Sunday 15 February 2015

Food: Moo Kata Steamboat & BBQ House @ Kuchai Lama Food Court, Old Klang Road

If you live around the Kuchai Lama area for a long time, you would know that the food court which used to be opposite the Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park have been shifted to Old Klang Road. The food court was where I used to hangout and chill with my parents for supper but that was when I was much younger.

Ever since they shifted to the Old Klang Road, we didn't frequent it as much anymore. But, a few days back, I was invited to Moo Kata Steamboat & BBQ House which takes up a small little corner of this food court for a review session. I was a little skeptical at first about this restaurant because it was a steamboat & BBQ restaurant but oddly, it is located within a food court which is a tad bit unusual honestly.

Anyway, we reached and I had a look around. Surprisingly, the environment was outdoor and a little breezy, perfect for a BBQ setting. 

This place has only been open for a month and it was inspired by the Thai way of having steamboat & BBQ. Mr Chua & his sister in law, Angel brought in this concept known as 'Moo Kata' where there are three methods to cook your fresh food.

The steamboat pot for a healthier way of eating.

Sizzling hot plate, this method of cooking is definitely my favourite! But, beware of minor oil splats if you aren't too careful. 

The grill uses charcoal to bring out the taste of the meat and provide diners with the authentic, one of a kind experience of grilling as how it is meant to be.

The ingredients available for steamboat & BBQ were all in freezers which can be open and closed to maintain its freshness and of course, it was a hygienic way to serve the fresh food.

Seafood and a variety of fishballs were available as well. There were so many choices, you will have a hard time deciding what to have first :)

More fresh items prepared in satay sticks for grilling purposes. Very convenient for customers.

The array of all types of vegetables you can imagine as well as a variety of mushrooms and tofu. You may even opt to grill your meat and make your own wraps using lettuce.

Pork Bone Soup which is made using a total of 210 kg of pork bones and 170 litres of water. A pretty enormous amount contributing to the richness of this pure pork bone soup. 

Here's some homemade Tomyam paste which you may choose to add into your original pork bone soup. So fragrant and not oily at all! It is a little spicy though, so don't add too much on the first try or else you will end up drinking lots of water the whole night.


The sauces which were my favourite are the Seafood Sauce, Suki Sauce and Mookata Sauce. I prefer a sauce with a salty and sourish hint to it which is what the Seafood Sauce tastes like. 

The Suki Sauce is a tad bit sour and sweet while those who would like to spice up their meal, just try the Mookata Sauce as its spiciness is guaranteed top notch. All the ingredients used to make this sauce are imported all the way from Thailand.


The flavours of ice cream to choose from after a heavy meal; strawberry, cendol, chocolate, cappucino, yam, corn and rainbow!

My amazing shot of the in-house dessert which can only be exclusively found at Moo Kata! Durian Float which is more or less similar to a durian mille crepe cake. Made using pure D24 durian flesh, this is a dessert originating from the Philippines. So soft, creamy and the combination of  durian taste with it is heavenly indeed. A dessert not to be missed!

Moo Kata Steamboat & BBQ House
Lot 31208, Jalan Awan Makmur,
Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 011-3336 1105
Daily: 5.30 PM - 1.00 AM


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