Monday 21 September 2009

Holy Matrimony of Raymond Lim and Agnes Ho .

Love is very patient and kind,

Never jealous or envious,

Never boastful or proud,

Never haughty or selfish or rude.

Love does not keep a record of wrongs,

Love is not happy with evil,

But is happy with the truth.

Love never gives up;

Its faith, hope and patience never fail.

Love is eternal.

The power of love, indeed. Yes, if you were wondering, it’s finally the day I had been waiting for. I couldn’t sleep last night because I was either too nervous or too stressed. To which I don’t even know why because I wasn’t even the one getting married.

First Church Wedding.

Agnes and I. I really love her dress. So awesome.

The wedding entourage

The wedding booklet.

Wai Yee and I. The two bridesmaid.

You know, I had a really funny feeling when I was walking down the aisle. Everyone was looking, some envious, some happy, some tired. I didn’t know there were so many procedures for a church wedding. But, everything was perfect. The atmosphere, the people and the positive vibes in the church. But, I really pity the bride. She told me that her earrings and hairdo were heavy and they were hurting her. The amount of pins were uncountable. A huge stack of them. OMG.

We came back around 4 pm. I was so tired. I just washed all the hairspray out of my rock-like hair. It was so painful. Imagine trying to soften something extremely hard. I slept for what seems like 5 minutes but in reality, it was actually an hour. I had to go to the restaurant a little earlier than the rest since I am the bridesmaid. I reached and went into the bride’s changing room. I helped to put on her jewelleries and then I went out to the registration table. It was so much fun to sit there and assign the guests to their respective tables. Annie and I were really busy basically, but it was my first time doing it. The dinner started and the food was really good. But, I enjoyed the company the most. Juicy gossips were literally flying across the table. Everyone was joking and laughing, it was really long since we last did that. As you all know,

I ‘m closer to my dad’s relatives compared to my mom’s. It’s been ages since I had real fun.

But, yesterday was exceptional. =) To top it all up, I would say that 19 September had been one of the greatest days I had so far.

Credits would go to KAH MUN a.k.a K.

The Wedding Dinner will be posted soon. =)

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