Friday, 23 June 2017

Daily: Miss & Mrs World Prestige International Pageant 2017 Press Conference

Miss & Mrs World Prestige International Pageant 2017
Dare To dream Create A Wonderful Journey Of Life

The “Miss & Mrs World Prestige International Pageant 2017” Press Conference was held at New Shanghai Restaurant, Holiday Inn Express, KL. The grand ceremony of “Miss & Mrs World Prestige International Pageant 2017” aimed to be on par with world-class’s Paris Fashion or beauty industry ceremony.

WPI gladly announced that Gauraro Joaillerie is the 2017 Miss & Mrs World Prestige International Pageant main diamond sponsor. “Gauraro Joaillerie" is a brand from France Paris, established since 1830. Their brand has been synonymous with luxury and influence. 

Beside that, WPI highlighted to media representative final ceremony are gratefully supported by Diamond sponsor, Platinum sponsor & gold sponsor.

The last year “Miss & Mrs World Prestige International Pageant 2017” was based on the theme of “The Beauty of Great Love” to make this world a better place. We believe that beauty begins inside” and all the finalists must possess three qualities of beauty such as outward appearance, inner beauty, and social contributions before being awarded the honorable title of Miss & Mrs World Prestige International.

Prestige Honorary Advisor, Mr Tan Kee Hock said “This year we are proudly brought to you the theme of “Dare To dream Create A Wonderful Journey Of Life” of “Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017”, it allowed us to mobilize and encourage public dare to chase their dream and showcase the talent. We strongly believe each female or women is a diamond, but always an option to be a stone or diamond. we ensure that through a series of training & practicing, selected beauty who must be the best. It’s the matter how they reveal to the journey of success. WPI strongly urge outstanding female out there to choose World Prestige International Pageant as the platform to enhance their wisdom & ability.”

At The launch, WPI invited 2016 Miss World Prestige International’s Grand champion winners Ms Harcana Liljay to personally share her experience after joining this pageant. She felt glad to be part of World Prestige International as she had learn and developed so much during the journey to be a beauty queen.

To adapt the theme of “Dare To dream Create A Wonderful Journey Of Life ”, Our Mrs World Prestige International Ambassadors added, “World Prestige International is an idea organization who had complete pageant sources and well managed to compile each beauty pageant to be success pathway on leading industry with great potential . The platform can efficiently train local female with talent brought out their professional globally.”

China Entrepreneurs Association In Malaysia(PUCM), Dato Lee Zong Ping said: Besides the “Miss & Mrs World Prestige International Pageant 2017”, another Awards titles “World Prestige International Ambassadors” which managed by World Prestige International has been highlighted. It’s a valuable award for those successful entrepreneur or extra ordinary people with competent career and is an industry legend. They must have addressed public concerns about the minority in our society and the importance of public welfare".

 ““World Prestige International Ambassadors”, the brilliant mission is to look for suitable candidate in honor, provide them the favorable portal to elevate and achieve their lofty goals, to educate them obtain better and higher values, to continue build their career even more successful. World Prestige International always wish public improve their social recognition about our platform. We promise to build a fair and well - defined concept. All candidate must have the above conditions to either register themselves or be nominated by well-known people in community.” Titijaya Land Berhad Managing Director , Tan Sri Dato SP Lim mentioned.

Furthermore, WPI are glad to collaborate with New Shanghai Group for the launch of “Miss & Mrs World Prestige International Pageant 2017”. The operation manager, Ms Wong added: “We deeply appreciate our valued venue sponsor - New Shanghai Restaurant for today full support. We are proud to featured their brand in <Prestige> recognition magazine and video of interview for the best food at New Shanghai Restaurant by our grand champion of 2016 Miss World Prestige International.”

All interested to register, you can contact:

Ms Jan Chan: 012-6553133
Ms Cassandra Ng :012-6101188

Monday, 19 June 2017

Food: Western Delight @ Afterwerk, Scott Garden

Scott Garden is a happening place, which comes alive by night. Although I live pretty nearby, I don't frequent it that often. I've seen Afterwerk several times while passing by the area, but I've never really tried it out because it was always so packed.

This time around, I was glad that I got to try out their extensive menu and I was surprised at how good the food was. It may look pretty unassuming for a bar to serve such great food. This is a good place to dine in with families because Afterwerk isn't just your ordinary bar.

