Saturday 5 September 2009


It's highly unusual. Especially when you sensed it coming your way only to have failure rushing faster to you than the speed of light.

I like that *points up* What do you think?
After ten years from now, I'll be the world's best philosopher. All hail me.

Right, dream on, little girl. You know, today was weird. Effin' weird. Wait, have any of you ever wondered why didn't God created us with humans and robots characteristics at the same time?
Because I must be thinking so much about food. I thought that food was actually a waste
because you eat it then it proceeds for digestion and then it's expelled from your body.
I know, all the nutrients are absorbed into our body but if you don't think of it that way, food would be a waste. Okay, I get it. I'm crapping. But I'd been thinking this for long. Like since a few months ago. I'm just being curious.

By the way, I'm so addicted to dogs. I know that it can't be an addiction but don't you find them adorable? With their pleading eyes, begging you to touch their soft fur. I swear that I would get a dog in the future. Definitely a maltese. 100%. Maybe a poodle. But, I have to send it to the pet grooming centre rather frequently to trim the fur.

Aren't I adorable?

I wonder, how can people eat dogs in China. Inhumane act, don't you think?
Here in Malaysia, they abuse dogs. What's wrong with the world?
I can't help but wonder if mankind had lost all compassion whatsoever for these helpless creatures.

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