Sunday 12 April 2009

Party Animal.

Once again, I'm out partying.

What a party animal.

D requested for pictures. So, of course, I took some.

Lerrishea Darling. She's really cute.

The lovely people. Yeah, right?
Only Michelle and Ching Ching are innocent.

And, I was bullied by little boys.
Bronelle and Hin Hin.
Only Nicholas was innocent. And nice. Probably the second nicest guy I ever know.
I took pictures of them, I will have to ask Michelle for it.
Yeah, I was called stupid and dead.
I was probably being too nice to them.
It's my fault. Yeah, I'm always nice. That's the thing.
And, they actually made fun of my name.
Kahwin. Kwai.

I still love Karh Waiyye.

And, I miss parties. Random.

One more thing,

Thank You Michelle. .

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