Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Daily: K Gloss Treatment Review @ Frank Salon, Nexus Bangsar South

I actually really like my current hairstyle with the Korean see through bangs I've always wanted. But, the problem for me now, is that my baby hair is starting to grow out and there are small little annoying curls at the side of my fringe which I absolutely loathe. My hair is also starting to get a little frizzy, despite it being really straight. My hair needs some pampering and some proper hair care before it gets any more drier that it is at the moment. 

I discovered Frank Salon @ Nexus Bangsar South and I have heard before that it was a good place to sought some advice and get some treatment done for my hair.  

The salon entrance

The spacious sitting and waiting area at the salon

Some of the wide variation of products the salon uses for hair services


Here's the picture of the product they will use on my hair for the treatment. 

K-Gloss is a new concept of hair care from New York and it is a hair treatment suitable for those with frizzy unmanageable hair. It works on all hair types and moisturises the hair up to three times. Best part is the treatment may last up to 3 months if you maintain your hair by using a sodium free shampoo.

There is both keratin and collagen in this product to seal back all those hair cuticles which were damaged from chemical services.

The charges for the treatment is RM 95 for every 10 ml of product used. Mine was up to 50 ml for the length of my hair.


Yes, my hair is in dire need of proper moisture again!

First of all, Sam washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo using the double cleanse method.

Then, its blow dry time till my hair is 90% dry before application of the product. 

A suitable amount of product was applied all over my hair and combed through for approximately 30 minutes.

Without washing off the product, the hair is flat iron at least up to six times to ensure that it is straight and all the hair cuticles is sealed back.

VOILA! The end product of my hair after K-Gloss Treatment. 

I was very happy with the result of the treatment as it made my hair shiny, healthy looking and smooth.


Aren't you envious of my sleek straight healthy hair? :)

Thank you Frankie & team for the  professional hair treatment session at Frank Salon. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone whose hair is in need of some moisture treatment.

Frank Salon
Unit 1-7, Level 1,
Nexus Bangsar South,
7 Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Phone: 03-2242 3109
Facebook: Click here!

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