There was a live band when I was there on a Sunday night. And, guess what, you can even request for your favourite songs while dining in.

Afterwerk features two bands daily with the first band playing during the HAPPY HOUR and the second during the EXTENDED HOURS. So, you'll surely be entertained with great music at all times!


Piggy Ribs Half Slab (RM 45)
Charbroiled pork ribs with homemade  BBQ sauce served with Irish colcannon

Personally, I'm not a big fan of pork ribs because of the way the always make it with sweet BBQ sauce. 

However, I was very satisfied and enjoyed the pork ribs I tried here. The BBQ sauce wasn't too overwhelming and I love that the meat was juicy and tender.

Pan Seared Salmon (RM 38)
Pan seared salmon with spicy creamy caper sauce served with vegetables and mashed potatoes

I always prefer eating my salmon raw, just like sashimi in Japanese restaurants. I never really fancy having my salmon pan seared. But, this one was really surprising. 

The flavours in this dish, both spicy and slightly salty tantalizes your tastebuds from the first bite itself. I'd recommend to get more of the yummy creamy sauce on your fish and vegetables as well.

Chicken Chop (RM 22)
Pan fried chicken chop served with salad, fries and a choice of black pepper or mushroom sauce

For the price you're paying, this is indeed a generous portion of chicken that is good for sharing, if you're a small eater. 

After Werk Pork Chop (RM 32)
Grilled pork chop marinated and served with mash potatoes, salad and spicy sauce

They have dart machines here; my favourite! 

They have a lot of promotion going on, so be sure to check them out! 


G-02 & 03, The Scott Garden, 
28900, Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur
Info and Reservation (after 3pm): Call +60379722520 or 0196222423

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Food: New Menu Items + Celebration of 3rd Year Anniversary @ Go Noodle House

Go Noodle House is a brand which is famous among foodies all around. If you're a fan of them, just like myself, you'll always remember that there will always be a long queue at every Go Noodle House outlet. But, for fans alike, the wait is worth it for that bowl of hot soupy goodness you can tuck into after the long wait. It's always satisfying to have a meal at Go Noodle House because of their excellent, top notch service at all the outlets as well.

Recently, Go Noodle House has introduced a few new items to their extensive menu. I was ecstatic to be one of the first to try it out. Bear in mind that these items are currently only available at the Genting outlet, but fans are advised to stay tuned to the announcement on Facebook and Instagram on the availability of these items at other outlets.

Their decorations at the outlets exude an antique feel to bring you back to the olden days in China where folks will enjoy bowls of noodles in environments like this. 

I like the wooden interior as well because it is traditional and authentic, perfect for a noodle house.

Fish Maw Soup

This soup is nourishing with its strong Chinese wine flavour which is sure to awaken your tastebuds.
The fish maw in the soup is a good source of collagen, especially for the ladies who wish to have healthy and flawless skin.

9 Dragon Ball (Mixed)

There are three types of balls in this; HK Fried Fish Ball, Fried Pork Ball and HK Fried Cuttlefish Ball. My favourite was the HK Fried Fish Ball, out of the three. It was fried till golden brown, bouncy and wasn't too oily for my liking. 

The pork ball was so gigantic and I think it's really worth every cent spent on this :) Diners may order them separately or choose a mixed version of all three!

Pork Tendon Ball Noodles

The signature Mi Xian which is chewy and smooth, for that perfect slurp. Go Noodle House is famous for this noodles that you can only enjoy at their restaurants and most patrons will opt for this type of noodles.

As with the usual, you can choose different type of noodles too, soup or even decide to add-on these pork tendon balls into your favourite noodles.

GOOD NEWS for those who love an extra 'kick' in your noodles, there will be a free ADD-ON of 3 year old wine in your bowl of noodles during the final week of June (26th June – 2nd July). In order to have a better quality control & not to overwhelm the noodle & soup taste, there will be a limit to the add-on to only a maximum of 1 full spoon of wine per bowl. 

In conjunction with their 3rd Anniversary, Go Noodle House is organising a photo contest and attractive prizes are up for grabs. The contest will commence throughout the whole month of June and there are THREE GRAND PRIZES in total for the winners.

