon and anime out there, I've found the perfect place for you guys to get both good food and entertainment at the same time! Slurp Cafe at Dataran 3 Two Square has various collectible figurines and items which you will never find anywhere else.

The interior of the cafe which exudes a warm and homey feeling as you step in. As you can see, the whole shop is beautifully decorated with all the collectors' item, name it and trust me you'd probably find it there.

Some of the cakes and drinks available here.

Iron Man head piece!

Wow, even the counter where they prepare the drinks is decorated with artistic drawings.

The other toys which you can admire while sipping your cup of coffee. 

With the recent return of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, fans can now head over to this lovely cafe to grab a picture with them cute little Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, just to name a few. It doesn't matter if you don't really fancy the movie, you will definitely fall in love with the small figurines. :)

This cafe has a good concept, in my opinion, mainly targetting avid fans of these characters. But, the best part is their food is pretty yummy and affordable too. Their menu features Japanese fusion food which you can't find anywhere else. Some of the available items have a touch of local flavours too, just scroll down to read more!

Okonomiyaki (RM 29.90)
For the price you pay, the serving is large enough to be shared between two persons for a meal. Basically, this is a normal Japanese pancake but here, they added a little twist to it by including some fresh seafood goodness; namely squids, prawns and scallops. Not to forget, there are slices of bacon in this too. The special Okonomi sauce and Japanese mayonnaise which was added on top, gave this dish a real burst of flavours. Worth to try!

The Best Chicken Salad Ever (RM 14.90)
This dish may be deceiving at first because it looks simply just like your regular chicken salad bowl. But, guess what, there is something under your piles of lettuce, carrots and chicken breast.

Ta-da! There's udon noodles with sesame dressing which makes this a balanced meal. You have your greens, your protein and carbs in just one bowl, isn't that amazing?  

Japanese Omurice (RM 19.90)
Mentaiko Guru
These are the real omurice and prepared the right way here with country chicken eggs. First impression of this dish was that the omelette looked too much like durian flesh. 

The rice is cooked with mentaiko (fish roe) and when the omelette is cut, it gives this nice scrambled egg right on top of the rice.

You can choose to add on this chicken chop with your omurice.

Maggi Murtabak (RM 23.90)
This looks like a regular burger, but guess what, they decided to be a little creative and swap the burger buns with Maggi curry instant noodles. So, you still have your egg and burger patty, the only difference is you get crispy 'buns' wrapping them.

Some wedges served together with the murtabak.

Sambal Pasta (RM 24.90)
This is definitely fusion food with a mix of our favourite Malaysian sambal with Italian pasta. 

The pasta is stir fried and served with a hard boiled egg as well as some nuts, anchovies, prawns and cockles, just like your regular nasi lemak. This was pretty good and flavorful, surprisingly pasta actually goes well with our sambal prawns and cockles.

Strawberry Fountain
This absolutely good dessert which is made of strawberries from top to bottom is what every strawberry lover needs. Just a heads up, this has strawberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream, yoghurt ice cream, Japanese strawberries and blue berries too.

Mango Blast
This is pretty similar to the above one except for the obvious, that this is made from mangoes. A great combination of mango sorbet, vanilla ice cream, yoghurt ice cream, Indian mangoes and blue berries.

Slurp Cafe
No. C-16-01, Dataran 32 (3 Two Square)
No. 2, Jalan 19/1 
46300 Petaling Jaya 
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Phone: 03-7497 1367

Operating Hours: 
Closed On Mondays
8 AM – 1 AM (Tuesdays – Fridays)
9 AM – 1 AM (Saturdays – Sundays)

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  1. Sorry to say that the services is totally lousy and being chased out by a lady that shouted to us after being waited 45min which i would like to check out the order status and what the feedback i get was "IF CANNOT WAIT JUST LEAVE"