Thursday 10 September 2009


And so, we sang.

All the races coming together as one. It's actually a sight to behold. Capture it and put it in your heart. Forever, it remains. I'm glad we made it through. Although the planning were a teeny-weeny last minute, we managed to put on a good show, didn't we?
However, I did crash a class full of half dressed people. I didn't realise, seriously.
D and KM screamed. Then, I was like "oh, shit, screwed." And, I had to stand outside our class with both of them. Best part, I was wearing cheongsam with black socks and shoes. My heels were in class and I didn't manage to take it out. I was like "oh, crap". Damnnn.

Anyway, it's kinda hard to sit in cheongsam. The slits are freaking high. I have to use Val's shawl. Thanks VAL. =) Damn. It would never see daylight anymore. Pictures later, I need to grab it from syara, tharine and derrick.

"Here in my home, I'll tell you what it's all about"

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