Each winner will receive:
- RM 3000 cash and a 10 year old wine with a value of RM 150.

All you have to do is:

1. Take a creative photo consisting the element of Go Noodle House anniversary theme, number “3”,
2. Write a creative birthday wish.
3. Hashtag #gonoodlehouse & #hbgonoodlehouse
4. Share your photo on Instagram!
For the fun of it, we will place some photo props at all operating outlets for everyone to take photos with.

Below is the list of the outlets:

1. Jaya One
2. The Starling
3. 1 Utama
4. Publika
5. Sunway Pyramid
6. Mid Valley
7. Da:men Mall
8. Gamuda Walk
9. Pavilion KL
10. Sunway Velocity
11. iOi Mall, Puchong (Target opening: Mid June)
12. Pearl Shopping Gallery
13. Gurney Plaza
14. Queensbay Mall (Target opening: Mid June)
15. Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands

Also, you can tune in to Melody FM as Go Noodle House will be giving out cash voucher with the value of  RM150 daily (Monday – Friday) starting 5th June – 30th June 2017.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Food: Porky Sensation @ Naughty Nuri's, Subang SS15 Courtyard

Naughty Nuri is not a new kid off the block, I'm sure many of you would have already tried or somehow heard of this restaurant before. To me, Naughty Nuri is the perfect place where you go to for the ultimate BBQ pork ribs prepared using Balinese spices and a secret sauce. With the tagline of 'Killer Ribs' and 'Twisted Martinis', I'm not surprised why there seems to be a long line at all their outlets whenever you head there for a meal. 

This establishment began from a humble stall which was opened by the founders in Ubud, Bali in 1995. Today, Naughty Nuri is one of the must visit eateries in Bali!

Signature BBQ Spare Ribs (RM 48)
The premium pork ribs are imported from Spain and as the saying goes, these ribs are good to the bones. The meat has just the right texture and the savoury BBQ sauce isn't too overwhelming to cover the original taste of the ribs.

This flavorful dish is the crowd favourite at Naughty Nuri's.

Signature Roast Pork Salad (RM 26)

This is my first time enjoying my favourite crispy roast pork with some greens. 
It is definitely a unique, one of its kind salad to whet your appetite before the mains. 

Generously served portion of mixed mesculari salad & purple cabbage, papaya, watermelon, boiled eggs, crispy pork skin croutons, topped with roast pork, you can share this salad with family and friends. I absolutely love the asam margarita vinaigrette dressing too!

Balinese Ayam Bertutu (RM 35)

 This was my favourite dish of the night. With three different type of spicy flavorful sides (acar-awak, sambal hijau and sambal dadakan) to go with the fragrant caramelised onion rice, I could even enjoy the rice without the chicken!

The portion served was huge, enough for sharing between two person in fact. There is also a choice of beef for those who prefer that, but I really like the braised chicken as it was well marinated and wasn't too oily.

BBQ Satay Lilit (RM 26)

Grilled Hog's Platter (RM 40)

This is a giant platter loaded with roasted pork, Hakka pork, Thuringer bratwurst sausage and Italian sausage with some salad and sambal hijau mayo. 

A sinful delight, this is the perfect snack to go with beer over a chat with friends.

Mt Buleleng Inspired Sizzling Bacon Chocolate Cake (RM 23)

I was really surprised when I heard that there is bacon in this chocolate cake. Living up to its name, Naughty Nuri's is indeed trying their best to add some porky elements to even their dessert.

Pretty interesting flavour for the sweet tooth, give it a try!

Ubud Style Sugar Refinery Bacon Banana (RM 18)

There is an ongoing 50% Off Lunch Promo from Monday to Friday from 11am-3pm where selected items are priced at 50% off. Check out the many popular items available below:

On Sundays, there is this Snout to Tail buffet, whereby there will be an a-la-carte buffet with Signature items as shown in the menu below. It is available only at 3 outlets, Naughty Nuri's Subang SS15 Courtyard, Life Centre and Atria branch.

The charges are:

Adult: RM 49.90++
Buffet with Beer: RM 100++
Buffet with Wine: RM 120++
Child (12 y/o and below): RM 1++
Senior citizens (70 y/o and above): RM 32.50++

Credits to Carmen for the great shots!