Friday 5 January 2018

Food: Japanese Delights @ Kimi-Ya Japanese Restaurant, Avantas Residences

Japanese food has always been my favourite of all time. To enjoy good Japanese food, we usually need to fork out a lot. However, I recently came across a restaurant which serves fine Japanese cuisine at an affordable price. Kimi-Ya which is located at Avantas Residences along Old Klang Road, offers an extensive menu to satisfy your cravings for Japanese food.

Ambience-wise, is calm and soothing. There is definitely a modern Japanese feel to it for the interior and design of the restaurant.

Yasai Salad
I don't usually enjoy vegetables very much, but this salad was light and refreshing. I particularly enjoyed the avocado it came with as well as the sesame sauce dressing.

A good appetizer before the mains, highly recommended!

Ayu Shioyaki

The fish meat was fresh and absolutely love having this on its own. 

It was lightly pan fried, such that the skin was still crispy and the meat was sweet.

Tori Nanban Udon

Tempura Moriawase

A5 Wagyu (120 Grams)

Wagyu beef is absolutely heavenly. It is tender, juicy and the flavour is top notch. 
It literally melts in your mouth once you put it in.

Zaru Inaniwa Udon

This Japanese delicacy is special, different from the other ones I've tried. There are two steps involved to enjoy this noodles.

First, dip the noodles into the soy sauce provided and slurp it to enjoy it at its best. Next, place the wasabi on your noodles and lightly dip the noodles in the soy sauce. Thirdly, pour the spring onions and the quail egg into the soy sauce. Add the noodles in this mixture and experience the goodness of the udon.

Sashimi Mori Hana

I enjoyed the sashimi very much, the slices were generously cut and the serving was big enough to feed 3 to 4 persons.

Tara Shirako

This delicacy is now available at Kimi-Ya! Cod fish sperm sacs are a sought after delicacy in Japan and for the first time, I got to try this wonderful dish.

The texture is soft and there is a slight chewiness to it. The sperm sacs are said to be rich in collagen and good for our skin.

It is on promotion for the whole month of January, be sure to try it out!

Matcha Shiratama Zenzai

Mizu Shingen Mochi

Abekawa Mochi

If you're feeling like having some Japanese cuisine this weekend, head over to Kimi-Ya to try out some of their yummy and affordable dishes.

Address: G-2, Avantas Residences, 162 Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +6013- 239 3406
Business Hour: Mon- Thurs 12pm- 3pm, 6pm- 10.30pm ; Fri– Sun 11.30am- 3pm, 6pm- 11pm

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